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  1. It says Dispatch will reveal new couple from big agency this Vday? I still hope it wont be PPC though
  2. is PSJ back to London already? as per his last ig update, seemed he watched Hotspur vs Dortmund match anyhow, people can easily move back and forth to London-Paris
  3. My delulu mind is flashbacking, did they really meet in between when he was in London and she was in Paris back then on August?
  4. Well, just want to express that “silly” question cos it reminds me of him when doing the grocery shopping in Youn’s kitchen which I found it cute and attractive
  5. Lol, drought season of PPC is getting harder. I will put aside all the coincidences (fashion, sns posts) and will rely on the answers of their interviews (around 2015 onwards as I observed). As I noticed their answers to their interviews sounded somewhat connected, in terms of future plan, family goals. My hope is still they are meant to be each other, but if not, what to do... I will still be anticipating the dvd and will enjoy it as much as possible. Lol
  6. Do the int. fans who did the pre order can also do the poll? why the update for the int. fans is so limited?
  7. I suspect the same. However as there is no clear pic of it, I wont over analyzing nor overthinking, they seemed only have a same taste of fashion (trying not to be too much delulu ) Not sure. Just guessing the question might be about future plan, ideal type, not explicitly about lovelife..
  8. When is it? Unlike in PMY’s FM, I’m guessing there might be question about love in his. *only my guess and delulu...
  9. I second the thought that it is impossible to PSJ be also in Hawaii now. People can go as far as anywhere in the world to notice them. I thought that no need a pic as a proof, but a glimpse of a story of people saw/spot them together somewhere could also be suspected like story of some previous rumored couples. Just because I love them so much, I support if they keep it as lowest as possible.
  10. If anyone has found the webtoon link of PMY new drama, could you please share. Aside from the story, I’m curious to know the possibility of skinship scenes. Lol I will be staying in this ship as long as the captain is PSJ
  11. Even as a PPC shipper, I often felt uncomfortable to read shipper’s comment tagging PSJ in almost every PMY’s ig update..(and shippers tend to spam in PMY’s ig rather than in PSJ’s) We may still cannot move on from their chemistry, but still, we also have to give them space to breath..
  12. PMY just came back from Japan 2 days ago and she’s already in Hawaii now? Zzz I gave up to observe PPC movements
  13. Just curious, do you have the link of which interview is it? Based on the bts of the scene when LYJ acted jealous over Chansung and the intern, he said that it was not like him which made PMY burst into laugh.. but I enjoyed imagining the cute jealousy machine of LYJ though