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  1. Well, we know there's definitely a love connection between their stylists. Lol
  2. It might be a promo shot, or actually from a separate fashion pictorial of PSJ as the vice-president. What I'm wondering is why the IG poster tagged Park Hyunshik for this photo. Lol
  3. @quietobserverHis age is really irrelevant. He has the right to date or be in a relationship regardless of age, but simply for the fact that he's a normal human being. Such so-called-fans aren't true fans, are completely irrational, and are just delusional people who hide behind their keyboard. He's already shining as an actor, and has the depth of talent to play any character he takes on. He's been proving that repeatedly since his debut. His fearlessness in choosing roles, then completely embodying the characters he portrays is the reason why I respect him as an actor. And, clearly, he's a truly good man as well.
  4. One can drive from London to Paris for a night out or dinner, than back again the next day. People do it frequently, especially when they have a driver. His IG picture update shows him in Paris, I think, and he posted the French flag in his comment. Exactly. People do that drive frequently for a dinner. Lol.
  5. How do I nominate him? I went on that IG link and it just showed a million pictures, but I didn't see an option to nominate.
  6. A "better" question is, why did he only put the emoji of the British flag in the message section?
  7. They also use Google translation or Naver, both can make errors in connotation. Korean isn't easy to translate into English, especially if the original is written casually.
  8. Because her peers and available single men are celebrities and actors. Lol It's a tough life, but someone has to do it.
  9. The way he leans his body and his head toward her signify he's looking to her for support and comfort. At the same time, he leaves his arm there for her to touch when she needs support and comfort. When she speaks, he's closely attentive and even subtly protective. Her body language toward him, the repeated brushing of her arm against his, and the expression on her face show she's there for him, support, caring, and a comfortable level of intimacy, as well as looking for his strength and warmth for comfort. These two are clearly being supportive and protective of each other in this interview.
  10. Well, the director for "Midnight Runners" specifically wanted PSJ. Kang Haneul agreed to do the movie even PSJ was confirmed. Box office numbers proved he's very bankable. So haters can say what they want. His success and reputation among those in the film industry speak for themselves.
  11. Jo In Sung was on "Happy Together." He was humble, witty, and super sweet. And even better looking in casual clothes and a baseball cap. They called him out of the blue on air, and asked him to bring some random item (each host had a mission to try to get a famous friend to come over and bring some food or utensil.) He even helped the hosts in convincing other stars. He called SJK, and a couple others. Lol.
  12. In the case of PSJ, PMY didn't make him more famous. He's the one who helped her shine in WWWSK. When he took that role, he was already hugely popular in "FFMY", and he had been creating serious buzz since "A Witch's Romance." His acting in "Kill Me, Heal Me" was highly praised by both fans and entertainment critics. When he was given the lead in "She Was Pretty," he was already being called the "King of Rom-Coms." Critics also said he basically carried "Hwarang," making it more then an "idol drama." His fame, and his reputation as a great, and popular, actor was pretty much cemented after "Midnight Runners." So starring with PMY in WWWSK didn't really make him more famous. In my case, he actually made PMY more famous for many. Before, I had only seen her in SS, and I honestly didn't even know it's the same actress at first. Lol
  13. He's either setting a seat for someone who is to join them, or he's making room for his very long legs. Lol