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  1. Wow! Best of luck to you, really hope you will be able to be there! Fingers crossed!
  2. Thank you so much for posting the info! Do you also have a link to where the voting is? I have the Youku account, so I would like to give her my voice, because her video is truly amazing! UPD I actually found, how to do it! So, the main thing is that you have to have the Youku app installed on your mobile phone and you have to create an account. It's pretty easy, you just write you cell phone number here (don't forget to choose your country in the list, just find the right telephone code!), and push the button in the line under your number, they will send to you the verification code. After that you can follow the instruction given by AvenueX on her weibo here or paste 校园短视频大赛 in the search (the name of the competition, as far as I understood, I don't know Chinese at all). Then the page of competition will be open, and you will be able to open her video. The voting button is the purple one with a number!)
  3. That sounds interesting! Btw, where all this information about his official schedule could be found? I remember seeing some screenshots on weibo, but I have no idea where did it all come from...
  4. I will probably change a topic a little bit, but I am very curious about this video on bilibili (sorry, I don't know how to insert the video directly into the message, so I will put the link). It's a piece from Bai Yu live stream where he was playing the audio messages from ZYL that he sent to him) Can someone please tell what it's all about? I will be super grateful, cause now my curiosity won't let me calm down xD
  5. Oh wow, guys, so many awesome posts and so many new members here! Thanks a lot for the super cool atmosphere you all create in this thread
  6. Hehe, truly! I didn't check the first post for quite a long time, but it was great to find the video from "Run for time". I actually don't have any ideas about adding something to the first post, it's more than sufficient, you did a great job! ZYL hosting style is super cool, I would say
  7. Welcome! It seems there is a lot of us who became ZYL fans since Guardian, so god bless this drama one more time). He is an awesome actor, a real professional, and he was working so hard to reach this stage he is on now, so he deserves the best in this world. And wow, great, you are learning Chinese! Best of luck with your studies!
  8. And I will share some old stuff) I didn't see this video here, but if I missed it somehow, sorry for a sudden repeat. In 2016 ZYL took part in the Parrot Kitchen show where he was baking a galaxy mirror cake) Which reminds me a lot his like-galaxy looks, the old and the new ones English subtitles included https://youtu.be/SWBbB5cfGlk
  9. Hmm, I don't know about the Facebook account, I didn't try to find ZYL there, but I found some fan community pages. Probably it would be a good idea to kindly ask the international branch to post in English at least the most important info (as Google translate is very far from perfect). But I think if they will post anything about letters they will post the English translation as well I can write them a message a little bit later, just don't want to disturb them too often. They are very nice and reply quickly! It looks so sad... I really, really hope that ZYL will never ever feel like that. He deserves the best in this life. Thanks for the videos! Cute! I like ZYL smile sooo much, it's so gentle and a little bit timid Hope he will smile more and more every day!
  10. You are absolutely right. Some people just don't know where the boundary is. When I learned about these stalkers of ZYL I was naturally terrified, how sick and crazy people can possibly be I also think that it's definitely NOT okay, but unfortunately it happens to the celebrities all across the world, not only in China, because it's very hard to control. This is what I wanted to say when writing that it happens quite often, probably I wasn't completely clear that I'm not supporting this kind of behaviour no matter which excuses any people can invent.
  11. Poor Zhu-laoshi. But unfortunately it happens more or less to all the celebrities, can't be avoided. To talk about a little bit happier topic: there is now an overseas branch of ZYL official fan club on weibo (and I am absolutely IN LOVE with their logo!). I contacted them, and they told me about planning to organise for us fans outside China the greeting letters collection, so it can be transferred to Zhu-laoshi
  12. It's only my opinion, but you are absolutely not annoying in your wish to make all the little pieces of information clear. And you are completely right about the difference between allergy and intolerance. I can tell a little bit more about this enzyme and the problem related to it. The thing is that human beings have 2 different isoforms of ALDH (aldehyde dehydrogenase) in the liver which are located in different cell compartments: cytosol and mitochondria respectively. And for the alcohol metabolism to work normally we need both of them normally active. Unfortunately, around 50% of East Asians have only the active cytosol form, and the mitochondrial one is catalytically inactive due to the gene mutation (wrong amino acid residues in the catalytic site of the enzyme). And well, mitochondrial enzyme usually works the most. The final activity range depends on if the person is homo/heterozygous in ALDH genes, as the final active enzyme consists of 4 monomeric protein molecules. If the person has only 2, it will work, but very slowly and not efficiently. It's absolutely not surprising that a lot of people and even ZYL himself call the effects of acetaldehyde metabolism disfunction "allergy", because well... it really looks like that. For example, one of the symptoms among the deep facial flushing is urticaria: the condition when the skin is becoming red and itchy, and is covered by small rash bumps. And urticaria is a very common allergic reaction of insects bites, UV light, medical treatment etc. Same goes with respiratory problems (bronchoconstriction like in allergic asthma). So the symptoms are almost identical due to the release of histamine like in the case of allergy, but the mechanism of this reaction is different from the immune system hyperactivity when histamine is released due to the T-cells or Ig allergen-induced reactions. I'm very sorry for talking too much about medicine etc, the thing is that I have a degree in biochemistry, so this is more or less what I was doing at work for many years). Anyway, this story is just... awful. I feel so sorry for him that he had such a bad experience and probably even not once Health of the actors should be of the top priority! Especially when a lot of people are informed about this problem that ZYL has. And the reaction of the producer is absolutely terrible
  13. OMG this stalker thing sounds really awful. Especially this: I just really hope that ZYL agency and managers can protect him from all that. He has a right for privacy outside work as any person does!
  14. Hello to everyone in this thread! I am a very new person here, but I was reading your comments for quite a while and I just wanted to say that you are so awesome Thank you so, so much for all the interesting information you post here! A lot of love from the Russian fan of ZYL
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