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  1. If someone interested there is first episode with engsub on gcinee-site (not perfect but quite understandable): http://gcinee.com/hes-coming-to-me-เขามาเชงเม้งข้างๆหล/ * * * * * * I like the idea.
  2. Of course. Pleasure for my eyes which still pops up ones in a while here and there.
  3. Same. And i find this way to change ghost's clothes interesting. Well, since i couldn't understand what they're saying (only the very end was quite obvious) then at least i tried to understand rules of being a ghost in the series.)) Anyway, i like it, since it was interesting to watch even without subs. (And i'm suddenly having temporally fan-crash on Singto.) Let's hope for it.
  4. If i would ended up sitting next to such "oh-my-god"-person on some event it would be not really comfortable for me. But they all were screaming so it's probably fine.
  5. Also "Best Kiss Scene" award. And yeah, "Best Couple" (shared with OffGun).
  6. Different version of the clip for the song. Gift from P'New for voting (so hard) for AePete in LineTV-award. I felt such warmness watching it. Kind of reminded me again how i love(d) the series.
  7. There were rumors about possibility of s2, but last time when P'New was asked about it he said "NO!". So better not think about s2. If something will change we'll know.
  8. From BTS. This is so cute. I wish they kept it. (I guess they could if only Perth and Saint wasn't out of characters already.))
  9. I don't think we should take it as green light for waiting season2. And don't forget about Perth's managers, i thought half of fans considered them being "evil" ones.
  10. If it is really favorite series then... it will never let you go. If it's favorite series for now then probably 2-5 months depending of the level of how hooked you are. I really like him saying this. I mean this kind of phrase can be adjust to many other similar situations. Like "it's not only me who is different comparing to others, it's also everyone else are different comparing to me".
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