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  1. Alright, l could use the wrong word, sorry about that. But l just hope that he doesn't need to feel jealousy and bitterness when he sees HK and GY together. They are just having an act and are a fake couple.
  2. l understand what you mean. JH also says that if Emily's condition getting worse (maybe died), he will fall (as what the chinese subs mean). Will there be any instruction from someone to make sure that nothing must happen to Emily?
  3. l do agree, he could just leave GY and plan his revenge without her but not to divorce her. He had felt grudges against her as she refuses to take revenge with him that makes him angrier and so he make the most unforgiving mistakes that is to divorce her. And now she is taking revenge is cos of her brother's death but she never say that JH needs to involve and helping her together to fight against SN. JH makes his decision wanting to help her. GY usually said that they were divorced, they have no relationship now except his son so if she is getting remarry or cohabit with someone is none of his business or does not need to ask from his permission. Anyway, we can see that JH though told HK that she must have her reasons to enter the house to live with them but in his mind and heart, he still feel the bitterness of unwillingly to let her to involve with HK or intimate with him. That is his selfishess.
  4. Everyone of us know very well what kind of guy JH is. He is a ladies man, whoever ladies need helps, he will pity her and put a foot forward. Only one lady doesn't need him to assist her in any way that is GY. Instead she will encourage and giving him advices when he meets any problems. l don't think he wants to include her of his plan of revenge 6 years ago because of protecting her and loves her. l can see that he is making use of Emily to involve his plan for revenge. His first love is SN and his last love is GY. He doesn't love Emily at all. He felt disgusted when he saw her looking for him in his glass factory 6 years ago. It is not easy for him to divorce with her now since she shows the sign of committing suicide. l also think that it is not easy for him to shake her away now, instead after her discovery from suicide, he has to take care of her for a long time. l wish that he and Emily could return to the states to have their lives there. For GY, even though she didn't marry or break up with HK, she still has a son with her.
  5. GY waits for him is because they have a son. Since he married Emily, she has already know that they can't get back together. She doesn't know JH prepares to divorce with Emily. Though he doesn't complain but his heart feels miserable after knowing that she decides to cohabit with HK . GY's decision bothers him a lot as he still loves her deeply. During GY and HK's engagement shows the proof that JH is jealous of them being together.
  6. http://program.kbs.co.kr/2tv/drama/lovetoend/pc/board.html?smenu=9725de&bbs_loc=T2018-0426-01-473758,read,,89,784867 https://www.imgrumweb.com/post/BrFousbFfkh Preview 89 Sena is terrified when she sees GY greeting her in the home of HK. GY plans to acquire Shigyou and Waiji cosmetics as a reverse merger. Meanwhile, Sena uses a file that Gary has written beforehand to create a fake research journal of scalp masks and submit them to the police.
  7. Did't you see his reaction when HK told him about GY's decision? He is angry and at the same time sad. Since he ditch GY the second time over Emily, GY shouldn't wait for him no more. Emily will be alive and JH is the kind of guy will not leave her, he will take his responsibility. Even though they can be together but Emily can't give him happiness. She has depression sickness and health problems and JH has to take care of her in his whole life. But this is his choice, nobody forces him.
  8. Anyway JH can't have both Emily and GY. GY wants to take YS along with her so that he can play with SY (he told GY on last episode that he wish to see his cousin again) and also he can help her to attract SN attention so that she can find the video in DY's mobile.
  9. Do you see how Chief Baey treating SN in her office? ln her list will add another foe against her. l think he will soon testify her that she hires him for kidnapping and murdering. He will put all the blames on her. Chief Baey is now controlled by Chairman Jung. When JH comes to know that GY and YS live with HK, he will get jealous again. Since he chooses to stay with Emily, GY also can choose HK to be together.
  10. GY and HK cannot marry immediately so she brings YS together to live in HK's house. They will eventually cohabit together. This will cause JH a big heartache. GY demanded from Chairman Jung for YB Cosmetics to exchange getting married to HK.
  11. I also agree that GY marry HK , though they are not lovebirds but they have the same goal for revenge, GY is taking revenge cos of her brother and HK is cos of his dad. They will marry in name only and after SM is put behind bars, they can go in different way. GY has said to JH that any unacceptable feelings, she has kept away already. She has prepared to fight alone in this 'war' without JH involving with her. She lives in the same house with SN, she can easily spy on her and she can search her room to find DY's mobile when SN is not around. She can pretend to be nice to her and at the same time. watch her every movements like a hawk. l find that HK is stupid, his revenge with GY still haven't concluded, why is he so anxious to look out for JB again. He should wait till everything is settled. He has openly dated JB and gives SN the opportunity to catch them, by using their scandal to spread their rumors. The only solution for him now is to marry GY to stop the scandal and to protect JB from the media.
  12. SN is too powerful but Chairman Jung is back. He is too cunning and he will destroy SN by using GY, HK and JH. JH says to GY that they can't entirely believe, trusting him. He says by 3 weeks, he will hand over DB to JH but will he do as promise? Maybe GY and HK marriage didn't happen. Maybe JH will stop them by taking away and hiding GY as we can see in some dramas, the guy usually will come and steal the bride during her wedding day.......hehe lf their marriage really happen, it will be short and quick to divorce as there are not many episodes left.
  13. That is why so many viewers giving bad comments and disagreeing to the scriptwriter for creating such a crazy drama. Many of them can't accept how the script is written and every characters have their flaws.
  14. ln the end, she will lose to GY. She is confident and determine to fight till the end. And with the guidance of JH, Chairman Jung and HK, she will have no problem. Actually, she is the heroine in this drama that's why she is the first lead female character. I have said before that the writer has her purpose to place her to fight against SN in these second half drama till the end. Finally, GY's family, JH's mum and sister will understand her sacrifice for revenge and admire, appreciate her courage. Of course, they will agree, just to make sure everyone believes that their wedding is real.