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  1. Its my problem too, what should we do friends? For ppc if you know any solution for it i will be very thankful if you tell us that.
  2. I did that, and after that i answered them i should go to voting again? I answered them but noghing happened, oh God its somehow complicated for me but i will give my votes ofcourse with your help. Please give direction step by step, if thats possible, thanks
  3. Friends, i need your help again, i just cant sit back but im also not proffesional in voting battles so i face some pfoblems but i cant give up so this time too, kindly help me, i just registerd in tvn voting but when i click name of psj and pmy it gets red but nothing happens, what should i do to make my vote? After click whats next step? Thanks in advance
  4. Yes my dear friend, but lets keep pmy at first place, and also support psj. Fighting.
  5. Its heartbreaking, it really is, but friends lets vote hard for them in every catagory and God will help us. Lets be positive and do our best for ppc.
  6. Please consider helping me and otherd who face problem for voting in AAA, i clicked join, entered my email and then password, and then the site went to rules and the the i agree and joint but when im in this page, and i want to click joint, it doesnt work and its just freezed and say something in korean, what should i do? Whats the problem? Please for ppc give me your opinion in this like other times that you did, as i said im so bad in these kindes of staffs. And the seoul awards has started? I singed in but it doesnt give me voted?!
  7. Please someone give the tips, step by step for singning in seoul awards and voting for it, i downloaded the app and signed with my email but i cant votewhat should i do? And also asia star awards, pleasee. Thanks in advance.
  8. My friends, could you vote in seoul awards? I signed up but when i want to vote, it says its not voting period! But i thought it has started?
  9. Thanks a lot my dear friend, unfortunately i dont have tw or fc so i guess i cant, but i will send this information to other fans. Thanks again. Fightinggg
  10. Can you please tell us how we can vote? Bc many of us have problem in that, i will be very thankful if you give us tips step by step.
  11. Guysss, please keep voting harder for ppc, especially psj bc the gap got bigger, lets support them till the last day, anddd Be readyyyy For seoul awards 2018 that voting will be started tommorrow 20 september, just download seoul awards 2018 from googleplay or appstore. Fightingggg
  12. My dear friend unfortunately i cant put the link, we can ask the others who can post the link here, but i wonder how you couldnt find it bc you just should go to app store or google store and search seoul awards 2018 it is there for downloading. Try again it and if you couldnt we will find a way thats easy