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  1. biskotmeri

    Zhu Yi Long 朱一龙 Official Thread

    I found this, and even though I haven't contributed anything to this number I think, I feel so proud! haha! Question; can someone tell me if we bought any of the products he's endorsing, like L'oreal or Refa online, I mean like not in China, would the sales still count, like would it still boost his image?
  2. biskotmeri

    Zhu Yi Long 朱一龙 Official Thread

    Thank you very much for the updates guys, he looked so good during the LV event!! i am a happy girl cuz i get to see him again~ he's gone back to the mountains right away though.. I agree with @TheRedDragon, i've always thought that ZYL has delicate features that make him beautiful rather than handsome, but that's a personal opinion really. And it's funny that i've only just watched this video of him mentioning that movie with eddie redmayne, but i've always imagined him in that sort of role, although i think that's mostly because he reminds me of lee pace so much, and lee pace has played a similar role too in the past, and it was remarkable. I think ZYL would be able to pull off this kind of complex character splendidly.
  3. biskotmeri

    Zhu Yi Long 朱一龙 Official Thread

    I'm so glad to hear that!!! I miss him a lot too@TheRedDragon... I've been hoping there'll be an event so he can make an appearance so, fingers crossed! If anyone's interested or still looking, granting you a dreamlike life is up at kissasian and eng subbed up to ep 31 if i'm not mistaken. I've only just known haha i've been watching while guessing what's going on all these time. The plot's really so so, but ZYL's there and on point as always so there's that.
  4. @TheRedDragon OMG ZYL's WuXie looks sooo good!!! Haa, how do they expect me to wait so long to watch the drama i'm so excited i don't think i can contain this excitement gah i'm so looking forward to TNR and ZYL as WuXie i'm so excited!! Thank you so much for the updates they keep me alive haha
  5. biskotmeri

    Zhu Yi Long 朱一龙 Official Thread

    @BreezeC OMG haha i just saw AvenueX's status on youtube saying that she'll be quite inactive for awhile cuz she's preparing something for this youku competition. So it's up?! I'm gonna give it a watch and hopefully i can vote for her cuz i registered for a youku account before but can't seem to remember the password. Or id really. Sigh.. I'll try and dig it up if only to vote for her i hope she wins!!
  6. @TheRedDragon That picture of him with the red wall background is a new picture from TNR set? Whoa what i thought it was an old picture because he looks so.. young. Haha.. I guess that means he's doing well during the filming and not going through so much harsh filming yet lol Arghh right now i'm torn between wanting to finish the novel and waiting for the drama to come out first, but it's still a long long wait for the drama. I'm slacking on reading the novel anyway haha cuz sometimes the google translations hurt my head, but so far on the chapters i've read, they've already found the tomb under the sea, and man, you're right about there being a lot of mud they're practically swimming in it, and there's already been a nude part (partially i think? Like maybe not completely i can't be sure too the google translations are not exactly accurate) where all their clothes are coming apart when they're climbing out from the tomb hohoho..
  7. biskotmeri

    Zhu Yi Long 朱一龙 Official Thread

    @BreezeC @katthy Hahaha thanks i actually pride myself in being a somewhat sensible fangirl lol but i do get crazy sometimes and boy did that cf bring out my crazy side or what I'm also rewatching his old series right now in fact i just finished this drama he's in with yang rong where he's the second lead but i don't know the title cuz i watched it on youtube and the title's written in chinese and i'm too lazy to look it up haha.. And that's mostly because to me, it's quite a boring and cliche drama but thankfully, there're ZYL parts only videos, so i just watch that, cuz he's fabulous, as always. I notice by watching his old dramas though that his face grow softer over the years, in his older dramas, his features are sharper and more angular, but starting from flowers fly and fade away, his face looked softer and fuller, i guess it comes with age. But dang, he has such good control of his facial muscles. I mean, his feelings are strongly shown on his face, and even from a slight change of expression, you can see what he is feeling or thinking of, at least in character, and i still find that so mesmerizing and mind blowing. Like, he's very expressive but he does it so naturally, i think he's just a true born actor. Of course, it takes hard work and practice too, but the guy is also highly talented i don't think i'll ever tire of watching him act. Right now i'm rewatching granting you a dreamlike life from the beginning haha, although i mostly put it as background sound while i work. And i think i repeat Guardian every other week just to reminisce my favourite parts, but even just casually watching, it doesn't stop me from being impressed at how subtly but clearly his expressions change. I'm doomed really, now i can't watch any other actor i keep comparing them to ZYL sigh
  8. biskotmeri

    Zhu Yi Long 朱一龙 Official Thread

    @BreezeC Hey i like crazy fangirling too can i join? hihi~ that ad is lethal tho i swear my heart just burst right out of my ribcage hahaha.. I feel like his ads have been calm talking and then i saw this and i was like oohh the lil rabbit can pull off heart throbbing sexy too. huh
  9. Ah thank you for the info guys! They're keeping things really hush for the shooting of this drama though, is that normal? I mean, do they usually keep some of the cast secret and reveal them little by little when filming dramas? I'm so excited to see more updates, but from what you guys said, it's going to be a lot messier haha poor them! Still, I hope the actors and especially our Longge have a lot of fun too while filming
  10. He has started filming! https://twitter.com/Zorachue/status/1057213325006667777 I'm curious, when they said he's going into the mountain for filming, i thought it was just an expression, but is he really going up to a mountain for the filming?? Like, in this weather?? And the first pic he shared showed how messy he was the poor dear~
  11. biskotmeri

    Zhu Yi Long 朱一龙 Official Thread

    You know, i've been looking at pictures of ZYL and i'm reminded of what Baiyu said, he said ZYL gives off a veteran cadet (?) feel and i actually get what he means, he gives off a very retro feel, while he looks youthful, he has this deep wise expression that makes you feel like he's lived longer than he actually has, like he's from the 1950's but hasn't aged a day since, like an ancient vampire or something hahhaha! I don't know why i just had that thought while browsing through his tag on twitter and feel like sharing it with you guys haha..
  12. @wei29 I'm reading using google translate So i might not get the whole picture very clearly, but i think i got the gist of it, i guess enough to understand the general direction of the story haha.. @TheRedDragon I was actually wondering the same thing, why would the lead actor join so late, but i guess since the supporting cast don't need as much preparation as the lead casts, they're shooting those extra scenes first to get it out of the way, for easier editing i guess. Well i don't know about these things, but i think any reason they have to do this would have to be to cut time or cost. Just my two cents And thank you so much for sharing the video and filming info. It's great of them to make the video, and i guess they read the book too, cuz the scenes really relate to it, and from what i understand the one who posted the vid is also a ZYL fan Go xiaolongbao! haha..
  13. biskotmeri

    Zhu Yi Long 朱一龙 Official Thread

    There's another ZYL event on the 22nd for ReFa!! Happy me happy me~ He does look so dashing with long hair though, now that I look at it.. It's just i've always preferred guys with short hair, but ZYL makes everything looks good so he's an exception i guess haha.. This guy and his gorgeous making me question my preference really
  14. Is he gonna read the entire book series though?? Whoa i mean that's a whole lot of reading to do, i'm reading only the tomb notes restart novel and i'm barely finishing it. I guess he still has a lot of time before he begins filming then T_T that's actually sad to think of haha, cuz i'm really looking forward to when he starts filming
  15. biskotmeri

    Zhu Yi Long 朱一龙 Official Thread

    oh thank you so much @TheRedDragon!! https://mobile.twitter.com/claire_reve_/status/1053111032640606208 He looks so good in the schwarzkopf video, that eye contact at 0:28 ugh