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  1. Just saw this in instagram. It is said today is the last day of shooting https://www.instagram.com/jinwoo_k891/p/BpM64gLjet4/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=1od6h1sintp0t Sorry couldn't embedded the link, it's said there's an error occured at instagram.com Ahh i'm gonna miss the scooby team .. They finished the shooting quite early for a non pre-production drama, don't they? It's making me nervous, that means the ending is already fixed, no matter what the viewers' demand, they won't change the ending *praying hard we'll get a happy and satisfying ending
  2. This is probably out of topic, but you know what, i think i'm gonna low-key shipping Daniel & Eun Bin , because not only they look good together but i also think Daniel's friendly and gentle personality matches well with Eun Bin's whose calm and a bit shy, IMHIO (In My Highly Imaginative Opinion, lol). When i see their poses in the press conference, i thought they look like a newlyweds taking their first official pictures as husband-wife . Daniel's female co-stars before are all beautiful ladies. Hwang Jung Eum, Lee Min Jung, Kim Jiwon, Park Shin-hye and Baek Jin Hee and I've seen their interactions with Daniel, but i don't get the vibe that i pick up from Daniel & Eun Bin. In interviews and variety show, when they talked to each other, they keep the eye contact a bit longer than people would normally do to the point where people usually would started feeling awkward/uncomfortable. I'm usually against shipping actors in their real life, have no problem if people wanna ship them in the dramas/movies. I've been watching J-drama since 2 decades ago hahaa and K-drama half of that time, and i've always think it's weird to ship actors outside their dramas/movies, i would just think that it means the actors done a great job in conveying their characters in the dramas/movies that it can touched viewers' heart. There's only one time i've ever shipped actors in real life and that's Yamapi and Satomi Ishihara in japanese drama "From 5 to 9" in 2015 and that's because their chemistry is so sizzling and make the viewers go crazy over them. I thought i must be crazy shipping them just because their so-called chemistry on screen and off screen so powerful, but then after the drama's over, there are many rumors that they are really dating, eventhough never confirmed. Until present, their dating rumors occasionally still appear in medias in Japan and they said the couple already semi co-inhibitating. I felt the same vibe from Yamapi - Satomi and Daniel & Eun Bin. Well, it's probably (mostly) just my wishful thinking but i want to share it with my friends here, just to lighten up the mood, since we're nearing the end of the drama and the possibility of getting a sad ending for the OTP.. (hopefully not). Just for fun, so don't take it too seriously
  3. Another BTS http://program.kbs.co.kr/2tv/drama/detective/pc/board.html?smenu=4b47b2&bbs_loc=T2018-0238-01-728976,list,none,1,0 (I don't know how to embed the link, sorry ) Ahh they edited the part where Eun Bin err i mean YW caressing Da Il's hair
  4. I think it's because his body is dying so it's giving him "signal" to return or as alarm that something bad happen to his body ..
