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  1. New making video for The Crowned Clown showing their gosa ceremony and some behind the scenes clips from filming. So happy to see that the filming is full of laughter all the time. https://tv.naver.com/v/4785118
  2. I just... I've watched it sooo many times alreadyyy... That wallpaper painting at the back getting into life when Haseon touched her omg. The queen looking so hopeless and grim in the palace but then everything lights up when Haseon smiles at her. My heart... All these teasers are so wonderfully directed. I hope this level of quality sticks throughout the entire drama. Everything just looks stunning!
  3. Yoon Jong Suk as the king's personal guard, Jang Moo Yeong He played such a creepy character in Son, The Guest and now he's playing the role of the hilarious but very loyal guard in Masquerade. ♥
  4. Forgot to post my thoughts about the teasers here... let me just say, what gorgeous teasers we have!!! I'm totally hyped right now and I could hardly wait for more promos and of course, the actual broadcast! Props to Yeo Jin Goo! The way he changed his tone when speaking as Yi Heon and Haseon! Amazing! Even when he read the schedule air date for each teaser, he did it in-character, and it was so subtle but the difference between the two characters is so clear. The teasers so far are so well-conceptualized and the color tones are wonderful. We have warm colors for Haseon and cool tones for for Yi Heon. I love it! I love how we can see them cross one another's side through opposite angles. It's just so well-directed. BTW, last Saturday, Jingoo received a coffee truck from a fan ♥ And he also posted on his ig the teaser plus he made ig stories about it.
  5. Images from the ceremony have been released. I could only find the high-res image for Jingoo so far.. EDIT: Here is the tvN Drama IG Post.
  6. Choi Kyu Jin has been cast in The Crowned Clown, to act with Yeo Jin Goo and Lee Se Young Choi Kyu Jin has been cast in the upcoming tvN Mon-Tues drama, The Crowned Clown. He will play the role of Shin In Gyeom, the son of the villain Shin Chi Soo (played by Kwon Hae Hyo). == IG post of The Crowned Clown scripts from Eps 1-4. I wonder how many episodes are we having. It hasn't ever been mentioned yet, right?
  7. I think this is a coffee truck for Director Kim Hee Won once again. Child actor Lee Joo Won shared this pic on ig, and according to the caption seems like he's playing the role of young Grand Prince Kyung In. EDIT: Looks like the original post has been deleted from ig. Here's the post from the coffee truck ig instead
  8. Yup that's what I reckon too. Ohh I see, so that is what the pig head is for. I thought it's because it will be year of the pig next year xD I do hope all their wishes are heard and that TCC will be a huge success and that they will have a safe and happy filming throughout.
  9. Agree, most of the time tvN dramas have been amazing in quality so I've really got my hopes high for TCC. Yup, I really highly recommend Circle, do give it a try someday. = The actress Seo Yoon Ah (a.k.a. the one playing Seon Hwa Dang in TCC) shared these on her IG story last Nov. 30 and Dec. 2 respectively - although I think both were taken last November 30. Looks like they did some sort of ceremony for the show? Anyway, we get a little blurry glimpse of the cast. Translation: #TheCrownedClown #HopingForSuccess Most of all, that there won't be accidents Caption: 2018.11.30 #TheCrownedClown