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  1. I think can be ( park hyun suk and yeon seok ) Park seo joon, knows them. park min young very successful. I look forward to your new project and drama . Park min young rising star
  2. What is the trauma incident of the fans? everyone must look forward to the Park Min Young Park Seo Joon is one of the best. The two of them are so perfect together I think everyone is able to see it even on the screen. first fan meeting also looks great congratulations versatile princess
  3. too much coincidence I think it is definitely not a coincidence maybe as the guest comes tomorrow park seo joon
  4. pmy psj their harmony is perfect, i think they will marry . think that they have met for three years, there is so much coincidence coming together. Park Seo Joon looking at her very different. This is obvious. It's like they're not hiding what they're interested in. interesting replies about future relations I would love to see them at the awards ceremony hand
  5. Look at her look at the park seo joon and park min young wwsk conference park seo joon, park min young's biggest fan There is love in the air
  6. Today I think he has uploaded photo of Leon. yesterday uploaded photo can be simba. The length of the feathers came as different