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  1. Aw that makes me feel sad. I just want to see them happy with no troubles but thats impossible..maybe near the end. I hope they dont get mad at each other for a long time and make up quickly. The fear of trust and love...i mean...thats pretty much lacking trust/love..ahh On the other side its only the beginning of their new life why am i thinking about these things already. Why cant i just enjoy their loveliness while it last now haha. I will just focus on this so i dont feel too sad.
  2. I hope that people will not say bad things about GTY when his ex come back, his step mom and bro, and the fight between him and ML. I can already see some audiences saying things like " GTY brought ML trouble " i feel like there will always be trouble and that is what keep the drama going. I just know that some people will say this and that about him when those things do happen because they all want the best for just ML. I also want the best for GTY but not just him i want it for him and ML as a family. People can go from 0 to 100 real quick. And about their fight, i hope it'll be a good reason why he/she, they misunderstand stuff but if it just lack of love and trust then ima be honest im quite disappointed because they seem to trust and love ( esp GTY ) each other already.
  3. For me, i dont watch it live but i find youtube posting raw eps fastest. Go sleep and when u wake up boom i bet it'll be upload already in youtube haha. These days i been staying up so late to see little clips and update of new eps, i just now realized how important i need my sleep. Dont want to look like a panda. Yikes.
  4. A kiss scene would be nice but i think we all deserved a bed scene HAHAHA if possible... Bed + kiss. Ouu man So in the spolier site, i read that GTY likes to be touchy with ML dont know if in the drama he will but from trailers i think he's pretty touchy. I wouldn't mind watching those scenes.
  5. I dont think he went to look for another woman. I think he went to drink and a woman try to touch his hand but he moved away, no hugging. That's what i saw in the trailer. Same i hope the fight doesn't last long too. I dont even want to think about it, already feel hurt just by thinking.
  6. I can't bear to see that scene of them. The jealous scene. I hope Minglan will answer him and tell that she only loves him.
  7. Aw i like those that you mentioned too but for me i'll also add GTY with his Nanny too i find it sweet too GTY protecting them. I also find him and his daughter so cute
  8. I love both GTY's Nanny and ML's grandma. They're so cute. Ima be sad when the grandma is gone.. and i really hope nothing happens to the Nanny
  9. What was the conversation between GTY and his father about that GTY cried and got on his knees? 12 eps. 2 eps everyday and 1 ep on Friday and Saturday
  10. Can someone explain, after hes done with his mistress will he not have any women now? I just saw someone said somewhere else that after this mistress theres going to be his legitimate wife with her affair. Sorry guys pls help a sister out. A sister is confused haha