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  1. it's Kim Jaewook I think, the waffle man from Coffee Prince and Voice drama. I just know about the news from YouTube, he will be paired with PMY for romcom drama A Closet?? I'm excited too about it!!! Duh I just know he has that dark aura of sarcasm but so fun!! xD -2
  2. Huahahahaha lol that describe how corrrrabsted are us @dramaobsessed thanks for taging me! Now I'm gonna open the first page to know about this drama how is the first week of this drama so far?
  3. 522 Discharged weheee it's time to my bro rest properly without those crazy nursess xD We are eating chicken noodles now
  4. Just start this show heol.. I'm regretting not to watch earlier, this gonna be superrrr :")
  5. Will be a Kingdom night @sushilicious 526
  6. Suddenly I need cold shower too.. #differenthabit 524
  7. @Dhakra hope this will be good, must be 520 corrected
  8. @Sejabin the most of it: we talked and he said "this is starting creepy I remember when one of them checked my lungs weekly, it just quite long and weird" but glad he laughed about my reaction tho Anyway bye to those witches, today we will be discharged 518
  9. Ikr?!! @Sejabin he annoyed too 516
  10. @Dhakra brofist???! Nooooo but he is laughing today a bit when we talked about it (thankful!) yeah.. As long as they didn't inject some poison.. Haha 516
  11. I'm still asking the same question to myself: really? but as I'm in the same room, I can answer the questions besides it. In this department of rooms, some nurses are really senior (maybe above 40 years) then some in the middle (30s) and the younger (20s) maybe just 5 person. There are some beautiful nurses in middle and younger, in my perspective 4 person of them. 2 of that beautiful nurses are coming daily to our room.. So the story that surprised me is one of this young nurse (quite beautiful, but standard not in that 4 beautiful nurses I said) came to inject new infus to him and I caught her checking my bro arms just too long. Gosh what the heckkk, like she is scanning his muscle LoL it's quite not professional thing to do I think, so I came later to the nurses desk in our floor and then caught something unpro again, they are talking about him, about it too. Goshhh so they are sharing it?!? Crazy witchesss 516 (hope my math result is good wkwk)
  12. Stubborness: heckkk with all the in news reality, maybe bye to BinHye already but I still ship JinwooxHejoo WooJoo.. I thirst their act Credit: humblemagic @tumblr
  13. @sushilicious haha thankss. I just.. Hemmm let me see is he really handsome???? I still have to check it lol. But yeah.. I should be really thankful so I'm fighting to do the same thing.. And here comes the money thing starts creeping out.. 508
  14. I drinkkkk a lottttt these daysss~ ahhh I'm still can't understand your reference so I googled it and it is The Guest @sushilicious I hope you answer the question above though, curious about other opinions!! Suddenly I feel I'm not drinking enough xD Why you are confused @Dhakra xD so the story is.. I just realize the nurses here is fanning him looool #jealouslilsister 508
  15. Wkwkkw so.. Is my brother handsome? I'm surprised by the fact that I just know now bcs he is a patient xD 508
  16. @sushilicious ofcccc I'm joining!! Will finish my things with MotA first @kokodus totally bought by fishermen in critical and just alive right now is already a miracle for me.. But human is human, still having some needs and greeds.. Like I need some love for now eheeemmm lolols To be a highschooler who is want to know what is love poke @Dhakra's fav song 512
  17. @sushilicious let's just say the pen costs 299 dollars! Bye penn~ bye stationery.. 516
  18. 8 dollars?! Supplier is killing me! Wkkkkk.. I'm hating the fact about how we are wasting money here in hospital grrr so frustatinggg haha 518 Btw I find this 1M May Jlee with Park Minyoung, so cuteee
  19. Ahhh yes yes.. That suck thing about this world especially these days I feel it becomes more blatant. All the differences between the rich and poor make lead mostly people money oriented. And that's kinda crazy.. What are you want and need now? What is that you like?? @sushilicious On my end of junior high school.. Those days are really frustating in money side.. Thankful there is my bro 514
  20. very insightful thank you @packmule3 gonna try to read it all even if I don't know if my brain has the capability to understand but while trying to do my fmv project to have my kind romance alternate of this pair (yes yes I love their story so much, even I would definitely say that love story is a side kick of this drama) I realized the parralelisms and feels there just something about it that maybe lead to my misunderstanding about how the writer leads the story. Came here to find a light and thankful I catched your post @wenchanteur really???!! A special ep?? *.*
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