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  1. what's written on all the articles. here's more or less the translation: the episode of "kookmin siblings" private meeting can be seen on Running Man this Sunday, March 3 at 5pm". why still address them as "siblings"? you guys do the math.
  2. alright guys. i already read the naver article. btw, i'm just gonna point out the main points... "the meeting between KJK's former (HJY) loveline and current (SJH) loveline". HH said: "now, KJK's former loveline and the current loveline are all in one place". and later HH added, "the couple i'm rooting for is 김종국♥송지효 (KJK♥SJH), i felt sorry for HJY".
  3. i do feel this "loveline" is SA's way to date "publicly". also, it protects both of them from other lovelines until they are both ready to make the marriage announcement.
  4. i think before we judge something, we still need to wait for the actual episode to air first. who knows that they will use it together bts?
  5. iirc, there's a white caption on SA couple episode which says "will they use it together or separately?" but the translator didn't translate it. this shows that RM had planned to make the SA special episode. if they chose to use it together, then we would not have the SA special episode. also, imo i think KJK is not against the idea.. it's just that KJK wants to keep his interaction with SJH as natural as possible. since SA is somehow "official", now it all makes sense.. with everything we got during the fanmeet.
  6. @mn0096 totally agree. and based from the clip i guess SA is finally "official". and maybe this is what KJK meant by "not settled in SK yet".
  7. @tiglon i think this was taken during the SBS entertainment awards 2016, after the firing incident.
  8. @mn0096 @jader7012 cmiiw, based on my understanding, the translation for the caption is right. the first sentence before the (?) says "nae yeoja-egeman" meaning "only for my woman". and after that 따뜻한 = warm, i'm not really sure about this 차도남 = maybe it's something like "tsundere" character, then "kookie". did a little research on 차도남: "차도남 is short for 차가운 도시 남자, which means a cold city man. It's a type of a man who is unsociable, reticent and closed guy who likes solitude. For others he seems cold and indifferent."
  9. i remember SJH said KJK is a "tsundere" and i came across one k-net comment which caught my attention. he/she feels "tsundere - KJK" is cute.
  10. currently trending no.5 - entertainment news topic on naver, "running man kim jong kook song ji hyo".
  11. fyi: apparently, SA article is currently trending no. 2 on naver. also, i haven't checked all of the comments but so far.. k-nets comments are positive too, i mean the top comments.
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