  5. I'm sorry dear, almost no scenes together between them today, only when they showed a throwback scenes ..
  6. Yes, but hardly i guess, but i hope he'll be okay now that he's in the hospital.
  7. Mr. H telling CW about his wife and CW was comforting him, she touch his hands. Da Il's body is in the hospital ! But Gyeol meeting SWH and brought her to the hospital ! She came to da il's room with gyeol when da Il' ghost came. They talked. Then it showed when Gyeol met with Da Il in the storage room, he was trying ti kill da il's body. But Da il managed to convinced him to save him in order to protect YW. Gyeol told to go meet Att.Baek, and she's the one who put Da Il in the hospital *Edited SWH grab the knife from Gyeol's hand and tried to stab Da Il's body but Gyeol managed to stop her, and instead she stabbed Gyeol. Then they showed the scenes where Gyeol tried to kill the pastor back then but the pastor slipped the bracelet from Yirang to Gyeol's hand and he came around, so SWH is the one who killed the pastor. And Gyeol also save the owner ahjumma. Back to the hospital. Att. Baek was sitting beside Da Il's bed when Da Il's ghost came and at first she couldn't see him but then she can see him ! So i guess this is what Da il asked to the crazy man in the tunnel, how to be visible to ordinary human. Then Da Il talked to her about YW and some other things and she seemed to agreed of helping him or YW. Then YW & the other arrived at the hospital and meet with Att. Baek and she told her. Back at Da Il's room in hospital, Gyeol was dying but he still tried talking with Da Il about something and then Da Il stabbed SWH ! She looked injured but then she got up like nothing happened and talked to Da Il then she left. Gyeol died and Da Il screamed out of anger. End. I may missed some parts, today's episode so fast-paced, i hardly keep up with my typing
  8. YW took the knife that killed Yi Rang, she said i'm sorry Yirang .. SWH was at the grape farm, she came to the elderly couple who owns it. Gyeol stabbed the man and forced the lady to take him to the storage. They showed the story when SWH still a little girl and she was looking for her mom there and talked to the man, but his mom didn't show herself up. Jeong Dae & Chae Won arrived at the last grape farm on the list that Da Il gave. YW and Mr. Han also on the way there. Jeong Dae found the man's body. He called Chae Won whose outside, but Chae Won was meet with SWH. Da Il arrived and when he walked, suddenly he feel nauseos and throw up but nothing came out. He walked into the storage. Chae Won was confronting SWH and talked to her, but SWH pulled a knife at her. Da Il found his body, his nose's bleeding and he just stared at his own body and cried. I don't understand what's going on here, is he dead .. Da Il carry his own body when Gyeol came. YW & Mr. Han arrived and meet with the ahjumma owner, she said something about a namja. CW still talking with SWH. YW and Mr. H came to the storage but they're too late. No one's there. Gyeol was taking Da Il's body on his car. SWH saw Gyeol's car passing by them. Jeong Dae tried to shoot SWH but stop by CW. He then handcuffed SWH to a fence and He and CW went to catch Gyeol. They're having a car chase but Jeong Dae lose him. YW also drove with Da Il's car and finally they able to stop Gyeol. But when Jeong Dae told Gyeol to get out of the car, suddenly his eyes turn red and pointing his gun at acooby team.YW tried to talk to him but Jeong Dae just shout to Gyeol to run away. Da Il (his spirit) was also on Gyeol's car ! Jeong Dae came around and he juat realized what happened. YW passed out. The police found SWH and they take her on the ambulance and controlled them, told them to stop. She got out of the ambulance after killing them. In the morning, YW and Mr.Han back at the grape farm to wait for Da Il to reappear there. CW shared what she's talking about with SWH last night to YW and Mr.H. Da Il came to the tunnel and found the crazy ghost man and asked him about something.
  9. My fav scenes from last night episode the way YW looks at him and caressing his cheek and neck
  10. @thistle I thought so too, she could stole the clothes or took it and kill the owner (like before), because not only she change the outer coat, but also her clothes underneath. It was floral pattern before but when she got out of the bathroom, she was wearing black coat and stripes pattern underneath it if i'm not mistaken. About the other inconsistencies, i hope it'll be just like before, we'll get the answers on the rest episodes, i think it's the PD-nim's style of directing? Only showed the first scene, and put the ending of that scene in another episode or different scene. But i could be wrong .. coz i haven't seen the eng sub vers..
  11. I'm worried that he might die of frustration of holding on so much sexual tension than his physical injuries LOL. Okay, enough with that hahaa, it's already passed 1 am here, i should return to my body.. i mean, i better get to sleep . G'night everybody !
  12. I LOL-ed at this scene, he made her do all the work, and he was just sit there enjoying the view and YW looked so annoyed hahaa
  13. Ah, i hope it's not because of Eun Bin's objection to do kiss scene or something like that. After all, why would you casted Choi Daniel if you don't exploit his best skill?
  14. You know, i was hoping we could get a kiss or a hug at least in this episode, but no. Writer-nim just had to torture us some more episodes. Hand and cheek touching, that's all? even SWH did more than that to Da Il *still pissed Never mind me, was just frustrating with how it seems scooby team still couldn't make even a tiny score against SWH