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  1. 4th, 8th and 9th are missing, presumbly died when they were young. Children mortality rate was high, even amongst the rich and powerful then. I'm more surprised so many of them survived to be honest, especially the ones before Ning Yi. It was war time which means chaos, which is not kids-friendly. For comparison, Kangxi Emperor's prince power struggle (most recently featured in BBJX) has 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 13th and 14th prince fighting for it. Kangxi had 24 princes at the time, I guess a lot of the younger ones didn't participate but still. You never see them in stories because they aren't relevant.
  2. iQiyi, one of the biggest streaming platform in China. It's still free too. (some videos on these streaming platforms are subscriptions only, some have few ep free and rest are subs, then there's some recent movies that you have to buy "ticket" for) It updated along with the TV version, DVD version updated at 4 episodes (compared to TV's 2) a day near the end because they cut so much. Starting from ep 1x, there were already lots of people on douban and weibo urging people to watch the DVD version. So anyone that super cared about it likely seen 70 episodes already. It finished broadcasting 2 days after Netflix started streaming, but there were people watching it well into October, likely picking it up during the weeklong National Day holidays in early Oct. The discussion died down in November but it still gets occasional new threads on douban, the fans would rewatch them and watch MVs and whatnot, also vote for them in various competitions. A lot of them also went to watch the OTP's previous works to try to get out of obsessive mode, to various degree of success.
  3. Tang dynasty is relatively modern compared to all the other dynasties, it had frequent interactions with foreigners and women had more power than any other time in Imperial China. After all, it's the dynasty Empress Wu Zetian came into power. In other dynasties, there's also been Empress Dowager who had de facto control over court for period of time, through puppet Emperor, but they all have very unique circumstances. The general rule is indeed the empress/consorts can't interfere with court, and it comes off very strange to the Chinese audience if they do, especially with this team and their focus. It's very clear they were aiming for realistic-ish story that could have happened in Imperial China, It's not that this story can't have an Empress that rule, the book did after all, but the book was also more fantasty than the drama is and was far more romantic focused and Zhiwei centric, it's just the story would had to be adapted by a different team. Which would mean different production values, focus, probably actors, so entirely different drama. The closest thing would be that Ning Yi ask for Zhiwei's opinion in private, but it'd still be more unrealistic than this drama's tone have been. Also it's just pretty unrealistic for them to rule together considering their family set up, officials would raise hell over this empress, and even disregarding that, I don't want Zhiwei to share her husband with other consorts! For them to reign over the empire together, it'd have to be the kind of drama where she would marry Ning Yi in the beginning, if that make sense? (Come, someone write that fanfic.)
  4. I just don't like SJA in the drama, which is a shame since I liked him in the book. RIP. The Spin-off have additional scenes they cut from the drama too, I believe.
  5. Yeah it comes off little strange, but I think Crown Prince is married at least, it's just we are never shown or told about them because they aren't relevant to the story. Consort Chang tries to get Ning Sheng a wife on Emperor's birthday (yknow, when Zhiwei was in her ugly getup), presumbly to gather up more allies. No one mentions Crown Prince, ok, Ning Yan was dead I suppose. BUT she also previously mentioned giving makeup or something to his wife, so she must have died between then and now. (or it's a plot hole. either way, Ning Sheng had a wife at some point) Under normal circumstances, Ning Yi should have some consort or something at the very least. He only sort of gets away with it because you can handwave he was in prison since he was 18. He shouldn't have been able to escape marriage after that. They should all be married once they hit 20 (coming of age for men). Only Ning Ji gets away with it because he's still a teenager. I DO want to know where Crown Prince's kids are though. You can't possibly tell me he's 30 or smth and a Crown Prince and his kids doesn't show up to Emperor's birthday. Anyways the drama works with modern ages a lot, everything is weird when you work with ancient times age.
  6. https://baike.baidu.com/item/那座城这家人/22381799 this drama. The last drama aired from Nov 5 till Dec 1 and have 45 episode. Assuming the same schedule, this drama only has one episode less, it'll finish on 29th or thereabout. This is from baidu baike: 2018-08-14:天盛长歌「陈坤,倪妮,赵立新,倪大红,袁弘,白敬亭」tRoP 56 episodes. 2018-09-17:凉生,我们可不可以不忧伤「钟汉良,马天宇,孙怡,于朦胧」Liangsheng. Moved to 10pm slot. 2018-09-28:你迟到的许多年「黄晓明,殷桃,秦海璐,曹炳琨,范志博」54 episodes 2018-11-05:风再起时「陆毅,袁泉,朱雨辰,徐洪浩,王维维,韩童生」45 episodes 2018-12-02:那座城这家人「马元,童蕾,萨日娜,李建义,吴迪,张雅蓓」44 episodes.
