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  1. Haha, I still remember all the Youtube comments when the preview for ep 15 was uploaded (half would flip table, and half would sue if the kiss did not happen ), and then when it happened (and exceeded our expectation), there was a gif party here with detailed analysis just for the kiss I also don't think they (will) date and would much prefer a lasting friendship between ISH and CEW. We all know how cruel K-ent world can be to dating artists, especially to a young raising idol-actor like CEW. However, when I rewatch their BTS, I definitely see your previous point about how CEW had a hard time looking straight into ISH's eyes, he always ended up smiling and looking away. I guess a little crush was/is also a factor to help him portray DKS's character and his love for KMR
  2. It's almost time for an episode. I remember last Friday we were speculating about the kiss, and then squealing&spazzing (well at least I was ). Anyone know what JTBC will broadcast today? The following drama will premier next week, I think.
  3. @icyphoenix Thank you for the link @pad-hari Thanks a million for the translation! I don't understand anything but I'm still watching KDY really seems like the most mature behaved among the 4 They are so cute. Anyone knows what event they were attending at the school(?) there? Were they gifting rice cake for Chuseok as promised? I see the director of MIIGB there as well.
  4. I think so too, and the part " Even the short moments of slight smiles Makes a rainbow spill over my world right now " makes me remember how her little dance at the bus stop was the source of relief/happiness for him all those grey years Sign, I need to get a life. Soompi just publishes this article. I need something to move on from this MID:GB love bug. https://www.soompi.com/article/1230067wpp/stoic-leads-amazing-moms-self-love-watch-id-gangnam-beauty
  5. IKR I keep repeating a few OST and look into their translation. The lyric of Rainbow Falling is totally about KS's feeling for MR: "If it’s not you, if it wasn’t you What color would my world be colored right now? I used to be covered in a gray light ... Even the short moments of slight smiles Makes a rainbow spill over my world right now Whatever color you bring, even when you’re having hard days I’ll hold you tight just like always." Sign, I feel like after last Saturday, my "relationship" with this drama has been described perfectly by F.T. Island's "Love sick"
  6. This is BTS of the lab-scene (~2:20, CEW told ISH: "Noona, please draw me"). And this one is BTS of the umbrella scene (at around 1:48):
  7. I'm so happy to see this thread still active as ever. It's Wednesday, and I still miss Mirae & Kyungsoek so much I read 2 pages back and there were lots of posts and speculations about JWR. I think lots of us thread-mates here are still on fangirl mode, trying to protect our beloved characters. However, outside of the drama, JWR is not Soo-ah, we don't know the circumstance, we don't know her IRL, so please mind your words about her as words can hurt a person, too. I watch all the BTS clips multiple times too and if you let me venture a guess, I'd say that JWR seems like an introvert person IRL, more of the serious/quiet type than the bubbly/funny ISH. I feel JWR gets along well enough with the casts, but did not get close (as in good friend vs. close friend). As ISH said in the Vlive, she, CEW, MDH and KDY still have a group chat so I guess they gel with each other due to their personalities (they all seem like witty, humorous people who like to tease others). On the other note, I'm rewatching up to ep 5 right now. MR's parents are so cute (her mom still calls her dad "Oppa") and they are definitely the mismatch pair by social standard but their loving marriage disproves all those naysayers. This is like the Nth time I rewatch those episodes and I still go gaga over MR & KS's interaction (his gaze softens when she asks to have a drink together, and his tiny smile when he remembers their brief skinship while crossing the street...). Still feeling sad because we are not gonna get any new episode, BTS or preview anymore Age of Youth got a season 2, why can't MID:GB get one too?
  8. I just read 6-7 pages of this topic non-stop. So happy I'm not the only one who is unable to move on from this wonderful drama. I rewatch their scenes and BTS clips on Youtube, but did not come here to comment for the last 2 days because if I find the time to comment, my kid may not get fed properly Anyone has a plan on how to move on from this? I may watch 1-2 episodes per days and come here to read the earlier discussions that I missed (I think I started watching from episode 5, and find soompi thread since episode 7-8). As for season 2, it's like 1% that it may happen, but a fan can dream, right, so I will #dreamon If there is season 2, I'd like it to be named "My ID is face-genius" and focus a bit more on DKS and of course his relationship with MR, how the two of them navigate daily life and take on their future together. I realize that after 16 episodes, we still don't know what KS's dream is, why he chooses Chemistry as his major at his mother's alma mater no less (he resented his mom so much in the beginning of the show due to his father's lies)... Just like with MR, people have prejudice about KS due to his appearance. Even though some of those preconceived opinions may work in his favor, they also hinder people to approach him and thus they may never seen other sides of his personality (I remember HJ said that KS is like celebrity that his schoolmates look from afar). Now with MR's love, KS's misunderstanding with his mother has been resolved, his emotional scar is healed, I'd love to see KS and MR grow up together, tackle all those social challenges that come their way, find their dream and work toward it. If there is no season 2, I will follow if anyone writes fanfic and have those scenes acted out in my head I'm so happy that the casts will get a well-deserved vacation, and hopefully they will give us lots of pictures to ease off our separation with the show.
  9. I just watch the last episode with subs and finally feel somewhat coherent enough to share my thought. Initially, I think Soo-ah's story may be rushed because they left her story to the last episode to unfold, but it was done so nicely. I feel like crying when Eun and Mirae reach out to Soo-ah to help her through a very difficult time of her life. It's heartwarming to know that there are people who are willing to offer a hand to raise her up, in stead of ignoring or pushing her down the hell hole. I also appreciate that they show Soo-ah getting professional help (therapy) to work through her issue. I love the message that Hye-sung passed to Mi-rae, and then Mi-rae passed to Soo-ah: "You are the most important person to yourself, so you have to love yourself, treat yourself right, focus on making yourself happy first." (I may quote this wrong, but you get the gist) It is delightful that most (but not all) of the female characters in this show are awesome in their own way and have healthy friendship with each other. Just wish MR and HJ have a scene together in the last episode, just BFF sharing things but I guess they run out of time for that Of course, I love our OTP and their wonderful relationship, but I run out of words about how awesome they are, you guys have said it all Once in a while, there is a drama like this that makes me excited and nostalgic about all my first times (first love, first hand-holding, first time buying present for someone special...). I probably will rewatch this next week, and some time later. Thank you for all your awesome discussions, epic gifs and fangirl squealing
  10. LOL, he fixed her hair even in that position It's either his special treatment for ISH or he really has a thing for hair Is there anyone here who can help us desperate fans to translate what they said in the BTS, pretty please
  11. They are kids, so still have some childish side. When I read that comment, I just want to pat their head They will grow up and maturity hopefully comes with time to help them realize that they don't own their idols' lives. I have to applause CEW for not letting his idol status affect the situation and ready to go where the script requires. Of course, that makes us drama fans so happy
  12. Well, maybe it's scandalous for some of ASTRO/Eunwoo's teenager fans I remember yesterday someone posted that some ASTRO fangirls' reaction with the kiss scene was "Eunwoo, don't do it!".
  13. I think it's not that scandalous since they did not show how many takes that kiss scene took to film (pretty sure ISH & CEW had to kiss multiple times with different camera angle). They basically just show us what is already on screen. I laugh so hard at 1:51 when ISH tried to stifle her laugh to finish the girlfriend cheering act.
  14. I'm watching live. MR's mother is totally us fangirls