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  1. @booha dear! Good insights..yes i tried watching lovely horribly but dropped it at ep4..hehe..time really flies.. didnt realize that EC was in 2013.. may i know what days are DJ showing? Cant wait for ep3..are u also active in the drama thread?
  2. @booha hi there! Somehow im not yet sold out with the lead girl...that's why i still dont want them to turn from reel to real..hehe..i want jin hyuk to gain more weight..he looks so thin and older.. but still of course very handsome..i want his cheeks in Emergency Couple..
  3. Hi everyone! Let me join u here.. im an old jin hyuk fan with a new soompi name as i cant remember my password..so i signed in with a new acct..i totally enjoyed the 2 eps of devilish joy.. made me realized how much i missed our man's deep voice, crinkly smile, and his masculine body..haha..makes me happy..
  4. Oooo myyyy! Whst a sweet man to sing as his speech for his award! I remember another speech of his when he grabbed the opportunity to thank his dad! Now i guess his grabbing the opportunity to declare via live broadcast his love for his special someone!!!! And.. she replied for all her 2M plus followers to see with a CHEERS!
  5. Let me share my turning moment too..i became a shipper i guess early on.. its coz of d way seo joon stares at min young.. then their kisses.. then in the way he held her.. he hugged her.. in d way he teases her in d bts..and in d way she responds.. in her gazes..in her smiles.. in her kisses.. in d way she trusts when his hands just has a mind of its own..gosh its so reeeaaall..
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