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  1. biskotmeri

    Zhu Yi Long 朱一龙 Official Thread

    You know, i've been looking at pictures of ZYL and i'm reminded of what Baiyu said, he said ZYL gives off a veteran cadet (?) feel and i actually get what he means, he gives off a very retro feel, while he looks youthful, he has this deep wise expression that makes you feel like he's lived longer than he actually has, like he's from the 1950's but hasn't aged a day since, like an ancient vampire or something hahhaha! I don't know why i just had that thought while browsing through his tag on twitter and feel like sharing it with you guys haha..
  2. @wei29 I'm reading using google translate So i might not get the whole picture very clearly, but i think i got the gist of it, i guess enough to understand the general direction of the story haha.. @TheRedDragon I was actually wondering the same thing, why would the lead actor join so late, but i guess since the supporting cast don't need as much preparation as the lead casts, they're shooting those extra scenes first to get it out of the way, for easier editing i guess. Well i don't know about these things, but i think any reason they have to do this would have to be to cut time or cost. Just my two cents And thank you so much for sharing the video and filming info. It's great of them to make the video, and i guess they read the book too, cuz the scenes really relate to it, and from what i understand the one who posted the vid is also a ZYL fan Go xiaolongbao! haha..
  3. biskotmeri

    Zhu Yi Long 朱一龙 Official Thread

    There's another ZYL event on the 22nd for ReFa!! Happy me happy me~ He does look so dashing with long hair though, now that I look at it.. It's just i've always preferred guys with short hair, but ZYL makes everything looks good so he's an exception i guess haha.. This guy and his gorgeous making me question my preference really
  4. Is he gonna read the entire book series though?? Whoa i mean that's a whole lot of reading to do, i'm reading only the tomb notes restart novel and i'm barely finishing it. I guess he still has a lot of time before he begins filming then T_T that's actually sad to think of haha, cuz i'm really looking forward to when he starts filming
  5. biskotmeri

    Zhu Yi Long 朱一龙 Official Thread

    oh thank you so much @TheRedDragon!! https://mobile.twitter.com/claire_reve_/status/1053111032640606208 He looks so good in the schwarzkopf video, that eye contact at 0:28 ugh
  6. biskotmeri

    Zhu Yi Long 朱一龙 Official Thread

    Off topic, but can someone please tell me how to embed a tweet? I copied the embedded twitter link and pasted it in the 'code' thingy, but it doesn't work. It keeps telling me that the value I entered includes a character that is not allowed On a side note, I'm really happy to see ZYL after quite some time, he's looking precious as usual , and not too thin in my opinion. I hope he got his much needed rest, and plenty of it, before going into the mountains for filming.
  7. biskotmeri

    Zhu Yi Long 朱一龙 Official Thread

    This is so cute! Can someone please translate what he's saying? https://twitter.com/GuardianZYL/status/1052397335110701056
  8. biskotmeri

    Zhu Yi Long 朱一龙 Official Thread

    I heard he's gonna start filming Tomb Notes tomorrow, I hope we get some sneak peeks I'm so excited to see him as WuXie, and yes, looking forward to seeing him without the "thousand-year-old pimple" as well, although I think not much will change, they usually edit out the pimple anyway, haha, but I'm happy that he'll finally be rid of it
  9. @TheRedDragon There will be 3 seasons? And we'll get the first season next summer??? That's great to know, thanks! Oh my God I'm so excited I can't wait! Of course first and foremost because ZYL is starring, and also because I love this kind of thriller supernatural (?) genre, so I think it's a drama I'm gonna enjoy. But I agree with ZQL's actor being a bit too young, because when I read the novel, I somehow get the impression that ZQL should be someone who's very mature, despite being young looking. I'm sorry I can't really tell you yet the kind of relationshop WX and ZQL have because I'm at the earlier part of the novel and can't really grasp the extent of their relationship yet, but so far from what I've read, ZQL is someone who express emotions using body language and eyes, very sharp, and looks after WuXie a lot, so in my opinion it's quite a difficult character to hold. I hope this young actor delivers, because ZQL is one of the main roles and we already have a line of great actors so I hope this one doesn't dissappoint. I suppose ZYL will start filming tomorrow right? I can't wait to see him it feels like a very long time since we see him in person haha
  10. @TheRedDragon Yes! I am so excited to see ZYL's new look for this drama too and I too am hoping we get lots and lots of behind the scenes The filming session is long right? I read somewhere that it's only gonna end in September next year (sorry I can't read the schedule you posted since it's in Chinese). If that's so, I hope we get lots of filming shots Alright! I'll share any interesting tidbits here! But bear in mind that I'm reading using google translate so my interpretarion of the story might be a bit off haha I've watched yangyang's zhang qiling i wonder how this huang junjie's style is I've never checked out his drama huhu
  11. So these casts are official right? I heard that huang junjie will be playing zhang qiling is that true? I don't know any other character beside wu xie, zhang qiling and the fat man haha.. I've only just started reading the novel from the link that you posted
  12. Hi @TheRedDragon!!! I followed you here from ZYL's thread haha! Wah the tomb notes restart finally start filming! I'm so excited! Well the drama wouldn't air in a long time but it would be exciting to see the process and the way he transforms as Wu Xie!! Thank you so much by the way for making this thread and updating on the upcoming filming of this drama, I appreciate it!
  13. biskotmeri

    Zhu Yi Long 朱一龙 Official Thread

    @BreezeC I haven't read the novel but i've seen someone say the same thing, that he has some kind of sickness in the drama, but he eventually gets better i guess.. When i watched him in eternal wave i was like 'he's gonna die isn't he' all the time hahah but gladly he didn't die. I'm also still not over luo fusheng's death it's so sad and an yuexi's expression just makes it all the more heartwrenching *SOBS* thankfully they got together eventually.. *wipes tears* i'm telling you i am NOT someone who cries easily when watching sad movies especially if it's romance. Stories about family or pet deaths might make me cry easily but i don't usually cry over lovers deaths probs because i don't have much experience haha! But maybe because it's zhu yilong and the trauma i got from seeing him so sad and tragic in many scenes, that death part just makes me so sad T_T why must you do this to me?? Thankfully i haven't seen the death scene compilation so i'll save myself the depression thank you very much
  14. biskotmeri

    Zhu Yi Long 朱一龙 Official Thread

    Awwhh thank you very much "I think you have the right to express your idea." this makes me feel so warm, thank you.. And your last line cracked me up so much hahahha that's a good one XD
  15. biskotmeri

    Zhu Yi Long 朱一龙 Official Thread

    Gah NO!!! No more!! No more tragic characters for him please!!! Well it's truly up to him but no!!! Fu hong xue is a very tragic character and he's so good at playing it that my heart hurts so much i can't stand it. No more sad ending! No more tragic characters!!! Arrgghh!!! Hahaha okay sorry i'm being dramatic but the hurts tho, it's real. I'd love to see him in more action dramas or i dunno, just lighthearted romantic comedy with happy endings please, but sadly that's not up to me at all, but a girl can dream.. Still, he likes complicated characters so T_T But I'll support him no matter what *sobs*