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  1. I did. Trap is really, really good. Very suspenseful. (Yes, I watched some of it with the sound off because I got really tense. ) And I'm thinking about who is conspiring with whom. There's lots to think about. Sorry if I got too picky about the car window breakage; it's just one of those things that I really notice. In a great show like Trap, it bothers me to see silly errors. One other thing really worried me in episode 2 but it's a Real Life thing and nothing to do with the drama:
  2. And here I am as well. Watching episode 1 right now and was very much reminded of Children of Nobody. Good pacing. Tense story. Looking forward to more episodes. ................and this has nothing to do with anything important but I just wanna say that it annoys the fire out of me when I see car windows shattering like house windows in KDramas. So, yes, I was annoyed when the anchor guy bashed in the car window and it didn't break right--I always see this as a drama direction fail. Car side windows have "safety glass" that is tempered so that it breaks into small pieces rather than large shards. If you wanna know more: .........editing: Maybe I am just being fussy but that fire at the beginning was wrong, too--there was no way the anchor guy could have run into a building that was so fully involved in burning. But I was prepared to accept that mis-step until I saw another wrong thing: anchor guy is slashed on the arm and stabbed in the leg but he goes out of the cafe without blood on him. Is this a mistake or something else? By the way, I think the secretary is seriously shady. ............editing again because it turns out that it was a directing mistake. Later scenes show that he has tape around his trousers, so there is at least a bandage of sorts. This still does not explain the lack of blood but there we are.
  3. When I hear that phrase I think of the scene in Something in the Rain when the FL gets really drunk and wears a cone on her head, and then she's surprised to find it in her room the next morning. Since this show has already borrowed a scene from Descendants of the Sun, I wonder if this will be a running joke borrowing from other shows.
  4. Waiting impatiently for subs. I keep worrying about the ML's niece since that picture of her came out of the camera. She's sure to be a bargaining chip in this drama, and I hope that her story ends well. One thing that bothers me about that camera (and it's gotta be a clue somehow) is that it has dirty smears on it. Wonder why that is?
  5. Okay, here's where I am: I desperately want to like this show but I do NOT. The storyline is making me squirm (the devoted lover and the clueless loved one). I don't find it funny or cute. This kind of storyline makes me hate the FL (even though I think she's being brave) and it makes me dislike the ML (which is madness because I adore LJS). Now, somebody please convince me why I should keep watching. I feel like I'm missing something good but I just can't with this show. Help me out.
  6. Just watched episode 1/2. Beautifully filmed. Can't imagine how this show is gonna go with this storyline but that's a good thing. I'll keep watching.
  7. I was wondering about Romance/Supplement. If you're analyzing on that one, I'll start watching. See what a great influence you are?! Thanks for all of your great work on Encounter. It has been such fun to read.
  8. Poetry opens our minds and our hearts (I will always believe that--poetry was my main field of study as an undergraduate, AE Housman and GM Hopkins mainly but I suspect I've now forgotten all I ever knew). You have helped to show us so many connections between art and literature and more. That's an amazing thing. It's impressive, too, that the screenwriter and the production team for Encounter paid so much attention to those details and left a bread crumb trail for us to follow through the magical forest of drama. (and, no, I still have not finished watching Encounter).
  9. Has anyone told you today that you are amazing? If no one has, I will. I didn't notice that Rilke connection, and I should have since I studied him in college--wonderful poet.
  10. I am.....temporarily. I'll watch another episode or two but I'm not convinced that I want to see this because I don't like Chaebol makjang. The production values are really high on this. It was beautifully filmed. And the color-blocking in the the costumes and sets are really stunning. The stunt work was also very good. Problem: the story is not cohesive. Within the first ten minutes, we switched from scene to scene without a bridge from one to the other. It was like four or five different stories, and I found that a little confusing and distracting--they didn't mesh at all. .....One thing did make me laugh but it was not meant to be funny: the White Truck of Doom was carrying a load of glass bottles. Do they even put cola in glass bottles anymore? Any why is the Truck of Doom always white?
  11. .....sorry but when I hear "bride has no head" I immediately think of this famous movie scene
  12. Thanks for asking. I have actually detailed the problem in earlier posts. The fact of the matter that I was made sick at heart by the character bashing that I have read here on this thread. Although I believe that we all have a right to our opinions, I also believe that we have a duty to temper what we say so that we do not do harm with our words. Other people obviously do not see things this way and feel that they are justified in screaming whenever they like. Reading posts that were flaming various characters caused me to leave this thread three times and ultimately sickened me sufficiently to put me off the show as well. My hope is that my explanation of my experience will be cautionary to those who feel tempted to flame/bash post. I said it before and I'm saying it again: we are all free to disagree but no one is free to be disagreeable. Will I ever watch the rest of Encounter? I honestly don't know. I've turned my back on it. And I think that is really very sad because I loved the show before.
  13. Best hopes for you and your wife that all will be well. .....editing so that I don't go off topic: I have not watched the last four episodes of Encounter and I do not know when I will. Glad that other people got to enjoy it.