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  1. Thank you @stroppyse -2 Woah woah!!! It's 2 alreadyy
  2. 34 @stroppyse no apologies needed, the one should be is him my brother he should tell me sooner about this site.. I usually overheard the conversation between him and Catch
  3. I learn from CatchMine_ID project files and some tutorials from YT he is not that type to let little sister to watch him playing games or working on computer. AnnoyEeEeeng Aaah no no no, it just different of better side. You sure have talents to find funny vids lol Thank you.. @staygold -2
  4. -2 Crescendo, the bridge, drawing :'D
  5. That crescendo is truly for him omG the magical chance of fate in drama. Attracted to each other since 17 yo. That's why drama is a word in this planet!!!! :''""""")
  6. Thank you @USAFarmgirl @kokodus :'''') Honestly, it feels just like yesterday I met her formally then, barely for weeks knowing her as I came to her room then become friends shortly because she just like a big sister, a friend.. I adore her so much. I remember her struggles with walking, learning editing again.. It kinda similar with 30 but 17.. My best regards to her.. -2
  7. for 30 but 17 watchers here.. As @CatchMine_ID wants to keep alive the channel and believed in me, she once said "there will be a time when editor can't get out a song with some scenes of dramas, that is exactly time you should doing some edits to vent it out and offer some different points from the melody and scenes". So, this is my first fmv as I decide to take care of CatchMine_ID channel brand :') sorry so much lacking but the conditions happened and can't help it out, the drama inspired me https://youtu.be/BpcDI54k09c -2
  8. think I have an escape place here then we just online at the same time. Huft Lol @dotonly Eh @triplem happy birthday to your lovely little one! -2
  9. AAAAAAAAH the notification turns to nightmare @abnoch -2
  10. I'm crying since Seo-ri cried in hospital park and Woo-jin found her 'my friend.. The bus..' and the hug when he finally knew it was Su-mi and the girl he feels guilty is Seo-ri.. Aaahh I'm kinda pity for the doc that he has this fate of one sided love because the timing never make his chance to. I admire his choice to stay believe in Seo-ri as his love (or kinda dumb..), anyway his time paused too, and he had that sincere reason. If only Seo-ri stayed much longer in rehab hospital, he will have a slight of. But thanks to Woo-jin, the complete stranger with crossed paths makes Seo-ri healed with all of the truth reveals naturally to her. I don't think with doc's mind she will face the real life as real as it is, because he hides so much, lie with the sake to 'protect' her. But what Woo-jin does, as he steady, he IS the real guardian and the doc just need to learn and face the truth.. The doc kinda trapped in 17 mind of his love to a friend and being greedy about that..
  11. Thank you @meechuttso I swear their little facial expression are soooo soooooo adorable and innocent! Can't get enough
  12. what already reset-ed again -2
  13. Finished watching latest episode yesterday, exams coming right after all new episodes coming I LOVE this drama concept. How they tell at the beginning, the end is Woo-jin looked at the paint that he wanted to give with Fang footsteps (it is in future, after Seo-ri came open his door, right?) oh my.. And the actors just very successfully make me enter the world of them. Their struggle with fate. Myself think that fate is a form of uncontrollable condition in human journey, making the story of journey possibly more meaningful. As I know that some people near me have difficult fate to overcome.. And that's what happened to Seo-ri, a hurtful fate that leads these two together. 'Hurtful fate' can include some people in it. I mean, it is a fate that she hadn't off soon from the bus, maybe she could ask people beside Woo-jin or else. It can be the mysterious cap man that could be her uncle caused the accidents or anything. Simply not simply just that exactly time, people, place, sequence.. It is a fate for her to have breakdown in violin-centered-life, that she saw it as her world, make her as 30 still 17. And this kind and sweet boy,--that I adore how humanity can make all the feels of responsibility because trial things interconnected with other people's life--poor boy has to endure all and shuts the windows to his heart to find his 'only door'. Then as I totally drowning in the story, their loveline, I see it as a beautiful process of these two healings. And I think that's the focus point. As Woo-jin maybe not the cause, but someone who already fated to interconnect with her life that helps her with the exactly-fated breakdown as a violinist, and Seo-ri brings that sunshine, water, to Woo-jin's. Here a fmv.. Sorry for lacking in edit and babbling this lot, just can't get out it of my head and want to pour it all here with this way. Kekeke. Btw I'm already so emotional that these two cuties are hurt a lot T-T I will cry in happiness too if they are finally happy with finding the means of each other after the dark cave period. It was a long and hard journey indeed.. I'm looking forward for next episodes. Monday-Tuesday come faster, I'm exam free!! >.<
  14. 928 bad quality of downloaded drama video resolution makes me crazy
  15. @Lmangla senior high school, on my last year hopefully -2
  16. 830 He is still volunteering in Lombok.. Called him last weekend and he said he's okay @dotonly
  17. Delurking, oh my I'm so happy for OTP and ready for the heartbreaking one when Woo-jin founds out (it's quite dragged) but afterall.. The slow phase is addicting. I can't write to express but I'm just too immersed in this thank you for the recaps and posts I'm super excited to see with subs!
  18. I know him from Socialpobhia and Misaeng recently, his acting attached me. Now look he KILLS the moustache and beard looks!!! It's really enhanching him. Omo.. Btw I just know from this page in 2016 he already with that.. Byun Yo-han I think I need watch Mr. Sunshine for that looks. Just OMG he is the ONE!!!!!!! Why it tooks me so long to know this gem 0:04 - 0:07 is killing me. That character acting wow.
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