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  1. Did you mean this one?? Its not the real Dispatch acc, they're like roleplay acc of Dispatch lol
  2. Thank you so much Is Young Joon here is one of their friend or staff? or could it be Lee Young Joon lol Thank you so much for helping me
  3. I'm sorry if I asking too much but I really want to know, Can you help me translate this sentence @twoparkcouple I tried use naver translate but I can't 100% trust the result
  4. My favorite hair style, my favorite smile, my favorite actor, my favorite human being He is so so so handsome, my eyes have been blessed
  5. Finally we will see PSJ on TV again this May, thanks for the info @twoparkcouple
  6. Yea I feel it weird as well but I don't want too much about it I think so