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  1. Sex is rarely shown on Chinese TV. I think it was implied in that scene since they seem sort of content after passage of time shot. But it's debateable. As for Helian Zheng, she volunteered to lead the army for him partially to avoid consummating their marriage, I'm pretty sure (The Queen tried to pressure her for babies before she got married and she looked pretty uncomfortable.) There wasn't enough time (or room in her heart) for their relationship to grow, and Helian Zheng didn't want to pressure her. Until she tried to leave, at which point he was just angry and frustrated and trying to get her to stay. Unlikely, because the story looks pretty done, and the team don't seem the type to milk the story. Unless it's just a vastly different one, but it didn't do well commercially so uh. The OTP could potentially work together in a different project since they seems to get along really well. Ni ni could use the help. There's lots of rumours about his sexuality and who knows? Does it matter? He self admitted is pretty bad at English, but I presume he knows simple stuff to get by since his kid study in NA.
  2. I thought only Crown Prince beats servants, Ning Yan (5th prince) likes to get foot massage or something, I can't remember what Ning Sheng's shtick was. The latter aren't as nice to their servants, but I don't think they were abusive unless they did so in fits of anger? As for coercing Zhiwei, I interpret that scene differently. I thought it as him angrily lashing out as a half mock request. He was genuinely surprised when she said yes, then he got angry that she was using their relationship as bargaining chip and pushed her onto the bed (which have been mentioned is rough), and then we zoomed out. I don't think Zhiwei agreed under duress (she said she needed it as excuse to say yes), though that doesn't mean Ning Yi wasn't aggressive of course. I guess my point is Zhiwei was on level play field with Ning Yi in that scene? He said those things before he met Zhangsun Hong, he said it to Zhiwei when she wanted to go back to Tiansheng. (ep 65) He was idealistic and thought he could make her happy, but after they got married, she left the country just to avoid sleeping with him/being with him. (and also to fight a war to stablise his position but she wasn't the best candidate for it, let's be real) So, I think his entitlement just exploded in his desperation of holding onto her. The only thing he has of her is they are technically married, but that doesn't mean anything if she just leaves and go back to Ning Yi. I'm not sure if Jinshi is more egalitarian tbh, it might just manifest in different ways, we saw relatively little of Jinshi after all. (maybe they could fight in wars but still had to obey their husband?) I do think the last ep broke his character though because that was an incredibly stupid plot and why would he even risk Zhiwei's life? I'm incredibly annoyed about it and wished they gave him a better ending. He could have considered the dumb scheme but backed out and died anyways, and it would have kept his character. She was mourning for lost loved ones and lost romance in Jinshi, but she was pretty bold in the very brief Dayue arc. I know she's like confused half the time, but she was bold when she was clearheaded. The last 7 episodes though ahahhaha, I got through by focusing on acting and individual segment. Zhangsun Hong was basically last straw that broke the camel than her having actual feelings for him or the remnants. Although I do think she feels more than what the audience feel, last blood relative + only remaining royal blood is profoundly tragic in a fleeting way? I don't know how to describe this. For remnants, it's of course responsibility. Wait wait, there was the emperor too, but that was notably dubbed over, I want to know what he actually said to her before! As is, it's more pseudo-parallels that barely make sense and furthering her guilt. Her suicide for me made sense because: 1. depression like you said, she felt responsible for every single death that she had connection to, even if she didn't cause them. 2. her identity is a huge, huge weakness to Ning Yi. People can use it to attack him (he's connected to old dynasty? or try to kill Zhiwei, in secret maybe, because of who she is? or even if not, it'd be difficult for her to marry him. Not to mention the whole Queen of Jinshi thing, even if it's relatively minor in comparison.) It's not just out of love too, she believes he can achieve their ambition, but she's in the way. (again, she interalise problems) 3. even if they married, I don't think she'd be happy in palace because typically empress can't interfere with court, especially one with yknow, her identity. Ning Yi can certainly consult her in private, but it'd be a shame. There's also the whole sharing her husband with other women thing, since Ning Yi will need them for a) more chance of sons who will survive b) control the court, he'll marry daughters of powerful government official to ensure loyalty/establish closeness. 