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  1. that's good if they're siblings, it still could lead to tragedy between them if the lead male dead for protecting her for example, or that she just realized he's her only blood-family she had when it's too late. The ending song already makes it sadder. Sibling love can be still as good as romantic love.
  2. I like the plot so far. I wonder if the two leads would end up sibling while it seems to lead on tragic romance??? I also like the action scene when they show off with martial art like John Wick-wise. Though, I'm disappointed at how he just let the red mafia alive? The bomb is such a low explosive for killing the rest of the men and he better tried to assassinate them off when they're comin' after him instead of runaway, He should not forget RULE #2. The detective may refer to him as "serial killer" in the investigation but the summary of this series should not use the word "killer" to describe him, he's more like a hitman or an assassin, not a cold-hearted man who just enjoys killing to see his victim suffering. LOL, why Pavel reminds me of the King's visualization in Final Fantasy XV?
  3. I see, because I ever read a Japanese Manga title "Psychometric Eiji" 'til complete. About a high school guy, name is Eiji, who has the psychometry ability, which is discovered by a female police investigator when his little sister gets involved in a serial murder case. And so, she uses her charm to get the boy to help her, and he obliges, getting more and more involved in the murders, his powers proving to be quite powerful. There's a japanese drama adaptation about it although I never watch it because it was too old, so I thought this one is the korean drama adaption.
  4. Teaser seems good, this will be my watching list, at least while I'm waiting for VOICE S3.
  5. Dont worry, I understand him, probably to need a break after playing a serious and stressing role in The Guest. He did it too with Temperature of Love after playing VOICE.
  6. Fangirls hearing Kim Jae Wook finally would take a lead male role in romantic drama after many years: *makin' a party to celebrate* Me, a male fan: dude, when will you release your music album again?
  7. I thought it was already released this weekend. I'm also curious what "Dramatic Cinema" means.
  8. I've only watched first eps so far. Idk that 6 eps are released at once haha. I can't subscribe Netflix because of the local internet provider I use at home so I have to watch it illegally in sites providing k-drama as usual. Of course, Kingdom is better than Rampant but I still prefer Hyunbin's character as the Prince there.
  9. Just a note, the writing style here is different because it's written by two roleplayers. TO BE CONTINUED....
  10. The story is like this: Mo Taegu usually visited any church near in the city wherever he did business, not because he was religious, but because he felt like he gain an affirmation that God allows him to do lawlessly anything; like his father cleaning up his murder, like the chief of Police covering up his crime; and he wanted to see that every place is the same. But in a certain church, he met someone who has similar (even identical) facial feature as him that people could resemble them as twin. The man was a Priest --the first Priest who ever greeted him, the name is Matteo. Thus, Taegu was interested in him (the similar interest as of how he's attracted to Kang Kwon Joo). He decided to play a game with The Priest. In the confession room, he then confessed about his hobby of murdering people and treating them like playing a toy. He knew enough that A Faithful Priest like Matteo is ready to die like a martyr so murdering him wouldn’t be fun. Instead of torturing Matteo physically, Taegu would rather torture his soul by keep visiting after he’s murdering someone, showing the blood on his hands and his kettlebell, or proudly present that he used Bible Quote in the murder scene to justify it, or terror him by giving a part of his victim’s body in box of gift. He told his "Mirror" to stop him if he really didn’t wanna let more innocent people die--he even challenged to be exorcized but of course, it didn't work. He said the only way to stop him is by Matteo killing him and he wouldn’t defend himself if it happened. He also threatened if Matteo’s friends (Hwa Pyung and Gilyoung) ever tried to stop him because he's too coward, he’d kill them. Of course, if Matteo ever desperately did it, Taegu won because what he wanted is to crush The Priest’s faith. NOTED: Mo Taegu’s fate here is same as VOICE’s ending. After being arrested by Moo Jin Hyuk and Kang Gwon Joo, he was sent to mental hospital and Matteo take the turn to visit him regularly. Although The Priest genuinely helped him to repent, the visitation torture him as he keeps begging Matteo just to kill him…. and he finally died by the hand of another patient someday. That's the summary, tho' my roleplaying interaction so far is still set in their first meeting. Maybe someone could make the fanmade video about this?
  11. If anyone is interested to follow and read, I roleplay as Mo Taegu and other roleplay as Matteo then we're interacting. http://lacrimosa-suit.tumblr.com/tagged/choiyoon I should've given it the title "Angel and Demon" or "Saint and Satan" [laughs] Wanting to make a crossover video like what you guys have shared here, but it'll take more times.
  12. I like the climax of possession apocalypse btw, dunno why you guys feel disappointed. Destroying Park Il Do would end it all, it's like a last terror or war or chaos you watch in the fantasy movie or the end of shounen mangas arc I read. Of course, the last episode tonight must answer the mystery although the duration is shorter than how to defeat Park Il Do. 4. Father Yang has said he thrown Yugwang's body to the sea. 5. I think his identity is clear. He's an evil human, psychopath, and ended being a strong evil spirit who lead other spirits inferior than him. What isn't clear is.... is he possessing Father Yang or always in Hwa Pyung? 6. To attract Hwa Pyung following him to Gyengyajin. Father Yang must want something in him. Probably to move PID from himself to Hwa Pyung (if PID was possessing him) or release PID from super psychic's body (if PID was still in Hwa Pyung); all scenarios are the goal to be more powerful. And it's near the sea where Park Il Do killed himself. Pardon, may I ask, is The Guest movie a sequel of the drama or the movie version of the drama? These are two different things. Movie version of the drama probably would be a remake or reboot (high chance played by different actor/actress) but if it's a sequel, Jdrama does this a lot with the same actor/actress. And if it was a sequel, prepare for cliffhanger or unanswered mystery. I watched Jdrama with title "BORDER" played by Shun Oguri, total in 9 eps, but last eps isn't really the ending. And it's resolved in the movie (or special episode??) published a year later, the story is directly continued from the end of final eps of the drama. Same goes with Nodame Cantabile live action, after two seasons of drama, the story really ended in the 2nd movie following the manga. Great Teacher Onizuka also released a movie a year after the drama ended, but the story is just additional adventure of the main character. Those are just examples, I'd like to watch any movie of The Guest.
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