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  1. you know I really like melodramas where I get to learn a lesson. But I feel rather sad when the lead gets to be lonely at the end. It feels aching, he is already changing for the better but doesn't he have the right to find a soulmate with whom he can spend the rest of his life? Loneliness is worth than heartbreak. I mean being in love and getting separated isn't the only problem for me. If he gets over it and live on, it is OK. What I don't like is for a person not finding another chance to live happily. Before watching Kdrama, I was an addict to Bollywood even their sad stories didn't break my heart that way.
  2. @sava2sava do you think Daya's dad could have committed suicide??
  3. yes. I realize now the song is different. it seems we have a sad story here I remember now, years back I watched Stairway to Heaven. I really liked it very much. But it broke my heart. I hope some kdramas wouldn't break my heart like that. It is hard. I really thought of dropping the drama. But I still would like to watch Kang Ji Hwan. He is brilliant. I didn't watch any of his other dramas in the past. I don't even know him before. But he is so shining here. I no longer like Ruda. At the beginning I found her cheerful, but now she is toying with BJS' heart, I find myself disliking her tremendously
  4. I hope the writer doesn't stick to the webtoon. Kang isn't very nice here in the drama. So I hope it will be different. I expect it to be the other way round. BJS in danger and Ruda trying to save him. I have another scenario: BJS dies, Ruda realizes how much she loves him, so she uses the time loop to save him. I really hope the writer invests on their romance, because it is already very strong. I mean look at BJS' face. So many emotions. Also Ruda likes him, but still can't analyze her feelings
  5. I have a theory, maybe Mr Kang didn't kill Daya's father. He felt guilty for not saving his wife and he committed second degree murder by pushing the loan shark, so he took the blame for another crime too because it made no difference. Note: we don't see him stab Daya's dad https://youtu.be/rWgvpQhgU6U
  6. nohamahamoud2002

    Kang Ji Hwan 강지환

    He is more handsome now because he is older Also his hairstyle suits him what caught my attention is Choi Daniel he is evil here
  7. @lu09 Hi long time no see I have been a bit absent from the thread (I remember you form Sunny Again Tomorrow ) I really hope the drama gives many scenes between Doran and her dad. They were the main reason that attracted me to the drama in the first place. I loved Doran and Dongcheol together very much, she was lucky with her foster dad. And certainly Mr Kang loved her very much. Poor Mr Kang, he can't tell DR he was in prison . I wish she knows. He will suffer if she doesn't forgive him I hope they don't get separated. They suffered so much already. Poor Mr Kang. He might go away. The kind priest is the only one who knows the truth. He might tell DR. Also luckily Daya's aunt knows the whereabouts of the church. She might play an important role too.
  8. nohamahamoud2002

    Kang Ji Hwan 강지환

    me too, I am going to die soon because of Kang Ji Hwan, I am looking for all the photos I can find. Sighhhhhhhh Chigus I found a gem
  9. BJK did right by using the time loop to stop Ruda/Kang romance. Thumbs up. Just finished watching the re-run on KBS World (the fifth time now) I am dying for the preview
  10. I dedicate this song to Doran and her dad. The true pair of the drama in my opinion
  11. I hope DR accepts her dad. I feel so sorry for him In a program Choi soo jong said Uee calls him apeoji
  12. I like both KDR and her father, I don't want them to suffer. Although she will face trouble I was hoping that her relationship with her father would be good. I feel sorry for him Is the poor haelmoni in hospital? Is she afraid to die, that's why she told Doran about Mr, Kang?
  13. why is Doran looking at Mr. Kang like that in the preview. Did she learn he's her father? Plz @stargazer187 did Doran learn about her father?