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  1. @thistle Yup, can't agree more. The fun and the moments we'll remember always is worth it! I develop a special attachment with dramas that I watch live, it's a feeling that I'm part of the drama family and cast members. Will be around for sure, hope that we can all meet in another drama, soon.
  2. @thistle I have the same feeling!! I usually avoid to watch the drama for which I develop withdrawal syndrome, but this is not the situation here. I can even start watching something else now. But still, please scold me if I plan to watch any live broadcast drama on SBS because one trauma was enough and more than enough
  3. @dftio there are sooo many articles in Korean, unfortunately no translation
  4. Just wanted to add something, couldn't hold it in I think it's the first time for me to say that but I think I'll be following the writer for the next projects, specially if I happen to like the leads (I'll hope YSJ is one of them). I've been inspired at many moments, be it the whole drama or this last episode. Some small details got me into tears. DS and HB's gift for Jennifer, as an example, was tea, because they saw her once having it. Chan's gift ''look the same but different" and SR getting her gorgeous pair of shoes. And not to overdo it with the gifts, WJ gave her a hug. If it was another writer, SR would have performed on a big stage, with crowd, wearing a beautiful dress. But no, she is aiming now for a more meaningful and powerful role in life: a music therapist. I remember back when I read about the plot and they mentioned music, I thought of the many films/dramas I've seen before about someone with passion for music and all I can remember they usually tend to have the same storyline, which initially, did not interest me very much. I love the SMALL details that added MUCH to this story. I love how neatly and finely each character was written, I can say that each character is uniquely written that I don't remember seeing any close version on any drama/movie before. Actors should be congratulated as well for contributing to this, each added his/her touch to all those beautiful characters we were watching over the past 2 months.
  5. I watched the subbed episode a while ago but got busy and couldn't share my thoughts with you. And well, I came back here and everything I wanted to share and even more is already mentioned by you. I just wanted the Polaroid photo to be seen by SR, I guess that's what was missing? From an otherwise perfect, happy, warm ending. Let's stay here for a long time. Luckily I'm recovering from my withdrawal quicker than I thought, maybe thanks to the ending and BTS
  6. I guess we'll see more photos coming late tonight from the wrap up party. We'll just have to wait more. I would like to see them together in a photo but I'm not sure if that will happen. I think they tend to avoid appearing together not to open eyes on them. Can't wait for subs!! And can't wait for their next projects to be announced, specially YSJ.
  7. I'm so happy with this ending that I forgot the depression and withdrawal I was going through earlier today. This ending is one of the best I've seen in K-dramas, I've avoided watching many endings more than once because they seemed too cliché, but this one? Smiles, smiles, smiles all the way. I'll definitely watch it again and again.
  8. It's over. Gosh I'm all in tears!!! Can't ask for more. Couldn't ask for more. Now that's a perfect ending, all my wishes came true. And that last scene and the waving
  9. Bad streaming here too trying to catch up with whatever I could
  10. Awww wrap up party and everyone is there! I hope they'll watch the last episode together And YSJ's hairstyle is back
  11. I wonder why there are no stills or BTS today? They owe us a lot of BTS for so many scenes!