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  1. EXACTLY. This is my #1 complaint with this show/the ending. I HATE that they just let Molan get away with everything she did because not once did she ever feel true remorse about the things SHE did and the problems SHE caused. She didn't LEARN anything. And to have to accept that, through this ending for her, we're supposed to pretend none of her previous deeds actually occurred?? I hate it and it actually really dampens my overall enjoyment of the show.
  2. From this post: I read that aijia is actually not historically accurate, although Zhen Huan and Ruyi both used it. And "ama" is the Manchu word for father, so Qing dynasty dramas use this term instead of Fuhuang, even though there is also no written record of it being used.
  3. Qin Lan performing "The Sound of Falling Snow" 雪落下的声音 at the Hunan TV NY concert https://www.weibo.com/1878335471/H9OZE5YeU?refer_flag=1001030103_ Nie Yuan and Wu Jinyan + Fei Yuqing performing "The Sound of Falling Snow" 雪落下的声音 at the Dongfang TV NY concert https://www.iqiyi.com/v_19rqpepc1k.html (they come in around 2 minutes)
  4. Wow I can't believe we've made it to page 41! I love reading all of your Yanxi thoughts!
  5. @housetangaryen just said everything I wanted to say, including and especially the comments about ep 53! My favorite WYL/QL moment!
  6. I think of the show as a two-part revenge story. The first as revenge for her sister, the second for Fuca. Or, like Cedric puts it, seeking justice for both those characters. Imo, it does make sense for Yingluo to continually (well, twice) do this, because that's her personality. She seeks justice for those she believes have been wronged and she doesn't stop until she sees it through. She feels very strongly about people and would absolutely sacrifice herself if she needed to.
  7. I agree! In the last part of the show, they rushed things so much that we never got really important scenes (even minus all the Chen Bi stuff they cut which I have no strong feelings about) like a scene where they cleared this up. I am happy to assume that they DID talk about this stuff because it would be a clear block in Yingluo's mind about going further with Qianlong, so of course they would've had to talk about it, but it would've been nice to SEE that.
  8. Wow, I really need to rewatch this episode then. I always thought that was QL getting upset about her interfering earlier (with the Empress Dowager's story) and did that and that's when ED took her along with her. I may have misremembered, sorry!
  9. I'm not sure -- I'd have to watch that again, I just have the memory of servants coming in to take things and Zhen Zhu and Xiao Quan Zi trying to stop them. Someone correct me if I'm wrong please! Presumably, it would be things that he's gifted her?
  10. Some little QL/YL moments that I love: - (always) when QL says that there's no way YL could've killed Consort Chun because she would rather let her live longer to make her suffer more + when he says he knew YL wouldn't have harmed Shun Pin out of rage (aka whenever he shows he knows her) - in 57? when YL thinks she's made her move to win him back (through Qing Pin and the Empress Dowager's story) but then she finds that all her stuff in Yanxi Palace is being taken away because he was actually mad about it (aka one of the only times YL doesn't have the upper hand in their relationship; I love this small moment because it's the first time, I think, that she's had to deal with not knowing how to deal with QL, which she definitely needed going into the last stretch of the show) - In 49 when QL lists off all the things YL has taken from YXD which shows 1) how honestly daring she is but mostly 2) how he lets her get away with SO much and I love that
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