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  1. I love this show. And, of course, I despise the MIL. This is one problem I have with KDramas (especially the ones with chaebol families): Parents are often so controlling, cruel, and verbally abusive. I have a feeling that our main couple is in for a bumpy ride as the families start fighting for power and control. Since so much time was spent filming in Cuba, I wonder if they will try to escape there to get away.
  2. Subbed versions are up for both Encounter and Children of Nobody....but which one should I watch first?
  3. Possibly. The element of child abuse is quite off-putting, especially if a person has suffered through that personally. However, crime dramas generally are well-received. And I would expect at least some fan-following for Kim Sun Ah after the success of her most recent drama Should We Kiss First. And why aren't VIXX fans showing up for N (who plays Eun Ho)? What about Lee Yi Kung and Nam Gyu Ri? Surely some folks are watching just for the stellar cast. What about the writing and the cinematography? This show is very nicely put together and the plot is really intriguing. Oh well, we can only feel a bit sorry for the folks who aren't watching.
  4. I hopeso and I hope it will be subbed. If not, then I hope that someone will at least recap. Why aren't more posters supporting this brilliant show?!
  5. I can't say a thing because I am too busy applauding your excellent, well-reasoned, and beautifully argued post. If I'm ever in trouble, I'd want you on my side!
  6. Your insights on the symbols are amazing, and I am looking forward to them more each week.
  7. Don't blame yourself. The problem is caused by all those Dyson product placements that we always see so often in KDramas! Honestly, when I saw him with a "stick" I thought Dyson.
  8. We know that someone ordered Ha Na to stay silent and threatened that she would be strangled if she said anything. Of course, we would immediately suspect that this person would be her dad the dog butcher but we don't know for sure who it was. It would be interesting if it was someone else. The dog butcher is very, very creepy but could he be less dangerous than we think? And even though Eun Ho seems very sweet and gentle at first site, he could be incredibly conniving. It's hard to tell who is guilty of what. That's what makes this such a great show!
  9. Reminds me of that odd ceiling leak. Always wondered if something more was happening there. The odd thing about this episode was that Eun Ho seemed so much more innocent while CWK seemed so much more sketchy and out of touch. I liked the way that turned things about.
  10. Great episode. Evocative. Makes me question what is what and who is who. My only complaint: of all the vehicles in Korea, why did they have to use the White Truck of Doom? Yeah, the bad mom had to be in a traffic accident but the White Truck of Doom? Really?! What does Korea have against White Trucks?
  11. Chasing down this show has proven to be hopeless--only people in Korea could see it. And pretty much only one person on this thread ever seems to have posted much about it. Really it's too bad there's even a thread about it because all it has been is unfulfilled temptation.