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  1. brrrr! stay warm oh yeah, time to try something new and sexy for my avatar I really like his built here
  2. Is that an engagement ring? Is this the end for this ship?
  3. Hope you had a great day @maria1983! It’s already bonne nuit in my part of the world and we continue to wait for a rock from the king His next drama on my list
  4. Yeah, he’s the king of the rock! happy Sunday @maria1983 and to y’all!
  5. Nice to meet you too @krwtan. I feel like I’ve known you from reading the other thread the power of the internet indeed. are you sure you want a refresher on the 3 lines? and here’s our rock
  6. Uhmmm...innocence cannot make any promises we hope for a rock everyday
  7. no lines here, just pure handsomeness #itsAlmostTheWeekend
  8. @maria1983 @krwtan I’m quite a good student. I remember those 3 lines. not going to describe them here though