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  1. We need PPC to have schedules or atleast an update from them to keep this thread alive
  2. Is our captain getting chubbier How can a person getting more handsome everyday
  3. Last year he did Midnight Runner promotion not shooting a movie like this year, promoting a movie is less busy than shooting for a movie, right??And one of the actor Ahn Sung Ki if I'm not wrong said that Saja filming until the end of this year
  4. Searching in Google that BTS and Gong Yoo won something from this award last year, maybe it's similar to AAA
  5. Is that a drama/movie award?? Never heard that before
  6. She didn't say sister in law, only sister, idk what happened with ig translate lol PSJ's stylist said she love PMY's stylist and PMY stylist replied I miss you, even their stylists are lovey dovey
  7. PMY is funny it means she was online a while ago, why you not post a pic? we miss you PMY
  8. What acc did she follow and unfollow?? She's so clumsy
  9. Oh my God I love this gif Young Jun jealous bulldozer reaction was cute
  10. I pray she will find Mr Right soon, or she already found him?
  11. Yes if they still avoiding attend same event in Korea, but one can only hope like last GDA he came(with HJE) as daesang presenter at the first day of GDA So she will turn 35 in 2020, we should wait little longer then
  12. Okay about this, I found something interesting yesterday If she said she wants to get married at 35, when is the due date then lol All credits to sugafull @twitter