4. Ning Yi seem like the kind of person who will try find her even if she fakes her death, since she's the only person he's close with who's left. Of course, they totally could have planned it more. I want those scenes they shown in the documentary!! I think that explains their thought process/feelings which would at least give closure. (please watch the documentaries on youtube if you haven't! They are in either Ning Yi's or Zhiwei's, also it's just good documentary.) I totally get if suicide seems OOC to you though, since others have said so before too. (I will take her faking death and just staying away though.) Agreed on Hua Qiong's death and lack of closure there. I really think she had a different ending initially? it's like they just needed her out of the picture but didn't know how? (sort of like how Yan Huaishi just dropped off face of the earth without a mention and you are just meant to extrapolate that he stayed behind in Minhai for some reason) She had better fate in the books though. I agree it seems off. In-universe explanation for Jinshi is they are all fairly straightforward, so there's not much political scheming. Out-of-universe explanation is the writers had to avoid Jinshi because it involves minorities and that's a touchy subject for SARFT (the gov agency that all media broadcasted in China have to go through). Dayue is odd, I think it's meant to show Zhiwei's feelings towards Ning Yi? (since she rejected him and she buried her feelings so deeply they only surface when she's not herself.) Also to get yet another foil for Ning Yi. It would have been more interesting if they struggled more with Prince of An? OH It's also another collaborative effort to get them out of trouble, while Zhiwei isn't particularly lucid. But yeah I think they cut a bit here too, and the way they do it does seem pretty convoluted. I can't believe I think the book's way was less awkward, though that had more time to develop (and you get to see Zhiwei trying to get herself out of trouble, which is fun). *complains loudly about missing Zhiwei scheming time* Personally I think they could have just deleted the arcs =w= They are meant to be foreshadowing for all three countries becoming one under Ning Yi's reign, but he never gets there, and he doesn't even get alliances out of them. As a comparison, in the book, Zhiwei gets Jinshi and Dayue as allies. Former cos they are friends, latter cos she helped him get the throne and he admires her ability. The latter is kind of flimsy but there was a peace treaty for x number of years with Tiansheng (? iirc), while he's busy grabbing for the throne, and he does help her later.
  3. Jiang Nan (the author) essentially abandoned Novoland though so uhhh lol. The pseudo sequel was serialised on a magazine (one of the official novoland magazine, 2008~11, after the original creators of Novoland had a massive falling out) and....never completed. He keeps saying he'll release it completed but then never do LOL. The other novoland series were written by different authors so they are of varying quality and focus, and since the world itself is pretty big and spans vast amount of time, connections are flimsy at best.
  4. They were filming for ages, Song Zu'er seems to indicate 9 months? which is a lot. So they likely extended the episode cut after they finished filming and editing it. SARFT would never extend your dramas for you, it's investors who do. But yeah, this series have 6 books compared to Tribes and Empire's 1, so there's plenty of source material to draw from, just a matter of how you adapt it. Side note, Ever Night is 3 times as long as Eagle Eye (380mil characters vs 124mil), so the decision to do 3 season split is pretty wise.
  5. Back with more MV, remember to slide the blue button to turn comments off. Novel ending MV. P2 is married life. Tiansheng boyband Ning Yi and Zhiwei looking for each other through multiple lives P2 is minor edit of P1, I linked P2 I think. Eng subbed! Happy ending! unsubbed but the gist is Ning Yi ask for permission to marry Zhiwei after Minhai. idk if subs are necessary.
