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  1. There were rumors about possibility of s2, but last time when P'New was asked about it he said "NO!". So better not think about s2. If something will change we'll know.
  2. From BTS. This is so cute. I wish they kept it. (I guess they could if only Perth and Saint wasn't out of characters already.))
  3. I don't think we should take it as green light for waiting season2. And don't forget about Perth's managers, i thought half of fans considered them being "evil" ones.
  4. If it is really favorite series then... it will never let you go. If it's favorite series for now then probably 2-5 months depending of the level of how hooked you are. I really like him saying this. I mean this kind of phrase can be adjust to many other similar situations. Like "it's not only me who is different comparing to others, it's also everyone else are different comparing to me".
  5. Pam-pam, something happening...
  6. I guess someone who did it still have hope.
  7. Me too. I watched 2 ep. and was going to continue, but after i catched some spoiler i'm not sure i want to. Same happened with TWM3. So i'm trying to finish "My dear loser: edge of 17". And since Inn/Sun-episode of "My skyy" is on next friday i have one week to do it. Yes, and we can't judge how they will be in the series just looking on their photo.
  8. I watched this about 5 times today (i don't know why, i guess i just had nothing to do) and really liked Tawan's reaction. He seems so enthusiastic about what he saw. Also Krist was funny when he saw Gun aka Pick. I'm always the quiet one sitting by so i'm usually making good impression. Well, sometimes not, because i can be too much incommunicative. I also agree about respect-words and different level of politeness, still confuses me sometimes. In a way it simpler in my language. But it also quite interesting. (I like when N'Yim are telling Ae off for speaking impolite because it's not the way her parents are teaching her to speak.)
  9. Also i have feeling that Saint just can't resist but to take care of every nong who happend to be next to him. I saw this one. Became interested with the plot, and had nice time watching it.
  10. Interesting news. Yes, i guess it is. By logic this scene should be somewhere in the beginning of the series but i don't remember the one.
  11. I wasn't going to watch BoF anyway. I'm really picky when it comes to KD that why there are not many of them in my wachted list. I think i still skip it.
  12. I didn't watch the drama, but i like the song. Listening third time already.
  13. I find "brown"-part of photoshoot a bit ridiculous, but the one in white shirts is just... wow.
  14. I wish it was true. But with the way we are thinking it's easy to forget that is too many people who doesn't think our way. Agree. It easy to becloud our view with nice smily ig photo but such conflict can't just go away at once. I guees i stoped doing such mistake long time ago. But also this is the reason why i can't praise actor too much before i will see him in other role(s). Perth and Saint (and others) did good job in LBC, but it's too early to call them great actors. (Did any of young thai actors even take acting classes at some point? Or they just go with natural talent and some workshop before shooting?) Also it was with you and Lee Jun Ki: you needed to see him in unusial role to start appreciate his work even more. Me too. That why i wish him to have more then one series in year. *sigh* Where is my facepalm-smile? Yeah, its still finds the ways to surprise me.
  15. I wish Perth stoped doing this. Saint really is too heavy for him. Better for him to try again 1-2 year later maybe. And do not forget to work out in the meantime.)) And sleep and eat well too. It's great that she're making jokes like this. Always fun to see parents to do a little fanservice too. Regarding Saint's mom: i was very touched by scene of respect (i guess i can call it like this) on Saint's first fanmeet when he bowed to her and said many thankful and good words to her.