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  1. Hi again!!! Came back after my midterms tests. Pheew! Right in time to congratulate you girls on the success of your 3rd project for Hyunnie!!! Congrats! Also, so happy for the success of Hundred Days Husband. Yaay!! Well, our girl is giving interviews and doing photoshoots left and right, looking extremely stunning as always. But, from one of the many interviews I am left with an answer that (powerfully) caught my attention. "I often imagining myself having a date. I don't think I'd change so much when I have a bf (boyfriend). I think I'd date someone who's like friend, that's why I don't think my date style would be so much different. I was in rush of pressure to be in a relationship last year, but for now, I think meeting and getting know each other slowly would suit me more". She also said she has "no love story to tell". I mean.... Oh Dear Lord!! I'm soooo desperate!. What you all think about this? Thanks to Hyunited Soompiers for the translation.
  2. Hello! I am a newbie here!! I arrived a little (very late) but it was not until now that I saw Suspicious Partner, it was the first K-Drama I saw, and it made me want to not even want to see other dramas to not to ruin the good taste of mouth that it left me this series. Since I saw an image of Bong Hee and Ji Wook on Facebook I said I had to see it, was to see that image and start to ship them, and then after watching the series and watching the BTS on YouTube the rest is history, now I'm a jiji shipper from head to toe, with all my heart, they are the most beautiful pair I've ever seen, I found this forum through a comment on YouTube and came running to meet my fellow shippers, and although I may never read all the thread I've already seen several pages to get a little up to date. I hope that 2019 will be a good year for us and our couple. Kisses! PD: Happy Birthday to Hyunnie!!
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