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  1. @boju..... are you saying YJ is dating? Ill just wait until its confirmed .
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    Kim Yoo Jung 김유정

    Miss you girl
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    Kim Yoo Jung 김유정

    @b4l01...that's sad. I do understand how others feel but I will stand by with YJ no matter what and I know that others will do, too. Anyway, below is YJ's IG update . Beautiful as always.
  4. don't you think this scene inspired episode 13 and JR is the director credit to the uploader
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    Kim Yoo Jung 김유정

    @Xuexi_1 me too! I wish I’m tech savvy. I was always looking forward on this thread for any YJ updates. wishing everyone (whose celebrating) a Happy Lunar New Year!
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    Kim Yoo Jung 김유정

    I miss this thread so much! I also miss everyone here who gives us update on KYJ. What happened Hugs and kisses to all!
  7. Finally watched ep 14 and all I can say is that, poor Oh Sol. She was devastated and I can feel her pain so much that I couldn't stop crying. I feel sorry for her she was torn apart and I can see from her emotions saying why, why did it happened. Putting myself to her shoes i will be doing the same thing and i wouldn't know what to do either, my mind will be blank. Yes, I can also feel the pain that SK was left confused on whats happening and trying to reach out to OS, who didn't do anything and he was left clueless but I have felt more pain when OS was crying inside her room. The emotion is so real!!! I feel like I'm the only one who is connected to OS devastation and resentment after reading all the comments on this thread (that they don't like OS after leaving SK just like that). Her pain is also important and nobody sees that she's left in the middle who need to sacrifice for the sake of others. I'm so proud of KYJ for bringing such raw emotions to the screen. Tomorrow will be ep 15
  8. That’s it, I really have to say my piece! I’m so busy that it’s killing me not to say anything First of all, KYJ I salute you baby and I love you more for doing the kiss scene. It only proves that you’re such a good actor and if someone doesn’t see it that way, then you’re an ignoramus (soree for my word). Secondly, I’m a Boyooholics (sorry for bringing it here) and will not deny that I shipped them but whoever is their partner in their new dramas, it doesn’t affect me at all. Why? Because they’re actors and it’s their profession. Thirdly, ep 12 & 13, OMG.... I love it love it love it and I was going crazy watching it. So hot I couldn’t concentrate at work. The chemistry between YJ and KS is really good. I’m so happy I’m watching CWPFN. So having said that, I wasn’t even affected by the pairing knowing I’m a boyoo fan. Just saying, luv you all
  9. I was so excited when I saw this...but then when I checked my Netflix it’s not there. I guess it’s not available in my area
  10. Wishing Everyone A Blessed and Prosperous New Year! Welcome 2019!
  11. yes, its sad to know that JSG's grandpa is telling OS not to fall for him, damn! it hurts coz we know that she likes JSG. Cant wait for the remaining episodes .
  12. Finally! I finished watching episode 9 and 10 with so much gusto. I love the interaction between OS and her dad, and then with her brother, the barbecue scene , oh my gosh I can't stop laughing at SG with his outfit and the jealousy when he saw Jae min hug OS. I love everything . And I must say, WHattttttttttt.....KYJ with the short hair? oh my oh my she's beautiful. I dunno bout you guys but for me this lady is no ordinary beauty! Any style of hair or fashion, she carry it with so much style. And the best thing is that she is a very good actress (just sad that some don't give her really the credit and it hurt so much that she's being underrated). Thats why I'm so happy when I saw the post from @Jillia on the article about KYJ. It captures how amazing Yoo Jung is as an actress. And Yoon Kyun Sang, wow he's a good actor too. and the sofa scene ......hot hot hot and they didn't even kiss I hope CWPFN will not end, lol
  13. Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas! thanks for the updates. I m excited to see KYJ’s new hair . I will not be able to see it until later tonight due to different timezone.
  14. Oh my God! I can’t concentrate right now at work . I’m sooooo heartcited to watch episode 8
  15. love love love ep 7 and I can't wait for the next episode for the umbrella scene. On episode 7, the girl who kissed young SK, is it OS?
  16. anyone knows our Boyoo's schedule aside from filming their own dramas ?
  17. Monday is fast approaching, yipeeeeee!!!!! Cant wait for episode 7 and 8 (every episode is becoming more and more delicious)! I have to go back on few threads just to catch up. So happy on all the updates. I must say that KYJ is really a lucky gem. Everyone seems so comfortable around her (she's such a good soul) what a cliche remark! so overused. If you don't like it don't watch, like what Jillia (thanks) said and please don't leave such comment. (sorry don't know how to use hide, )
  18. I'm so happy that this thread keeps moving. Thanks everyone for all your updates. Its also good to see some discussion which is just normal and healthy. Im a KYJ fan but at the same time a "BoYooholics" as well...but like everyone else, I have limitations too. I support these two whoever will be their future partner in a drama (but always hoping they will have another one) but to be frank, one tend to favor one than the other (and its the truth no matter how we deny). KYJ's CWPFN drama is really good, I must say. Its hilarious, funny and gives you so many feels. For Encounter, I haven't watch it yet but reading from all the feedbacks its seems like its doing really great knowing both lead actors have bigger fans. So happy for Bogum. All I wish is that our Boyoo's current drama will be a success. #BoyooFighting!
  19. I totally agree . After watching the 4 episodes few times, I really didn't find anything wrong so I don't understand why someone will say its "draggy"(I'm pretty sure I know what draggy is and this is just my view). The pacing for me is good and its necessary I guess to show their point. Im not a good critic so I may be wrong, but this drama in my opinion is really really good. And talking about the ratings (which I also don't understand), I believe it should be higher. I've never laughed this much in my life after watching a KDrama. It's hilarious and Im hooked.
  20. Oh my god! I cant breathe, woooohhhhh...I cant wait for that kiss
  21. I really love this scene, and I cant stop laughing.... HUH! Really? I need to see episode 4.
  22. @Jillia please please please, I remember when you did it on the other drama (MDBC) ...love it!