  7. Oh yeah that's totally fair. I think I like the trait largely because Cheng Zheng is close to a perfect male lead, and the reason I liked the book was that his flaw was very apparent and serious enough to break relationships. I'm watching this hilariously slowly. Finding the office plot uninteresting oops. But it's nice there's finally fluff! I love Zhang Yue but I don't want to ever want to see Shen Ju An again, such a dilemma. About the book. Oh yeah, if you like the child actors or just like the highschool bits because it's super cute, I think they have a mini series under 少年番外.
  8. That's a Tianmao/taobao shop that's doing collab with the drama's opening date. Hunan TV's primetime slot just started a new drama 3 days ago and should finish in a month time (or like 29th or smth). I think the best slot would be Feburary when Chinese New Years hits. but January isn't too bad either, it's just bunch of people might not be bothered to catch up on 40 episodes but eh.
  9. WIth Ning Chuan and keeping their secret, from her pov it'd be freeing them for his own agenda, which she doesn't know about. There's no reason to suspect at the time that Ning Yi likes Zhiwei (it's debatable from audience point of view that he likes her romantically at that point. He's interested in her, I'm still not sure about like). For the death sentence, yeah she might have turned blind eye to that, because what else was she suppose to do? He represent the family that destroyed her kingdom and her family. Even if there's feelings between her daughter and this prince, who's to say how much of it is real and how much of it is manipulation or with an agenda? I think even when she wanted to let Zhiwei do what she does, it doesn't include getting involved with Ning Yi in anyway because it's antithesis of what she believed in her entire life. Maybe if they had 10, 20 years, she would change. Yep! and he's only mentioned twice I think?
  10. I'm only on ep 22 but I like Cheng Zheng is clingy, it's part of his character, it make sense because she was very timid and didn't speak up about her feelings much, and he could never quite tell if she actually liked him. I actually wished they didn't tone down his immaturity. The story is about both of them having to grow and learn and struggle to make things work after all. I like the added Yu Hua scenes though, she's fantastic. I love Zhou Zi Yi too. It was easier to like Su Yun Ji in the book because you get her thoughts and it's from her pov. I'm struggling a little for the drama. I like her when it's not OTP related. I like young!SYJ though, but it might be because I like Li Lan Di.
  11. It's based on the novel. Almost chapter to chapter I think? (judging by the chapter title anyways, I only skimmed the first chapter) It just started though and it's weekly updates, so it's going to take years to finish. The electronic version is the original version, it was posted as a web novel online, they even ported over all the announcements about her various books being published at the end XD If you are wondering why the chapters are so short in the beginning, I think it's because they were free chapters. The chapters gets longer and longer. It's only missing the extra/epilogue chapters. Someone is doing weekly partial translation of the novel (that skip a lot of description stuff) on tumblr iirc? EDIT: wait wait manhua, how is it Changxi 14th year? does this mean she's 17 in the manhua? I guess that make sense?? why not make her 18 though? (The book spans from Changxi 12th winter to Fengxiang 5th. The Emperor died in Changxi 20th year, Changxi is emperor's name, as in Changxi emperor, not Ning Changxi, he doesn't get a name in the novel...I think? It's used as calender years too.) Ok I got curious and read the manhua. It has a flashback of 16 years ago. So she's 17, when babies were born in Ancient China, they are 1 years old, then they age when it hits Chinese New Years. so if you were born in December, congrats, you are 2 years old when it hits January. I actually forgot babies were born as 1 year old for a bit because modern China doesn't do it anymore (Korea does though iirc) and I was like ?___? also she became imperial advisor really fast, it'd have to be before CNY? but I thought she was there for several months at least? that's a really long winter.
