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  1. Noooo!!! This can’t happen I’m to emotionally invested in HNHG relationship! They can’t breakup
  2. Ugh too much cuteness is killing me lol I watched the episode during my lunch break and I was squealing of all the HNHG scenes!!!! I looked like an idiot lmao I really hope they get married towards the end of the drama. That would be awesome. & here is to hoping the HN/SJ secret is revealed in the next couple of episodes. One more episode left before the weekend I only look forward to Monday’s because of this drama but I hate it cuz i have to go back to work lol counting the hours till the next episode.
  3. Lol I know!!!! Today is a holiday here in the US so I didn’t work but tomorrow imma be all giggly and my coworker will be like what’s wrong with you lol
  4. @mqiuwen thank you and I will trust me. None of my coworkers watch kdramas so I have no one to discuss this amazing drama sunny again tomorrow with. Thank you so much @spikeaso I will definitely be using that link ❤️ Thank you @dramaninja ❤️
  5. Hi!! Im new on this thread. I’ve only been an observant but I wanted to form part of this community im from the US so I have to wait till someone posts it on YouTube. I watch it twice when they upload it and later in the evening when they update it with the English subs. so I come on this thread to read what happens because I just can’t wait lol im so hooked on this drama thanks to my brother who came across it by accident on YouTube. Hope to be discussing along with you ☺️