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  1. Scandals. That has been keeping me away from watching Korean shows lately. The "real drama" in the news has made me feel a bit sick and has left me wondering if I should find my entertainment elsewhere. Still want to keep watching Big Issue (at least for now) even though it seems to be an echo of the all-too-real reality of Korean celebrity.
  2. I really enjoyed the action sequences (especially the train scene). The thing I did not exactly enjoy was the final reveal of the hiding place of the data card.....well, I was eating my lunch at the time. The show was really tense and I didn't know what would happen next, so I liked that. I'll keep watching.....but never again during a meal! Kinda sorry that the ML is gonna get all tidied up in the next ep; I liked him scruffy.
  3. A happy ending? It is certainly not a tragic ending. I liked the way the threads all tied together at the end. It is not a conventional happy ending but I did not find it sad and I thought that it was satisfying because there is resolution and the characters were able to keep living their lives. I've seen some very negative comments online about Ditto but I disagree. It's a gentle subtle movie. And I love that kind of film. But if you want to be spoiled (I actually really like being spoiled before I watch things because I can't cope with awful endings): YJT really is intense and so much fun to watch. Love him in Healer but he sure can't make me ignore JCW!
  4. Maybe you can just skip parts of the episodes and re-watch the bits you like best. I've done that before. It is really fun to watch the whole thing but not if it costs too much time or stresses you out. I'm gonna do my best, too. ...........since I mentioned Yoo Ji Tae's role in Ditto before in my earlier post..... It's probably gonna be apparent that one of my odd habits is to notice actors who have had parts in other shows or movies. The scared guy Go Sung Chul that Healer is dealing with in Episode 1 is one of those actors. Lee Moon Sik. He's had a lot of minor roles but the one I remember him most from is Fly Daddy Fly..... Here's one more: I also noticed Kim Mi Kyung (the actress who plays Hacker Ajumma) in a very minor role in a couple of episode of I Hear Your Voice (which I just happened to binge-re-watch last weekend). This is what I like best about the actors who fill all those minor roles: they are so multi-talented that they almost melt into the background. That just shows how great they are at their jobs; we can believe them without even noticing them in the limelight. Oftentimes I like the background actors even more than the stars because I really admire their work!
  5. I still haven't finished watching the last episode. It really got to me when they had our detective strapped to a cross and they were injecting him against his will. I had to turn off the video and walk away. It was just too much. I'll give another try at watching it later.
  6. Thanks for that! I was actually just stopping by to ask exactly who Min Ju might be. I thought it was a person and had been searching around cast lists on a couple of drama sites to no avail. Even more confusing that Min Jae being the station chief, the hacker ajumma is named Min Ja. The good news is that I now know another word in Korean (embarrassingly, that brings my list of Korean words to a total of about ten; I just can't seem to catch onto the language no matter how hard I try). I just enjoyed re-watching episode 1. Something I really loved about this drama are the flashback scenes with the pirate reporters because they are so idealistic and so true to the times that they would have lived in. They believed in change and were working for it until it wrecked them all. The casting of the older/younger versions of the characters is really excellent because they really do resemble one another and the acting skills of both sides are so good. Young Shin and Healer are a nice echo of what their parents once were: idealistic. But because their childhoods were more traumatic than most people have to deal with, their idealism is somewhat slanted and trust is harder for them. When I watched Healer the first time, it was because of Yoo Ji Tae (Moon Ho). I saw him in the movie Ditto years ago and he's stayed in the back of my mind ever since because he gave such a nuanced performance. I still like that movie--in fact, I re-watched it not too long ago. Oddly enough, like Healer, the storyline of Ditto is also a blending of the past with the current day. And I think that YJT gives a great performance in Healer, too. It's nice to have a variety of eye candy!
  7. Yeah, that's gonna be the difficult part! I will do my best to limit myself.
  8. Can I chime in, too? Healer is my all-time favorite KDrama. And I'd love to do a re-watch.
  9. I watched the last five minutes or so (just to be prepared) but, of course, I couldn't understand a word and I thought that the scenes I saw were very odd. I couldn't tell what to make of it. At least our detective seems to have survived. No one else on the thread seems to have said so and I've just got to: Sung Dong Il is an incredibly handsome older guy. I think it's really rare for a man to become more attractive with age than he is in his youth, and Sung Dong Il has done just that. All men should age so beautifully!
  10. I am waiting for subs.....or spoilers!
  11. Not long now! And I still can't imagine how they will wrap all of this up satisfactorily in only one episode.
  12. Don't worry, I'm vegetarian and I'm not hunting anybody down. Although I understand that he is a great performer, I have also noticed LSJ "acting" in this role. I wasn't sure, though, if this because his character was visibly acting (given what we've found out in episode 6) or whether it was an acting fail. Or maybe it's just a very difficult role to play because there is so much lying, duplicity, and duality. It's hard to guess which. And, YES, oh my goodness, that is exactly what I thought of Ms. Jo! There was just something about the way that she delivered her lines on whether the meat was frozen properly or not. Such an icky thought!