  12. Both of those are from the novels, the second is little debatable, but the information is from Gu Nanyi who got the information from Zong Chen. From the last chapter of the novel
  13. He's Gu Yan's son in the novel but they aren't related in the drama. At the beginning of episode 23, Gu Yan was kneeling in front of his wife and child's plague, I think, so they have no relations in the drama. It's just a shared last name, Gu isn't super unusual. I don't remember him having the same birth mark? Both faked, and used as "evidence" when discovered. As for why a prince, because it's easier to hide a child when you misgender them, also because a prince is easier to gather remnants as hope to restore the lost kingdom, than a princess. No one knows what happened that night. Ning Yi could have helped Crown Prince killed Gu Heng. The audience knows he didn't, but Qiu Mingying doesn't. Ning Yi did solicited Gu Yan to be a traitor, however. Marriage is between two families, especially in those times and especially if it's to royal family. Considering Zhiwei's identity, there's high chance that she'd end up unhappy or dead. Ning Yi at the time was an unfavoured prince who just got released from prison with very little power, who may get pulled into power struggle that usually end up with him and families tied to him died, which even under other circumstances isn't a great match. I'm not sure if Qiu Mingying knows Ning Yi saved Zhiwei afterwards? It's very unclear how good the information network Zong Chen had access to, and even if he had good amount of info, it doesn't necessarily means Mama Qiu gets in the know, so I wouldn't call her ungrateful at all. She's just working with very different set of information and values. Zhiwei doesn't like Helian Zheng romantically, he knows that, it's made clear repeatedly. They married because there wasn't any other choice presented to her. Ning Yan died. Ning Chuan was stripped his Crown Prince title, imprisoned then died. Ning Qi was imprisoned and went crazy. Ning Sheng was stripped his prince position (making him a commoner and can't be buried in the royal tombs or recorded as a prince) and imprisoned. He almost got killed but both Ning Qi and Shaoning begged to keep him alive AND his mother requested to die in his place. That's not lenient at all. I think he might have requested a place to study buddhism and that's where he stays, it could be a very nice prison too. Narrative-wise, he's mostly let out to round off a plot thread and up Ning Qi's kill count I guess? Ning Qi's last scene looks like House of Lanxiang, idk what's up with that, but it's not as desolate as where Ning Chuan was staying. Ning Yi kept his Prince of Chu title while imprisoned. (I still have no idea how he kept that...it should have been stripped.. )
  14. All else being equal, yeah birth order matters even if you are a consort's kid. It's usually little tricky if 1st prince is consort's, 2nd is Empress, then it'll depend on what rank the consort is (she could just be a maid/servant too), which is partially tied to which family or faction is behind the mother, and probably how well the child does. Empress' child usually trump everyone else's unless they screw up badly, or someone else is notably super brilliant or it's times of turmoil etc. Feng Hao was more like a 18 year old I think, just didn't care about going to school and do lot of dumb richard simmons. (Ok 18 in the modern sense) Zhiwei was also older, so she would have had more responsibility andgirls are generally presumed to be more mature as a teen and sensible too. But yeah they could have emphasised more on why he's the way he is. He has some pretty adorable and heartfelt scenes in the drama though, lot more likeable compared to the novel. Same with their cousin Qiu Yuluo. hahahaha He's the co-director of the drama. His wife is in there too, I think it was Ning Qi's wife...? It was either her or his mum (either way, the other is another production member's wife) He broke his leg early in the production, so they just worked it into the scenes. He actually majored in acting in late 90s but that didn't seem to help here. Everyone's been suspecting they ran out of money/time to hire an actor tbh, and along with the comparatively shoddy script (I know it's edited badly too) builds up to this theory that they rewrote the ending arcs on the fly very late into the drama. but who knows. Scriptwriter say it's her fault in an FAQ posted around when it hit Netflix, but she doesn't elaborate further. That said, I don't think they diluted the story so much as they didn't smooth him into the other bits of the drama. If there was more of mentions of him, or he cameo'ed in earlier scenes, or helped in Ning Sheng's scheme, whatever, it would have transitioned the last arc better. They needed to round up the Bloody Pagoda/Dacheng remnants, and throughout the drama, you don't see them do anything. There's been people questioning how they could do anything with so little people. Turns out they did have more people, you just never see them. In the novel, they were convenient plot device for intel gathering + creating chaos + bodyguards, I know they took it out because it's unrealistic, but they wiped it way too clean. I guess in story reason is, 4th Prince had all that instead but he was subjugated and lost the hope and will to restore the kingdom, and turned to revenge instead. Plausible story but badly executed. Actually, on top of Zhiwei's tendency to blame herself, if her being lied to, first about her being a Princess, second, about her being an only hope or whatever, it might help smooth the ending too. Ahhh wait, I think this was novel logic, where she spent all of the book being taken care of and working with these people, and she worked really hard to create a place for them, and was set up to do so. Anyways I'll stop rambling about the novel since very different characterisations and dynamics there, romantic or familial wise.
  15. No, Gu Heng was like head of Secret Guards which was named Bloody Pagoda. Gu Yan, his brother was also part of that as well betrayed them, and end up working as Jinyu Guard for 18 years. The Dacheng emperor only appears in a flash in the drama in episode 1, Zhiwei and 4th prince probably had different mothers. Yue Ling's dad is a friend + colleague of Gu Heng, named San Hu (third tiger), he's mentioned like once in the drama because they cut out too much at the end, when 4th prince was about to die. But he's mentioned probably 3 times in the novel so. (prologue, Yue Ling backstory, ending) EDIT: I thought this was an edit instead new post. rip. darn quotes.