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  1. Thanks for the recap and gifs to go with it!
  2. I would love for him to do another action drama like Faith or City Hunter. But will eagerly watch whatever he decides to do!
  3. Oh duh! Thanks! I liked that look too, but I never thought of it as unshaven. Actually, I like just about any look of LMH, and I´m looking forward to seeing him a bit older.
  4. In a set of Q&A´s, I believe writer Song said that ES spent one year in the older time period (100 hundred years before CY´s time) but for CY it was 4 years apart from ES. So time in the two places didn´t run concurrently. ES had already spent a year in Goryeo during Gongmin´s time, so in Ep 24 when she asked how long the current king had been in power, the answer was “5 years.”
  5. Great comments, everyone! The last scene is almost anticlimatic to me. I was disappointed a bit that there was no kiss or at least a hug. But there were so many other touching and/or exciting scenes throughout the series that I felt very satisfied. This series is unforgettable. All the main characters were terrific, and of course LMH was outstanding and well-deserved his acting award. Writer Song was evidently quite taken with his performance, saying that she contributed 70% to creating the CY character and LMH contributed 130%. She also said that in her mind, Choi Young will forever be LMH. I´ve been reading the 99 mini-stories (!) titled “Less than 100 years” that depicts CY and ES´s life after the series ends. The author does a good job of capturing CY´s character, in my opinion. It´s on fanfiction.org. Lastly, special thanks to the recappers! Great job!
  6. Not sure what other stars have done in Korea as their military/alternative service winds down, but I´ve been struck by the total lack of anything new on LMH. Perhaps there´s some regulation about no mass communication until their service has ended. If that´s the case, we may not hear anything until he´s actually out. And like @CallieP, I also hope it´s more of a drama like City Hunter or Faith.
  7. msdot

    [Drama 2012] Faith 신의

    Welcome, @fitzsimmons. I also have a dvd set from PMP Entertainment. No extras but picture is better than watching it on Viki using a Roku. Translation is not quite as good as Viki, in my opinion. I would love to find a full translation of Faith in English from the Korean, or even a written version in Korean that I could translate using an app. It´s frustrating to watch someone say a paragraph that´s reduced to one line in English at the bottom of the screen. Ideas, anyone?
  8. msdot

    [Drama 2012] Faith 신의

    Such a wonderful episode and that kiss was terrific! Thanks for the pictures @leeminhosny! I´m still leisurely reading the posts from when Faith was first aired. I´m on the 700th page and we´re on Episode 20 or 21. Evidently Faith had the most online action of any Kdrama. Contributors were from all over the world. One of the contributors was on the set quite a bit and posted additional details from the script. They aired two episodes each week, so the production was rushed to keep up. They filmed in 14 different locations, so I understand why LMH said he just wanted to sleep for three days like Choi Young! Anyway, the rush may explain why much of the direction and editing was poorly done. Many details were sloppy, but the story, characters and acting were fantastic. I’m quite addicted!
  9. Thank you for the episode summary as well as that hilarious outtake! I like that we get to see LMH in three different hairstyles during the series. Each seems to mark an important turning point for Choi Young. This last one makes him look a bit older, I think, continuing to mature in his love for ES and becoming increasingly tired of killing.
  10. I thought it was heart-wrenching when CY discovers that ES had been poisoned again but didn´t tell him, saying, “Am I still so distant from you?” He looked really hurt. To me, it was one of the most touching lines in the entire series. It shows his love for her in his sense of betrayal of a trust, and her reaction to what he says shows her love for him. They continuously try to grapple with loving each other while knowing they´ll have to part. I love this series soooo much!
  11. I find myself rewatching Faith and admiring the subtleties of the slow-burning romance between CY and ES. I´m reminded of what one person said in her review of the series: “The relationship between Eun Soo and Choi Young was breathtaking to witness. The subtlety with which Lee Minho portrayed Young's emotions made me truly respect him as an actor. He conveyed so much feeling through the tiniest of gestures, and Kim Hee Sun replied in kind to Minho's every glance, sigh, and emotional flicker. It was like watching a dance.”* Yes indeed! *Thanks to Rachel on My Drama List for the quote.
  12. About being disappointed that Korean men don´t look like LMH: well, duh! LMH is extraordinary on any continent in how he looks and how well he uses his looks as an actor, model, performer, etc. The camera just loves him!
  13. What does PD stand for in the “letter” video?