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  1. I also like the three dads, EN, and of course HG, and I like YR's acting skills. Her facial expressions are so good. Why is YR begging JE to save her?
  2. I hope the two leads star in a short drama where there is romance. They are good together
  3. Judging from HN's attitude it is illogical that she ends up marrying HG.
  4. @jayakris yes I agree. I don't expect love bet. HN and HG. They're not the focus of the writer
  5. probably I will lose all my hair before the drama ends so many surprises @howa yes. I agree that divorce is not that simple in Muslim countries, because husbands have to pay a very high alimony for the wives. It is very complicated. But there is social disintegration in general which causes so many problems now. I don't know much about Korea really. But in Sunny Again Tomorrow, there was no divorce in any way. In a drama named "Matrimonial Chaos" there was divorce. But I can't judge.
  6. only two weeks left, still JE is plotting. I am going crazzzzzzzzzzzzy
  7. I am glad that HN was defending HG to her mom. At least she is being fair
  8. http://program.kbs.co.kr/1tv/drama/sunnydays/pc/board.html?smenu=9725de&bbs_loc=T2018-0177-01-850810,read,,69,782604 preview Jin Hee (Shim Hye-jin), who became aware of the embezzlement of public funds, strongly criticizes Seon-hee (exponent circle), which is consisted of false excuses. I have to say that I will be able to do this. another translator Jenny (Shim Hye-jin) realize the wealth embezzlement fact that the accused Sunny (index W), which is consistent with the false excuse stronger. Committed to (Ha Seung-ri), who turns out leaflets assured dogyeong box (yichanguk) I was handed a flyer for edit ... I think the last sentence means JE tries to replace the box of leaflets that DG handed to her to edit it
  9. I watched some episodes of Love till the end. The heroine married the man she loves despite her family's objection. I know they were divorced later butI like her attitude. Unlike HN who backed off right away. Not all dailies are the same. I know the situation is different but then HN is blaming HG for his family. It is not his fault. I accept the separation but I don't agree of the way she handles it.