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  1. Me too. I'm having so much fun from all this PinSon/SonPin war. And from watching all boys being fun, cute and handsome. I think i already made peace with that LBC is over, so i'm just trying to fill my LBC-thirst with everything i can. It also feels like main couple had to hold themselves back during "conflict" but now finally is able to let it go and go wild. Especially Saint. I only hope fans won't be to spoiled by SaintPerth great interaction. I think there is big difference between HP-books and BL-novels. In the quality i mean. But i'm fan so... But there was short period about 13-15 years ago (that long ago, ha)) when everyone around me was crazy about Harry Potter and i was like... no, not interested, what so special about? But then i accidentally fall into this world too. I already gave my "first" to Love Sick-novel. 2 Moons was the second. LBC have a chance to be my third.
  2. I think info would be in already existed threads for Sotus, My Tee, Kiss me again, Puppy Honey and My dear loser since Our Skyy is not new series but kind of special chapters about each couple.
  3. Sudden question came into my mind when I was riding my bicycle today. Will Ae ever teach Pete how to ride bicycle? It's not necessary skill but it's not that hard, and could be fun to spend time together this way.
  4. It was ep.4. Oh, how could i forget about it? I'm actually reading all answers about fav moments and kisses and thinking: yes, yes, agree, like this scene too.
  5. Carrot, please. (I don't eat sea-products and i find goldfish as a pet boring and it probably will die under my care.) It's simple: i started to watch LBC, i liked it, i continued watching. Hard to say. But i think i'll agree with readlire92 - Pond. I hate this kind of questions. Refuse to pick. Probably in ep.6 football-field-crying-confession-scene. Also agree with Dali Nour: Pete's coming out to his mom. No sure about scene (Pond finding out what Ae was googling?))), but Can and Techno together always hilarious. Not ever but i like first-time-kiss too. AePete. I believe i do, but i don't remember when. I think there are many characters what i would like to have as a friends. Not sure if it would be mutual. About boyfriend... sometimes i felt related to Pete in many ways, and i surely need strong sholder to put my head on, but i'm not sure that i can tolerate such possessiveness as Ae shows. So maybe Pond (but i'm not like ChaAm at all)), or Type (but we don't really saw how he is like in relationship). No. Not sure about anything and everything, but right now i'm interested in how everything will go with Saint, Perth, Plan, Earth (both of them), maybe Mark. And i would like to see girls (Sammy, Cherreen and Bua (Chompoo)) in some series in the future too. Also curious to see James in "The effect". To bl-fan - definitely. But actually i prefer do not give recommendations about series/movies/books/music i like because everyone have their own taste.
  6. Totaly. I think since Perth and Saint's managers are starting to get along more or less it is better to let this situation go. Yes, i smile every time when i see them.
  7. I guess for female character would be more typical to cry under rain.
  8. I wachted subversion, and i think i'm still in sentimental mood because i don't wanna complain about anything (even about KK/No). - Seems like in the last episode we were able to see almost every kind of Saint different haircut. - I like TumTar scenes very much. (Even it's obvious that Tar need to do something with how he's seeing himself after being raped and don't deserving to be loved now.) But being honest i don't always like Title's acting but Earth make it for both of them. - I felt like there was too much pressure on Can from Pete, Type and Tin at ones. Actually he said everything himself. Also kind of annoying when everyone around are making suggestion how you feel but it's only make you more confused. - Since they made Ae and Pete visibly sit next to each other, i enjoyed their cute moment on the beach anyway. Also i like when Ae was missing Pete (mostly because of nosy Pond and Perth being charming)), and when he was just having fun with his friends. So i guess i'm ok with ending. Also to put AePete-cut in the end was kind of safe choice (to affect on softy people like me). - Ok, just one complain: i never understood this thing with crying in the shower fully clothed. Crying - yes, fully clothed - no. I think if there are still possibility for s2 we'll know about closer to the next summer, or autumn, or will never know.))
  9. Without doubt you can skip (forget about) first version and just wait for full 70min version with engsub. Me too. Also we are not exactly over with LBC-cast, there are still many events and fan meets. Not the same as the series, of course, but there will be fun and cute moments for sure.
  10. I think I need AePete-cut puting together into 3-4-5 hour movie to watch and re-watch it again and again. I like all of the characters but Pete and Ae (+ their story) became very special for me. I'm in really sentimental mood right now: loving everyone, missing everyone, listening LBC-ost.))
  11. Saint and Perth are making me smile all day today. I'm overwhelmed with their cuteness.
  12. And i guess it's official that there is no season 2. Expected but still sad.
  13. I'm just... And the battle still on!
  14. My answer not exactly about them, but i saw the video where together with Saint and Ohm was standing the girl who played Punn's sister in LS. And i thought - combo! It's LS&MIR&LBC together.))
  15. We already saw Perth with Rene, now it's time for Saint to spread cutiness together with this little girl.