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  1. I find it hilarious, at KBS Drama Award 2017 they both attended the award BJH as presenter and PSJ was one of the winner and in 2018 PSJ as presenter and BJH win an award and she even mention her bf in her thanks speech And BJH current bf is one of PSJ best friend wow
  2. Even with those obvious dating pics like HB and SYJ their agencies still denying it, so we should have extra ordinary patient for PPC lol
  3. Family can be his fans too or his real family his mother and father, they really need him coz he's the oldest son Yes don't take it seriously
  4. idk that song is about adultery until you guys point it out, wonder is PMY choose this song because this song is technically challenging or because of the lyrics lol*just kidding guys don't take it too seriously*
  5. This thread moving so fast again, I like i So PMY new drama is confirmed, we just wait for official announcement, I'm curious who's the male lead