  6. Part two haven't been filmed yet. Wang Kai just started filming for another drama 孤城闭 with Minglan's director Zhang Kaizhou, it's a historical so I'll just assume 50 episodes and min 4 months filming, which with half a month (?) break for CNY means fastest he'll leave it would be June. I guess they can film other protagonists' bits first? Yang Xun should have bigger role in 90s when sole trader takes off? Part 1's filming was from Feb till June so uhh this is going to take a while. Kong Sheng, the director looks like he's co-directing with Passse Mu (newbie director for the spectacular underrated gem Madhouse last year. no subs though I think ): ) and they are looking to start in March so uh. Maybe Li Xue (Disguiser, Surgeons, Co-director for NiF and Wenzhou Family etc) will do it? Oh wait, hang on, this has a co-director Huang Wei, who's new to Daylight family but previously did photography for lots of other dramas. I found some articles that indicate he'll take over for the sequel. Hope it'll go well. Anyways, onto the actual drama. I'm happy it end up growing on me more than I expected! I thought I was going to leave it with "good drama but I wasn't into it", but I end up caring about most of the characters even if they all frustrated me at some point. I liked that all three protagonists' personality were both helpful and harmful, depending on the circumstances. My favourite character is probably Old Shui, what a complicated character. He's willing to learn, nice to Yunhui but can be stern to him when he thinks YH is out of his depth, sly so he's not helping YH just out of goodness of his heart. Last time I liked similar character was tRoP's Emperor, keep them coming, cdramas. I was so sure they would end up in 90s because how rapidly the last 10 episodes keep skipping around time, but no. They mention in the last episode it's 88, are you sure drama? Da Xun should have been gone around 83 and it's been 5 years, so did the last few episodes all happen in 88? The baby grew a little fast too. Bang, pregnant. bang, she's born? bang, she can walk (8 months?), oh now she's a toddler? I'm too lazy to attempt doing a timeline for the drama to check it though. @zenya22 I think Yu Shanqing is actually great at his position so Shui is A+ manager. YSQ is well rounded and extremely good when it comes to socialising, which is essential in domestic sales, everything revolves around being socialable and talking up your product (Yang Xun is similar which is why he works well doing what he does). Song Yunhui is very straightlaced and no non sense, so he'll do okay exporting because foreigners are more straightforward or in a technical position where he doesn't have to interact with other people. He's been very lucky to have managers who appreciate what he could do, because honestly, he's super bad with managing his relationship with coworkers. @raziela I'm an avid Daylight fan that I'll try their dramas even if they aren't my genre. They keep doing new genre anyways, so even if I like something, I can't find something similar unless there's a sequel, but even sequels are different LOL.
  7. On TV ratings, Minglan is sitting at no.5 because Like a Flowing River is broadcasting on two channels, 1.2 or 1.1 on one, and 1.0 and 0.9 on another. Minglan's 0.6 opening and holding steady 0.7 is ok since this is still near the beginning. Other dramas that doesn't have promotion or hot searches but do better because they are the kind of dramas that older people watch, yknow, parents and grandparents. Younger generation tend to watch online, and some of Hunan's core audience are in school at the moment. 0.7 is okay (but not well) for Hunan in '18, you can't compare it to JoF and PA because TV ratings as a whole have been super down the whole year, even disregarding the genre difference. I think no.1 never broke 1.5 and was around 1.3? Ashes of Love was one of THE hit dramas of the year which would be more comparable to JoF, highest rating was like 1.2. I think Hunan's top drama was Negotiator and it was 1.1? Feel free to correct me on details since this is all from memory.
  8. Watch the first 50? or 55, depending how depressing you want to get. They are okay stopping points I think.
  9. The Disguiser is unfortunately the less cheerleading ones amongst its type of drama. I think that one largely excelled in using family angle and side flipping. Most dramas avoid positive or nuanced portrayal of KMT on the whole, Battle of Changsha did okay with it I guess? But that's a pretty different drama. To my knowledge, the book this drama is based on is fairly historically accurate and the characters are all pretty flawed. (I've never read it though!) The drama changed some of it, made some characters more likeable but still flawed, so props to them. The three protagonists (I know it looks like two..) give glimpse of government owned enterprise, collective owned enterprise (?) and sole trader, three very different model of business that went through lot of changes and resistance during the period. Regarding how the drama was made like this, it's specifically made, somewhat rushed too (fair amount of plot from third protag's is cut), broadcasted before year end to celebrate 40 years of economic reform, so it comes with strong government approval. Like all these meetings and official media discussing and openly praising it kind of approval. You know, now I'm wondering how many more departments besides SARFT it had to go through to be aired. (Court dramas had to be reviewed by court and police dramas have to be reviewed by police to ensure some things aren't too detailed and there's no loophole being talked about, or anything that might elicit copycat crimes etc) Anyways, note that the central government were usually in favour of whatever the protagonists were doing or planning to do, it's just regional government and other people who are resistant to the change. Regardless of whether it's thinly veiled propoganda (I can't tell tbh, I think I have very different standards for them), there's enough clashing of ideas that it's not one side singing praise which is good enough for me. About it blowing up, It's topping rating chart with it broadcasting on two channels (Beijing TV is killing it this year) and topped the year end rating chart on douban. Good job Daylight, they truly know how to promote and produce serious dramas for both young AND old. The closest drama as comparison is probably In the Name of People? 人民的名义? But I haven't actually seen that so this is very much a "serious drama (non idol, non fantasy, non] school) that was financially and critically successful" comparison.
