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  1. Last night Ep 56 rating drop tremenouly l knew that it will drop. Many viewes couldn't accept the contents of the story.
  2. JH had told KY to understand and forgave him what he did (marrying Emily). After much consideration and realise that JH 's love is not complete to her, she will give up JH . Yes, she definitely will feel betrayal by JH but she knew that she can't do anything now. She also knew that her responsibility now was looking after her son. She would pretend nothing had happened. ln her nature, she is a very kind and thoughtful person, I don't think that she will try to break up JH and Emily's marriage. She is not Sena, Sena will do that. Everyone think that she is weak but in fact she is stronger than them. We can see from her background where and how she grew up. Her mom and Sena had said before that KY always shows very happily to them and everything to her seems nothing had happened . She will never show them her depression cos she won't want them to feel sorry for her. .....she has her pride. JH will finally realise his lost of giving up KY, he will never find such a nice and good woman in his live anymore. She can team up with Sena to take revenge on JH but I don't think that she will harm a person whom she loves so much. And marrying HG is impossible, she knows his family's background, they may not not accept her son. Since the writer has put up such early episode for the marriage of JH and Emily, it can happen to them in a different ending. Maybe a break up or smth.... But we will never know the ending yet...... it could be a happily ending for all of them with or without their loves one with them. l am wondering what it means that KY saw the flash lighting in the sky after visiting HH's mom in earlier episode. Will it indicate a blessing in the end?
  3. l think there must be a reason. Don't we see that after KY heard the bad news from Emily and JH (later), she seems having a relapse. If it is not HK came to rescue her, maybe she will die or smth serious will happen to her in the car park. Then HK was very angry and called JH's sis that telling her what her brother had done to KY. Maybe after so many years looking after her son and worrying JH, her health was showing green light,
  4. After all that KY was facing the setbacks, she will become a stronger person. l agree that HH didn't love her enough as he ditched her and kept lying to her for his own purposes or reasons. ln so many episodes, l heard him saying 'I love you' to YK only once that was he apologised and confessed that he lied to her about Emily was his ex gf . The drama title 'Love until the end' should be refering to KY but not HH. No matter how many times they broke up, she still loves him. Another thing is that Emily could remember Sena but not to YK. She kept calling her name 'Sena' outside YB building. I believe this must be HH's plan that Emily pretended to have amnesia. Finally, how KY will accept HH again after the revenge was over. When she knew all of his plans and lured her into his revenge and always making her looking like a fool, how she will believe in him the next time.
  5. Since HH has remarried , he wants to see his son is more difficult. KY's family esp her mom will never let HH step into her place again and she will use all her strength to stop them see each other. lt should be good for KY as she can forget HH and move on. Even though it is just a act but the hurts will be forever in KY. I hoped that she will not forgive him easily even though he tries to explain that he is not intentional and he has his reasons. l do not want to see them to meet again and again in the next, next episodes. Let the matter rest and gives KY times to swallow the shock. Seeing her at a sudden catching her breath is really sad for her pain. Luckily, Hyun Ki passed by and saved her. During the first few episodes while HH was rejecting her and she was in bed for a few days. Now this shocking news will cause her even worse and doubts that she will move on her lives. She should avoid HH and Emily for quite sometimes so she will not think about them together. Hoping the writer will give her some space for her to relieve her hurts. She should return the bunny and wedding ring to HH to let him know she will erase all her memories with him from her heart and mind. Just to hurt him back......he deserves that.
  6. Me too. l am so sad for KY. He hurts KY so much since the beginning till now. He had gone away for six years and never want to apologise to her. l begin to dislike him and also hoping that they will never be back together again in the end. KY is so faithful to him and he is such ungrateful. He never think that how KY has forgiven him so many times. l agree that KY's mom stopped her daughter to see him again and including Yong Soo. lt would hurt KY even more so better make a clean split and never contact each other again, not even to be friends ! l applause KY accepting HK , he was so much better and sincere than HH. They will build a happy family. KY should move on her lives, find someone who can love and protect her and her son. From the preview, we can see that KY was so hurt and shocked that she could not catch her breath Poor girl.....she has to give up HH orelse she is getting more hurt.
