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  1. congrats for the highest rating SKY Castle!! This is really great drama! I'm watching some spoiler clips and the stories development is getting intense. Yess.. that scene is make me laugh out loud, so overdramatic, kudos for the actors, anyway Cha's family story is the interesting one, imo, and Cha Kijoon is being my fave kids so far because of his strong and rebel personality. Aniway someone mention on twitter that the bgm use in mother scene is from classical composed "Thus Spoke Zaratusthra", woww it's so good at quip the previous Nietzsche thing on the Omphalos book club. I do patiently waiting for sub to watch eps6 no need to rush to enjoy the story.
  2. Yes,, im watching another JTBC drama SKY Castle, it's interesting and has very great storyline. I dont have much time to watch another drama, so i'm picky. Another blockbuster drama still not caught my attention yet. Yes i'm watching like normal ways, just patiently waiting the sub in Viu, not like when we hyped about tbi, always update like the very first time. Btw, after my post, suddenly there are some pictures surface, LMK spotted on hangout with some friends. He's being more popular rite now, he's like a real celebrity/drama stars lol
  3. Rating eps 5! It reach 7,5% again! Congrats Sky Castle stays on high rating, hope it will rise more on eps 6, since... there are new secret!! Owaahh.. Professor Kang and Hyena's mom, what is their past secret? I think they were lover??
  4. seems like we are still have some drama withdrawal. i am already find a good drama to watch on going, but i'm still cant get over the beauty inside. the casts are already have their own schedule. Taeri is working with another drama, Lee dahee is currently in Spain doing some photoshoot i think and having fun also with her team. AJH is busy promoting his jewellery line. the crews and drama staff also have some own vacation or already getting work on another drama project. since there are no reward vacation for the drama.. huhuu.. for our century couple, while Lee Minki is still on the rest and relaxing mode with no agenda, at least we know that han segye will come back, haha.. i mean seo hyunjin is scheduling to attend MAMA Hongkong event at Dec 14th, i hope she will channeling Hans Segye bold and fearless style for the event appeareance. And i heard they already confirm for DVD commentary and i hope we will get couple commentary section for century couple,, Aaahh.. really really missing these two..
  5. Woww...that sub is soo hilarious. thank you for your dedication and to insert your lovely personal thought,, i'm screaming with you @kdrmalover4444 And just like @BlissfulMoments question, are you also contributing on the bed scenes sub? The one when after they reunited (when dojae wear knit sweater from segye) and on those ppopo scene. The sub is so funny bcoz it was counting the ppopo, lol
  6. oh really?? i must miss that part. which episode the fact was mention? so she's not wojoo real mom? does his real mom died or divorce from dad? i'm still in the stage of memorize characters names. to memorize kids names first is easy since the moms/dads always called by their kids name.
  7. Jtbc drama ig's update. This scene so intense.. it really give me some chills. The bgm is make it little bit creepy. Haha.. no wonder coach Kim has misterious and creepy aura
  8. Congratulation SKY Castle for being top3 most buzzworthy drama. Keep climbing and hope more people watching this interesting drama
  9. Omg.. just watch eps 4 aand.. it gives me feels.. and chills.. so much feels,, oh what will happens next... this drama is gold! Oh please soompiers notice this drama, what will bring next, there are secret and lies, and hidden mistery, ugh the bgm is give you goosebumps right. This show is remind me of Big Little Lies, the main characters are powerful but fragile, and the kids too. I'm waiting for next development of the kids stories, they are awesome. Kang yi seuh is so annoying and selfish.. hhh... Sorry i'm not good at writing thought in english, just hoping this thread will more lively in the following week because SKY Castle is really really good!!! Eps 5 Preview
  10. Hallo, im bit boring and stressful after Beauty Inside drama end, and give it a try for Sky Castle after some review on twitter and bamm.. i lovee this drama. This is my cup of tea, the veteran actors is guarantee of good acting skills, and the storyline it self, soo interesting and intriguing, there are ambition and prestige. Im on eps 3 and feel soo engaging so far, i will stan this drama from now on. I'll give much love to these beautiful and gracious rich wives
  11. Check this ig feed, it coverage and give some information about beautiful filming locations of The Beauty Inside Drama.
  12. Lee Dahee loves some Kang Sara fanart and post on her ig, she really still cant move on from Sara's character Century couple fanart
  13. We are still on withdrawal syndrome, i'm still not watching any drama and keep searching on TBI update, hahaa.. How about dvd guys, are you plan to buy it? In twitter, from poor google translate, i think this acc say that dialog "lie down at look at the ceiling" and the kisses scene is full of adlibs. Is that true?? I'm still found some tbi fanart somebody please make some compilation of kingkang fashion, please
  14. I'm totally agree with you, not everyone watching on going drama, still many people binge watching after the drama end, so they keep selling even after the ending. And they will sell the dvd cut collection. And this drama main selling point is the amazing chemistry between the leads. Ooh and their casual laugh, tease, and natural skinship. Ahem.. TBI is so popular between international fans, and production team still must push hard to get minimal amount dvd demand. Not only from korean fans, but from global fans too. Fans get hyped and the successfulness of the drama will also impact on the actors career as well, so I think shipping business is okay, you just decide to involved or not, hard or low shipping, or not shipping, is up to you. Because this couple is already being one of the favorites couple on the Dramaland. Jeon Hyebin late update about her cameo on TBI, and i think she loves to record SHJ kissing scene, some fans tell that she doing the same on OHYA set. Love their bff aniway And I still have some TBI fanart