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  1. Yessss, in best couple we are about 8k behind first one but we can vote 1000 times in a day, so if 10 fans give all their votes to ppc for best couple today we can go at first place, and then we vote for other categorues of ppc, lets do this guys its so easy to vote, lets put them at first couple
  2. Thanks my dear friend for sharing your opinion, im not a enthusiasm and immature fan and i always believe something when there is solid proofs, i just wanna share you thus bc here is home of ppc fans and i can share my feelings, i dont know why but sometimes im in pain and my heart aches so badly, no pushing for ppc and they have their own lives but i really wanted to see them together it was just a big wish and i prayed from the bottom of my heart and i really envy other couoles that attended or attend events together eventhigh they are busy too, but it seems it will not happen for ppc, but its just a feeling of mine dont take it as a negative vibe bc they are the bests, we love them and pray for the bests for them, sorry friends for my long writings, love you all and ppc. And i should say past is past, good or bad im looking forward to the future and i hope it gonna be good and we will be happy at that time.
  3. Thanks my friend for sharing your opinion, youre right we are not sure but its the second time they do this and if we could see them together in the future again i can think otherwise, but again im saying we are not sure, anyway we love them and wish them the bests, and all friends lets vote hard for them. Thanks dear friend, wish you and ppc the bests.
  4. Hiii all dear friends here, i wanna say something bc i really want to know your opinions as fans of ppc so lets just share our minds, what do you think that ppc avoid each other now, we all know that in tvn festival psj could attend bc he also was among top 3 in voting and im sure he has highest votings so why he is not there in festival and if its a intentional act to not be there, what do you think the reason is? Im just asking bc im corious about your ideas. Love you all and ppc.
  5. Aaaaameeeen, yeah my friend love youuu my friend i sent you a private ms, please check, thanksss.
  6. But why zero my dear? Maybe it can happen, how come you say its zero my dear friend?
  7. Yes my dear we should vote very harddd, lets watch videos, play games, buy votes if can afford, lets do our best, wish the bestestssss to ppc and you all.
  8. If im not wrong it was at zakia_ss page, you can check that my dear and if i found it i will share my dear, but im not sure we should check
  9. Thanks my dear, it was interesting to read I read from a psj interview in ig that he said he hopes to work with pmy again
  10. Share it with us my dear friend you made us more curious I will take rational one but both idea are interesting
  11. Its interesting i wonder its bc we follow these pages and its coincidence, i hate being delusional i just want real reason real and big and great hints, your opinion guyss?!
  12. He is the most handsome man in korea, its really obvious and im not saying this bc im fan but really he is full package, and a really top star, king of acting, really its just the begining for him in success road, and pmy also, i dont think these immature comments can affect them or if they are a couple, their relationship, these netizenes are always angry without any resoan, wish our ppc the bestssss and wish ourselves the most happiest moments and great news of our ppc. Lets get ready for round 2
  13. No my dear, we should always hope for good things im sure everything has a right time, about apan we cant say anything for sure but i say we never know really, maybe great things are ahead, anyway tommorrow round 2 will start till 20 november, lets ready, fightingg
  14. We did that guysss psj at 3 and pmy at 5, lets be ready for next round, and i really hope AAA invites them