  7. lf truly JH was married to someone else or about to marry then there were no going back for them. KY was a woman who can't take someone being unfaithful despite their divorce. Both of them knew that they were forced to divorce cos of Sena. So if JH was remarried again or only in name, l don't think KY would accept him anymore. Might be that she would consider Hyun Ki as her life partner in the end. JH's sister did say that the woman was forever in JH's heart was KY but l feel doubts in him. What I know, there was no new young female character joining in this drama. Emily was the only one that it might be JH new wife. She would show up about in the end of this drama, or 3/4 of this drama. ln this matter, JH's love is incomplete to KY and never think and care of her feelings if he goes ahead to have new relationship with Emily. And that is not love to the end except KY. lf the writer wanted to put JH so bad and ungrateful person as Sena then he is not worth to go back to KY. Anyway, what l had read from synopsis, it was said that both of them (JH & KY) would struggle and surmount their difficulties till they were reconciled, they would be together in the end.
  8. Again KY's mom covered up for evil daughter-in-law, Sena of not telling HH that she pushed KY down the stairs .And when HH spit out Sena name, KY's mom did not response. And from the preview, KY's mom asking her daughter to forget HH since he was not giving up his revenge against evil Sena. Although KY's mom, dad, brother knew that evil Sena did so many sinful things, they will still forgive her. Very stupid of them, they were willing to bind their eyes and never accept the fact that evil Sena will never change and turn into a new leaf. l don't think that KY will totally giving up HH, she still loves him as what she told her brother. She also knows that HH still loves her but they could not be together cos HH will become a very bad guy as what Sena told her. l hoped that KY will support and help HH for his motives against evil Sena after the 'Kidnapping' case.
  9. Not exactly, not all bad guys go unpunished in kdrama. l watched a kdrama 3-4 yrs ago that is 'Run, Jang Mi' The story was almost the same , both the evil mother and daughter were put to jail for attempting killing of a man's wife who was pregnant and did many bad things.. The evil daughter was as bad as Sena. ln the end, she was sentenced to prison and later was in car accident that lost both her legs.
  10. Not only he rejected both of them, KY also refused her son to recognise HH as his dad unless he gave up his revenge.
  11. Me too, crossing my fingers that we are able to see HH and KY reunion soon.(might be in ep 54)....and their son to be announced. l think that there will be child kidnapping in next or later episodes as Hyun Ki was beaten up by the gangsters sent by HH (definitely is evil Sena's motive) as thought by Hyun ki's father. Therefore, taking revenge on HH, he sent someone to kidnap HH's son, Yoon Soo,
  12. https://www.imgrumweb.com/post/BpBNF0LgBhs https://www.imgrumweb.com/post/Bo_5-Q5nQb8 Actor Choi Sung-min joins the drama 'Love to the end', and goes to the inner room of the weekdays with a new family of the Jaedong restaurant. Choi Seong-min appears on the TV broadcast today (17th) as KBS 2TV evening drama 'Love till the end', a new hoonnam part-time job of Park Ji-hoon in the restaurant which is perfect in appearance, personality and ability. Park Ji-hoon captures the hearts of the cafeteria family with the perfect work process and sense of 'Alba's master', and also gets a favorable opinion of Jang Harry (Lee Min-ji). He was never pushed by Park Jae-dong (Han Gi-woong), who was jealous of himself, and the fighting, and he had a charming charm that he did not see anyone else, Choi Seong-min, who became a new member of Jae-dong Restaurant, will show his excitement with a strange breeze with Lee Min-ji, and will show the fun of playing the drama with a tense nerve war with Han Ki-woong. Aha......Jaedong restaurant's business is flourishing. Because of KY and her step brother are working in Cell cosmetic and YB company so there are short of hands therefore new actor to be recruited in this restaurant. lt seems the production team is taking this young actor to be involved in this drama......nice to see the newcomer.
  13. Episode 54 preview Hyun Ki's dad said that he will destroy HH. Hoping that HH is smart to escape from their hands and to be more powerful than those evil people. Someone ( Hyun Ki????) is beaten up by some gangsters. Should be sent by evil Sena.