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    The best dramas for me are:
    1- Feel Good to Die
    2- Heartstrings
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  1. I agree. I am watching because of Choi Soo-jong too. I am totally sympathetic towards him. https://youtu.be/yYvFznlauF8
  2. nohamahamoud2002

    Kang Ji Hwan 강지환

    @Lawyerh well, it is not important who the lead lady is with KJH we can just watch him all by himself I am just unable to choose what to watch before which, so currently I am watching Feel Good to Die again. I am totally hooked to it
  3. I am wondering what is the function of the loan shark? Will he reveal the mysteries? I am sure he knows something
  4. nohamahamoud2002

    Kang Ji Hwan 강지환

    hey chingus. I miss you all. I am sooooooo busy in daum cafe. @Lawyerh unlike you, I like Ji-Hwan very much in the old days too Florentina is the name of the instagram user. She is mad about Ji-hwan for 5 years now. She is from Romania
  5. nohamahamoud2002

    Choi Daniel ❤ 최다니엘 | We love you, Lee Da Il

    I am too distracted by another actor now (no need to say his name ) I come here to greet our dear chingu @gm4queen, don't worry my friend about managing the page it is not as difficult as drama threads, where all the members are fighting over the ending
  6. There eye sign to the right. Click it and write inside the box
  7. nohamahamoud2002

    Soompi love feast

    I love music more than food
  8. nohamahamoud2002

    Soompi love feast

    I am 100 % sure it is related to Choi Daniel
  9. nohamahamoud2002

    Soompi love feast

    I feel that our great love here is food this is so funny
  10. nohamahamoud2002

    Soompi love feast

    @gm4queen @Lawyerh @Heidi Seow @angiedramadive @stroppyse @phoenix24 @jenappelle @ashbelle @angelwingssf and all my dear friends. I learnt to make new friends from allover the world here in soompi. It is enough for me.
  11. nohamahamoud2002

    Soompi love feast

  12. nohamahamoud2002

    Soompi love feast