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  1. @gumtaek Just needed a nick and it's right in front of my nose^^. I'm glad that I came to the right place with such quick reply. So thank you! @dahae2006 Great to hear that. Because of my current life situation, I can only afford to have a mini bucket drama list. Will go for Reply 1988 first, then I Remember You. Thanks you two! Bogum is lucky to have such amazing fans. I'll visit this thread from time to time <3
  2. Hello, a curious person here! So a friend of mine kept on mentioning Bogum's name and how he is her -future husband- and I got curious. Watched Moonlight Drawn By Clouds and while I genuinely not really into the drama (because it was simple and sometimes, predictable. I enjoy things when they are complicated), I actually like the casts. And Bogum's eyes, ahh, they tell stories. I looked around and I always read how Bogum was good in Reply 1988 and how the drama itself was good; so my question is, do I have to watch the whole Reply series, or I can just watch Reply 1988 by itself? Does it stand on its own or I gotta go through the whole thing to understand what's going on? Thanks in advance! I hope I can surprise my friend with my Bogum knowledge!
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