  13. Agreed. But can he suffer? He feels no emotions. Maybe he can feel physical pain but he cannot feel the emotional torture that he has caused others, and that's really unfair.
  14. I think Detective Ko and the profiler have souls (and so did poor Detective Bae!) but the rest of the bunch sure don't. And, oh yeah, that Kitten really really really has a soul (actually he looks a bit like my kitten Dolly); if he doesn't survive the show I will be vastly annoyed. I want Detective Ko to end well, too. And I am also that kind of weirdo who loves to be spoiled. In fact, I enjoy watching dramas more if I already know what is gonna happen next--that way I can look forward to it without getting all stressed and freaked out.
  15. There are hints earlier but episode 6 shows him to be a monster.
  16. My feelings exactly. Since they say that the whole country is now trapped, there seems to be no way out for anyone, including the kitten who is now stuck at home alone. Detective Jang seems to be turning around but can we trust him? Is there anyone at all we can trust? I still believe in Detective Ko but he's alone and in serious jeopardy. He made a huge mistake going after the bad guy when he was so unprepared; he was doomed to get caught. The profiler also over-played her hand. Neither of them was thinking ahead. The rookie detective is wishy-washy and unreliable. That whole online video feed thing with his sketchy buddy seems to have come out of left field. Have to admit that I loved the part where the video buddy got 1000 balloons for being tased unexpectedly.....but that humor was out of left field, too, and really doesn't mesh at all with the rest of the drama. It was almost inappropriate. So it seems like the only cops who might be "good" are really no good at strategy. If you wanna catch a hunter, you've got to think smarter than the hunter. All the good guys are doing is acting like prey; they can't win, and I don't see how everything can be wrapped up in one episode. I'm rooting for the kitten. At least he is using his cuteness as an appropriate weapon. And I've just gotta say this: One thing that stopped me cold was when the Evil Lady (Mrs. Jo, I think her name might be) asked about supper and if the meat had been properly frozen. I was screaming at the screen, "OMG, exactly what or WHO are you people eating?!
  17. When you think that the creeps in this drama can't get any creepier, that is exactly what happens. Is there anyway this can end with a win for the good guys? And now I'm worried about the kitten all over again. One more production quibble: those cat vocals. That sound was from an adult tom cat; kittens do not sound like that! LOL
  18. Watched the rest of episode 5, and Oh My Goodness. If there were more than 7 episodes of Trap, I don't see how the viewers would survive the stress! .....editing to add that there's one thing I noticed again (regarding my earlier post about automobile safety glass): the windshield broke the way that it should NOT (fake "candy glass" for drama productions) but the rear window shattered precisely the way it should have and it popped out all in one piece (REAL car glass). Presumably they wouldn't have used the proper kind of glass or we wouldn't have been able to "see" through the windscreen. But the fake glass still really annoys me because it's distracting when you know that real life does not work that way.
  19. Thank you! Now I can watch the rest of the episode.
  20. .....but I like being spoiled..... ***** editing to ask a question. We all have our limits. There's a bunch of stuff I can deal with and work past BUT I hit My Biggest NO-NO No-Exceptions Limit on episode 5. I want to watch the rest of Trap but I cannot do so unless someone answers this question for me: If it is bad, just say "bad" and do NOT give me any details. If all is well, please tell me so I can keep watching. Thanks.
  21. Hunters here in the US will sometimes use scents collected from animals (these can be purchased in liquid form and the ones I know of are used for hunting deer) to lure the animals. Animals are much more attuned to scent than humans are. It is true that humans excrete scents when they are very afraid or very stressed but we may not notice these as much as an animal would. I think that they are talking about very determined hunters who are willing to do anything to take down their prey, and they would pay attention carefully to such things as scent. Interesting but perhaps unrelated fact: So I think that hunters might be able to notice such matters as this as well. When the men were on the sky tram, the older one was talking about hunting humans decades earlier and doing so within the city; I assumed that they were talking about the time of Japanese occupation.
  22. I thought it was really interesting how the hunters were grilling the anchor guy (sorry,I still haven't got names sorted on characters) about why he tried to rescue the boy rather than his wife. It was at that moment that I knew that she must be alive and playing for the other side. How could anyone arrange for a child to be killed? Especially a child from one's own family (adopted or not). The bad guys on this show are the absolute depth of evil. Very chilling.
  23. I got through most of episode 3 but stressed out before the last ten minutes or so. Had to shut it off because I was getting sad and mad. And that just means that this is a really good show with great storytelling--I know because it's getting to me like that. Gonna watch the rest soon.
  24. I did. Trap is really, really good. Very suspenseful. (Yes, I watched some of it with the sound off because I got really tense. ) And I'm thinking about who is conspiring with whom. There's lots to think about. Sorry if I got too picky about the car window breakage; it's just one of those things that I really notice. In a great show like Trap, it bothers me to see silly errors. One other thing really worried me in episode 2 but it's a Real Life thing and nothing to do with the drama:
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