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  1. As expected, if one of them update new photos, surely the other one too Love ParkParkCouple
  2. Even they're dating or not, the rumour it seems to have affected her. Maybe she wants look like nothing happened but its very hard to look natural.
  3. And i think she looks more cautious not to turned around PSJ but there's a little moment she touch PSJ and its so cute
  4. So we're just waiting until DVD release? After that, all of photos can be shared?
  5. Why the timing can be perfect PMY's first appearance in Korea after Europe trip and PSJ just came back to Korea. We're so blessed
  6. Damn, she looks so pretty..!! I'm a girl but I think I'm fall in love with her now lol. Seriously, her appearance in WWWSK makes me turn 360 degrees about her.