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  1. His smile is precious,, but pardon, female lead name is Han Segye, not Shin this drama basic plot is so cliche and so much kdrama troupes, but the development is like breaking the cliches. I thought mom will interfere in some eps, but she turns out begging segye to stay with dojae in just one eps! What a plot twist, her apologize is so epic,, TBI is kinda have some vibes like Crazy Rich Asian, its so dreamy and unrelatable, but soo fun and interesting. And love the fashion and styling, always on point
  2. waw, love your review, me too.. keep replaying this last minutes scenes, i love the dialogs, and segye expression and hand gesture, that she nervous to call dojae first and keep sending signs while dojae keep teasing her in his signature flat face. eventhough they're not face to face but it makes my heart fluttering bu sadly in previuos scene, when segye attend the T'air event, omg she's so breathakingly beautiful like a goddes, but why dojae doesnt show up, i feel her frustation, thats why she called dojae later. ah i'll check DB recaps later, thank for information, the bts is so funny, the atmosphere of shooting is great, and minki- minsoek way too cute when caressing each other unfortunatley we didnt get the kisseu bts,, emm maybe because there will be another and much kisses in near future so PD nim still set it apart? lol @aSHJfan
  3. JTBC ig update Han Segye gifs she so freaking beautiful in every scenes omg Seo Dojae gifs Love when he's slightly smiling Aarghhh this bts pics. Segye Dojae OMG!! The way he strokes her hair, aand Minseok face be like.. *thirdwheeling
  4. i need to know what they said in all bts... i'm dying.. why there's no english subs on making film clips... i wish i could understand korean, hope there are some kind people will satisfying us with adding english subs on bts clips, i'll be forever thankful the shooting seems so fun and they looks comfortable to each other
  5. From ig translate, I think its from Park Junhwa PD nim (Why Sec Kim). He previously working with Seo Hyunjin in Lets Eat 2 and Lee Minki in Because This Is My First Life. Thank you PD Park i wish there are some footage of Minki and Hyunjin in front of coffee truck sending thanks for PD Park.
  6. Back to the drama. Rating eps 6 out, congrats 4,4% keep rising. I remember other jtbc drama, ID Gangnam Beauty, the rating scale is about in average 3%-5% , but it caught so much love and attention among international viewers. So Beauty Inside drama ratings is pretty high and stabil. And with those previews on next week? I hope it will increase again And here comes in jtbc drama yt, our main OTP compilation scenes. it's only eps6 and still going but why we already have so much sweet and memorable scenes between Han Segye and Seo Dojae i couldnt choose which one is my fave because all of them are so mesmerizing and heart pounding. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH,, im going crazy in love.. and with this beautiful OST from K.Will ... i'm gonna cry.. nope. I'm crying.. Aand BTS is out, how come.. they are so suspicious.. how sweet their interaction,, minki oppa please dont make some swoony moves.. What theee... Youtube is Down! ok, it fix already
  7. OMG i feel sorry for you guys whose watching on Dramafever I am living in South East Asia and lucky enough there are VIU apps where I can watching and streaming current and fave dramas with good quality and subs. Is there are any official site to stream? Is Beauty Inside drama also airing in Netflix? But just in some region/countries? I do hope there will be a solution. I've read the articles on variety and feels angry too, didnt they know that Kdrama is life?!
  8. I know right... aahh.. their kiss seems so passionate,, oh my hearteu Minki and Hyunjin both good kisser, i must survive for another monday to come.. *dyingalready* Add some translating preview Cto
  9. I feel sorry chingus for DF sitedown.. hope it will fix soon. Rating for eps5. Monday-tuesday slot is very tight aah, dont care about the rating, i only care about our OTP will kiss tonight!! I really enjoy eps 5,, it was Sec Jeong and Yoo daepyo who arranged those fake date but HSG and SDJ being honest and open up to each other throughtout the circumtances.. and slightly fall for each other. Love how they are teasing with some witty dialogue and flirty gesture.. I Love them so much.. aargghhhh.. Still cuts for eps 6. Emm.. why HSG must goes to school? Is she lived in another person body who does exist or what? Why she's not just only sit and relax at home when she's transform?
  10. Uri namjas ig update Lee Minki with his signature flat face Ahn Jaehyun cute as always and Lee Taeri being a fierce secretary
  11. tuesday please come faster.. what a cute couple and im addicted.. ship! Ship!
  12. Omoo.. jtbcdrama yt channel still didnt have any updates.. im craaviiingg.. the restaurant, isnt it the same restaurant from oh hae young again?? I finally found ig update. Omg this is hilarious..
  13. Yess, I agree.. there are many unnecessary scenes but i love how WD - HS relationship slowly built up and getting stronger, and so do I love the bgm,, so beautiful.. and the OST by Gummy chukkae 100 days my prince team for good work and high rating, just finished watching ep 10 and no preview for eps 11 tonight? i've watch in Viu and it only showed that Wondeuk / Prince Yeol and Hong Shim are both crying.. and the way hong shim carrying and rubbing those shoes.. my heart.. is that means they will already separated tonight and wondeuk back to the palace..