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  1. Thank you guyss it is very interesting to read you points then I think I will watch CoN laaaater, not a right time to watch that heavy @bedifferent @Dhakra @staygold -2
  2. I just about to starting Children of Nobody.. How it goes are you recommend it guys?? @Dhakra @bedifferent @staygold -2
  3. Tonight I wanna gather prayers.. Till today my brother almost fainted every day. For some hours I think it's just too hard for him these days. On first week of January he can fainted about 3-5 times a day, today about once.. May God give him mercy force to be stronger -2
  4. Sorry to quote pict mods :v I think that's a really good expression, kinda soooo tired but anywayyyyy she is beautiful even not mingkem!! Eat ramyeon with meee @sushilicious -2
  5. Sometimes I wonder.. If people are seeing the same colors with me or not.. Or colors are perspective? That's killing me to think about that when I'm editing or coloring something Same with feeling, to you. Do you feel the same? Heheheh.
  6. @cenching discharged from ICU I guess he is in hard times, thank you as always for the prayers! @staygold delivered! -2
  7. @dotonly hi, both of us still patient in this room.. I'm not needing the bed rest anymore but I think it's good to be beside my brother for this long The new variation of reactions is cool @lynne22 love it time precisely, should came before MotA finale -2
  8. you just speaking out my mind, thought it was faceless with flower and fruit crown.. Should I use more eyeglasses? -2
  9. Last comment I think about the story technically - lead female character: start strong, a fighter, then turn to support then to crybaby ash. Male-centric story indeed. But what I like here, lead male character makes viewers reset their mind about 'normal' male character in Kdrama which I think so far will 90% chooses love to his woman over anything. Jinwoo proves that a man has a shoulder that carry many things (responsibility, a lover, a friend, an ambition, a hero, etc) not just a lover. - what I'm sick about the story is, it is still a super fresh idea in overall but wow the hollows of the mysteries are just left there. Brutally. It becomes many non senses (the worst). The consistency of the story world. What about the other bugs? Marco? How Sejoo not a bug? Or it is just all around Zinu's bugs? Why should Jinwoo best friend too, is the bug simply because allied? Then Zinu (master) alive in the game? Till a new master appeared and completed the quest? Is Hejoo linked to Emma anyway so the game resetted? Will there be another bug and it crumbles one more time? Woah. I'm the dumb one to still hope for character justice anyway. Just God that can give justice, ok - truth is the magic that change the world not the technology. At the end that was written as goodbye sentence of this show. Ok I got it writer, so the main idea is the writer wants to viewers see the totally 'real' world, the cold and mean world where she wants to wake up people from the tech madness by fantasy and magic in MotA. Truth, betrayal, sacrifice, hope and believe. Once again I'm the dumb one to still hope for a normal story would fix it all and give the happiness to our heroine after feeling it strongly since ep. 8 I guess.. Hehe <( '3')/| | Hmmm.. ^^ My feelings that bursting right now is.. After all this is a memorable journey to me that I'm one of still like to choose drama with theme like this, not a love-centric one. But I'm not going to say I love how the story going, it's kinda screwed and I would say totally I watched this to the finale and try to sweep all the story hollows because amazing act by our two leads Hyunbin and Park Shinhye. I thirst them. I did really enjoy this show. They killed it! The feelings, body languange are delivered really daebak. I will have eyes on them start from this project Hyunbin ahjushi take meeeee to your instance dungeon @stargazer187 yepppp let's use the red reaction in other side of thread huahuahuahua
  10. I just found the reaction for post is added more. What a right time to applicate for this drama thread lol.. I will backread what I left before I logged out right after the finale
  11. Nooo don't make it detail sushieee we will become more impureee @sushilicious 134 Gnight chingus.. <3
  12. Looool I'm so bad. My eyes still hurting till now because that, I'm pure with a bit unicorn impurity I guess @Dhakra @sushilicious 130
  13. I think so.. And imagining about HJ become master and someone save him and then he is back just like SJ.. But it's really a long torturing way! Haha but yeah after no debug game, maybe it will just so easy breezy lemon squeezy;) Yashh all and all it's very fun to watch this together, the feeling to exchanging post together is something definitely not traumatic, I have very good time with you all thank you so much{} Go to sleep gnight.. Will be back with Jinwoo fmv or JinwooxHejoo in this show to vent this out because they are just too precious! Wish you guys will check out in my channel soon<3
  14. @sushilicious well at least it's better from previous unicorn pict that I googled lol -2
  15. I lost the count.. Cant even concentrate with simple math lol @dotonly help, I think your asking number in prev page you are 148 if you are in team add, 144 if subtract -2
  16. Yeah.. Sadly for me, the saddest thing is not why dont they are have kissing time, hugging time or more intimate chemistry scene again, but to think what happened to JW exactly, how vague about hope to JW is he still in real life world or not to reach his gf becoming third wifey.. Will they just reuniting in the game? Really? After all JW aching and sacrificing life? I hope the translation give smth.. For me, this way just too dark for now wkwkw
  17. @sushilicious its MotA sushie.. I need to vent this out by making fanvid of Hyunbin or Hyunbin x Shinhye in there gosh too precious to be wasted haha xD -2
  18. I need beautiful, happy unicorn lalaland now after watching live for the first time experience how a drama end lols -2 (what is the number? Prev. page says nothing huahaha)
  19. nah the crazy is.. I mean, the writer SJJ, she wants us to see her perspective of this too real crazy world? Yeah the world maybe that mean, like the company, the Jone company is really crazy I think to still launch the game after what happened to JW sacrifices etc, the world is that bitter. That's why we watch drama, at least it doesn't in drama lol
  20. dont say this is prequel to W, he will be the next faceless man shooting there and there lol wkwk saddddd
  21. after watching this scene again and again (the ending)... I conclude.. He is become Emmo with a gun not a guitar (peacekeeper) or still a gamer, why still gaming tho when your third wifey become is there gahhhh I feel so dumbb T~T this is very traumatic first experience watching live how a drama end T~T thanks for all here.. It's fun to vent this all together here.. Gnight and hope this nightmare vanish like the ash magically, too magically..
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