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  1. She post her (maybe) photoshoot with caption #shooting Can I say PMY is so careless? Lol..No offense but I see this so funny. Maybe PMY don't know about PSJ's update so she update her ig without thinking of us PPC shippers who thirsty about them. And then boom..Many fans comments on her ig about their update almost at the same time, coincidence etc. She realised it and she deleted her post to not cause opinions about them but its useless. Or maybe she deleted her post because it can be spoiled for her next project. This is just my opinion, I just think she's so funny and careless
  2. As expected, if one of them post something and the other do the same
  3. Yeah I'm wondering too why their behaviour is different now although both of them had a dating rumour with co-star before. Even PMY attend to JCW's premiere movie in 2017.
  4. And remember, someone mentioned @bn_sj2013 on PMY's ig post in 2016. Maybe about they're already dating for 3 years is not true but they're in relationship maybe its true
  5. 4 months are almost gone and I still can't move on from PPC. This is the longest record I've shipped couple from the drama and still curious about them. God please help me
  6. Yeah and she comfortably put her hand above his stomach. And remember in BTS "grab the doll" scene, she also stay on him and maybe little touch his "thing"
  7. What do you mean is LJK not SJK? Yes, LJK is in namoo. Its better to just announce their wedding rather than their dating so PMY doesn't have a chance to get bashed by fans. Although she get bashed after their marriage, PSJ will be there for her.
  8. Maybe the 200m house thing is their future house lol. Not too far for PMY's parents and not too far for PSJ's parents. Win win solution *just kidding
  9. Yeah same with me. I always wondered how the actor can handle "that". They're just human, just normal people too. A normal men must be turned on even its just kissing..
  10. Yeah I notice it, too. Same in this scene.. PMY taking back her head but PSJ still pressing forward to kiss her He is really bulldozer
  11. I see kiss scene with tongue only in Legend of Blue Sea. Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun. So surprised that PMY in WWWSK not in passive mode in kissing scene. She looks active, too. Not like in her previous dramas.