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  1. With every partner she always said "hope we will work together again" except with PSJ. Something fishy here
  2. Even they don't included engsub I still buy it. So lucky they open 3rd pre order because at the beginning I doubt to buy it but as time goes by I'm more in love with PPC so I decided to buy it with no doubt
  3. I want to know, are they (dvd team) from official TVN? I'm curious, is it their idea or because of requested by fans so they decided to released the dvd?
  4. Yeah very different vibe from Kim Mi So.. And this is still a beginning. Can't wait to see the interview, press conference etc. It must be fun to compare them with PPC interaction
  5. Wow wedding photo book (60 pages) And this has been close to a year since they aired. How can we move on from them if this dvd released
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