  10. I think this specifically covers 1978-1988. Song Yunhui was reciting a paper from 1977 that published "late last year". Also because the book was written 10yrs ago about 30 years of economic reform (?). The Song family's story is toned down because they weren't the biggest targets of cultural revolution. Yunhui in general got pretty lucky with his local gov official too. We are on uhh 85? now. (around episode 35) There's a sequel that's not filmed yet, not sure if it'll cover 10 or 20 years. mhm. It's keeping my attention more than Wenzhou Family anyways. It helps there's multiple protagonists with varying values and personality, and they are flying through the years so you see very rapid progression when a character decide to do something.
  11. At the moment, there should be no difference between the two, but Hunan TV sometimes cut scenes or rearrange them. The episodes have uneven timing because on weekends, they get 20 or 30mins episodes to make way for variety show that air that day. I don't think they will cut a lot for a ZLY drama since she tends to bring in lot of viewers. The DVD version is the "uncut" version, the one that was intially passed, and one that gets shown oversea...I think (?). 8.2 on douban is pretty good start, ZLY + Daylight + book fans should bring in fair amount of ratings and word of mouth, as long as they keep up the good adaptation, which they shooould.
  12. I was right, this genre is so not for me. I'm watching it as a way to get to know 80s more and I trust Daylight. The characters are all pretty well written and grow fairly organically. Pingping is probably my favourite character, I love her relationship with everyone and how she guides her brother and husband. Yknow what, I like the other (so far very minor) female characters too, the male characters have very noticeable faults that mean I have a love-hate relationship with them, even when they are very charming.
  13. skibbies

    [Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] Legend of Fuyao 扶摇

    @Di~ My general opinion is from weibo comments and random article comments, which may or may not include Yang Mi's antis, random people who might just know her name, people who think she can't act, people who just like her face, her fans etc. There are lots of people who believe he cheated too, because they haven't heard of the divorce rumour or seen (or believe) the debunk, which is totally fair. I've seen rumours they their marriage themselves was part of a contract, which sounds ridiculous, but it's a thing so that's one reason for divorce. There's also mentions of her being close with LYF (implicitly implying an affair). I've already mentioned that the video wasn't the cause because the rumour was they already divorce when it happened, thus it's not an affair. What really happened? I don't know. regardless now that they are divorced, I hope she is well. I don't have proof because again, these are general impressions, I made the assessment that it might be just a small mistake or whatever that get blown out of proportion, and I actually can't tell what is true because fandom (and entertainment industry) is very very messy, that I choose to stay away from it.
  14. skibbies

    [Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] Legend of Fuyao 扶摇

    The story is that they already divorced by then, just not didn't announce it. The video was edited (so that it looked like no one else was present? idk), the paparazzi who released it said he wanted them to admit they already divorced. Just because you don't follow the guy doesn't mean he never appeared in public again, come on. I'm not sure if the story is real, but what you said is just very small part of this giant gossip hill. It's also not just his fans that say it, it's general opinion, Yang Mi have a loooot of negative press on c!net, it's partially how they use media to create buzz, partially because she's a woman but also probably partially because there's small truths amongst the negative press (that likely blow things out of portion but still).
  15. skibbies

    [Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] Legend of Fuyao 扶摇

    The affair thing was photoshopped iirc? Their kid are usually in paternal grandparents' care.