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  1. I haven't heard the rumor about SYR's being replaced, just some people speculating because in the novel she becomes bigger when she turns into Haotian.
  2. caranita

    [Official Thread] Arthur Chen FeiYu [陈飞宇]

    Oh wow! When you posted it for the first time, I thought it was fan photoshopped. Now that it's a real thing, perhaps it's an advertisement for Dior?
  3. I also hope the main cast will return! Maybe we can have Gina too? (I know, wishful thinking). I can see Wu Xin, Yue Qiluo the evil spirit, and Bai Liuli being in the Tang dynasty because they're all immortal anyway. I can hope for Commander Gu's ancestor hehehe... but I can't imagine what Sui Yongliang will be playing. His character in Wu Xin 1 is a Taoist priest, I don't think the character is immortal -- he's not even a powerful priest, LOL.
  4. caranita

    [Official Thread] Arthur Chen FeiYu [陈飞宇]

    Awww... Yes, he barely updates his instagram, but I thought it was because he spent most his time in China where instagram is blocked. So it's the same with weibo? I think he uses weibo mostly for his endorsements, since he's ambassador for several brands. I remember in the EN forum someone asked why he never promoted EN again after the announcement that he won't reprise his role in EN2, and someone else answered that his studio still promoted EN. It looks to me his studio does the updates on his projects. He's probably being very careful in handling his social media account, and just uses WeChat to connect with his friends and family.
  5. caranita

    Sandra Ma 马思纯 Official Thread

    Yeayyy!!! Finally, screen date! This movie has been shelved forever LOL. Badly want to see Sandra paired with Jing Boran ever since I saw them in the Vogue (?) short movie.
  6. Yeah! Below's the trailer. (But you can find the movie full version on YT too he he...)
  7. I quite enjoyed Love O2O when it was airing, but TBH I like the movie version better. I can't believe I'm saying this, but Angelababy portrays a more convincing Wei Wei than Zheng Shuang. And Jing Boran is just effortlessly cool.
  8. Oh noes. I just realized that since Wu Xin and Yue Qiluo are going to be in the Tang Dynasty, Wang Yan Lin may not be cast. He played Commander Gu's son or grandson in the Wu Xin 2. Hmmm... can he play Commander Gu's ancestor? C'mon, Wu Xin has to have a Gu as his sidekick!
  9. caranita

    [Official Thread] Arthur Chen FeiYu [陈飞宇]

    Thanks @epinklyn . Sorry that I posted a same stuff! Yes, CFY is a determined and committed young person. I hope he keeps nurturing these good traits.
  10. caranita

    [Official Thread] Arthur Chen FeiYu [陈飞宇]

    You're most welcome! I'm not a gamer myself & the only game app in my cellphone is the Two-Dots, just to keep me somewhat entertained when I don't have anything else to do, no books/magazine to read, and no phone reception. But I do like sci-fi movies to some extent, I'm sort of a Trekkie (not a fan of StarWars though) -- I know, it's not really compatible to being a non-gamer LOL. Here's an older article with Director Yang Yang, with emphasis on CFY casting http://yaolan-jy.com/guojixinwen/12884.html. I'm not sure if it's been posted on the EN1 forum, but I know the blog Dramapanda has put up a post on the similar topic. Some tidbits from the article: - CFY had to undergo several round of tests before he finally got casted. One of them includes: weight loss. I'm not sure if it's the correct translation.This makes me question whether he joined the casting process before he started shooting for Secret Fruit, because he's so skinny in the latter. I'm thinking, the casting process took quite a long time. It took the production crew three years for preparation, including two years to develop the script. - It was CFY's perseverance and "earnest confidence" which convinced Director Yang Yang to cast him. He was asked whether he'd be willing to travel far and work hard during summer and winter, and CFY said yes without hesitation. - Director Yang Yang also said that she did not believe the production has to cast a famous or currently hot actor in order to increase the traffic (interest?) to the drama. Whoever plays can increase the drama. (Hence the casting of 2 relatively unknown actors as the main leads).
  11. caranita

    [Official Thread] Arthur Chen FeiYu [陈飞宇]

    I was going to write that they seem to hit it off because they have many things in common, and they're more mature than their actual age! In a variety show years ago, 14 or 15 year old Nana was closest to Zhao Liying, who's much older than her. I think this shows she could get along very well with adults, something that I would attribute to her own maturity. Yeah, CFY and Nana can end up dating, or perhaps they already did at some point. She's now in Boston, so there's very big chance they will hang out together once he returns to the US. I have the hunch that he'll go to college in the East Coast, as his brother goes to Wharton. Of course, that depends on what major he wants to take. If you look at it, both SYR and Nana are the outgoing, talkative type. They are the only people that I've seen so far to whom CFY can be touchy feely
  12. caranita

    [Official Thread] Arthur Chen FeiYu [陈飞宇]

    Here's an interview with CFY and Nana (in Mandarin, so use your Chrome, non-Mandarin speakers!), with gives us some additional info about CFY! For example: - he doesn't enjoy playing games (like PS, Xbox, I think?) - he can't sleep well on the plane - he likes John Mayer - he likes reading (well, we already know about this) and is a history buff. http://ent.sina.com.cn/m/c/2017-07-10/doc-ifyhwefp0372587.shtml
  13. caranita

    [Official Thread] Arthur Chen FeiYu [陈飞宇]

    The sunglasses are photoshopped, right? LOL. Platform is often used to narrow the height gap so the actors can be in one frame. Yeah, I saw that height measurement. I wonder why people still write his height 188 cm, even when evidence shows (in public!) that he's already 190s. There are apparently also rumors about sort of a love "triangle", such as another girl likes CFY but he likes Nana, or Liu Haoran also likes Nana, etc. Hahahaha... young love! I'm amused reading all this As for Deng Enxi, I think he atm sees her like a little sister. Do you think because of her age, they'll change the romance line in LoA? But why did they cast her to that role in the very first place, knowing she's very young -- regardless of how mature her acting is?
  14. caranita

    [Official Thread] Arthur Chen FeiYu [陈飞宇]

    Remember when I said I felt Arthur's chemistry feels the strongest with Song Yiren, on and off screen? Well, I stumbled upon this video, and I must say he and Ouyang Nana look sooooo cute together here! (IIRC, @rhaps said the same thing, that CFY-Nana have great chemistry too off screen. But at that time I had only seen a few clips of them). I wouldn't be surprised if they were actually dating at some point, although I can't be 100% sure. They definitely flirted a lot haha... But don't we also occasionally flirt with our friends from the opposite sex, it's harmless and fun, so yeah, they could be just close friends. I also wonder if teasing his co-stars by putting something on their face, be it cake cream or face cream/lotion, is Arthur's thing. He did that to SYR, to Deng Enxi ... and yes, to Nana too!
  15. I LOVED Wuxin 1, but didn't watch no. 2. I think as long as they also keep Wang Yan Lin (aka my darling Commander Gu), we're good, he he. But I'm excited to spot Sui Yongliang!