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  1. Hahaha, he's not Lee Beom Soo, although I do see a slight resemblance. It's this actor. His name is Kim Hyung Mook.
  2. @triplem No, I don't mind at all! Thanks for posting it. I see random stuff whenever I browse for The Crowned Clown and the quickest outlet for me to share it is on twitter, and when I come on soompi, it gets mixed up among other thoughts, so I don't get to post it in the end. So if you guys see anything worth sharing, please do go ahead! People at theqoo keep posting threads warning Sowoon of Hogeol, because of Jingoo's IG post (to which Lee Kyuhan replied, "Don't let go of my hand!!!!!!" Plus the guy is an amazing cook. Hahaha Hogeol isn't playing around, he's already unintentionally getting close to Haseon's family. LMAO Haseon and Sowoon now knows Yi Heon has died but they still don't know that Yi Heon was intentionally poisoned by Yi Kyu. I wonder if it will still come up in the future. I was so nervous for the ratings of The Crowned Clown because it just couldn't get its proper momentum. 3 promising shows also premiered this week, but I'm so glad TCC got back on its feet, and I hope they get their double digit rating ASAP! Kim Sang Kyung said he wouldn't eat until they achieve it, I hope the viewers will make KSK eat already!
  3. This episode is so sad and heartbreaking. I'm yet to watch it subbed... but aww when Haseon broke down in front of the ministers. He's trying to hold himself together, but it was just too much for him and he finally sobbed his heart out. And the Queen.. It must've been an information overload for her. Sigh. I'm relieved that at least she knew of Yi Heon's death before Haseon did. Major props to everyone's acting this episode! Everyone's AMAZING! Sowoon called Haseon "Jeonha" at the end! Ack my heartttttttt. My feels, my feels, my feels. Now that the truth has been relieved, please be happy you two.
  4. Yeo Jin Goo's IG Post with his newest fanboy~ Hogeol! #Justbelieveinme #Pleaselookatme The real love triangle in this drama isn't Yi Heon x Sowoon x Haseon. It's actually Sowoon x Haseon x Hogeol
  5. Noooooo.... I refuse to believe it!!!! She's one of my fave characterssssss == As for the Queen Dowager being all out in ruining the King and Sowoon. I just happened to read it, but if you'd look back at Ep 1, Sowoon's father is also one of the people who took part in the interrogation that led to the Queen Dowager's father dying. I mean, it's not right that she's taking it out on Sowoon, and she's really evil for doing what she does, but this is where she's coming from. She's using Sowoon to take revenge on the King and Sowoon's father, by making Sowoon suffer.
  6. I'm just gonna share this here... because it gave me feels. Looking at the Chinese version of The Crowned Clown.. not that it's really relevant, but Haseon's Chinese name is translated as 河善. It's just so touching how Eunuch Jo sees Haseon as "summer" hence he chose to spell it as 夏仙. He could've chosen to spell it as 河善 or a bunch of other Hanja characters possible, but this is what Haseon is to Eunuch Jo.
  7. The kisssss~~~ I can't get my mind off it. Our Haseon went back for more! I'm so happy satisfied with the kiss♥♥♥ Last time, it was sweet and innocent. I mean, this is technically, Haseon's first time kissing someone, so I get that it's just lips practically touching kind of kiss. But then Ep 10 came along... and woah! This time the kiss is more heartfelt. Kyah, I can't stop gushing about it. I'll embrace Ep 11 with open arms, because I have the first minutes of Ep 10 to go back to. Heeee IKR. Ep 10 was supposed to air last week. That wait would be too much to bear. I'm glad we get Ep 11 now.
  8. I'm so glad she finally knows. She easily figured it all at once when confronted with actual evidences. I'm so sad for Haseon and Sowoon, especially that Sowoon has finally opened up to him. But Yi Kyu is right. He is still living under the shadows of Yi Heon. In the Queen's mind, it's Yi Heon she has fallen for and not Haseon. It's unfair to the Queen, and even Haseon. Imagine loving the wrong person all along... and imagine being a person in love with someone who doesn't love you as you but as someone else. It's so heartbreaking to think and all the romantic scenes were definitely lovely, and I've killed the replay buttons a thousand times with their scenes, but it's all an illusion. And I'm glad the illusion is now broken. The Queen knows what kind of man Haseon is. That's why she has fallen for him. The betrayal must've hurt her so much. I'm sure this couple will eventually get back together. So yeah, I'll take in whatever the pain is thrown at me atm. Can we also talk about the list of boys that have fallen for Haseon's charms? Haseon is a total stan attractor at this point. @SeGafanlady I also asked myself that... why doesn't Yi Kyu encourage securing a successor for the King. And what I could only come up with, is he doesn't really intend to keep Haseon in the throne for a long term. It would make sense for me if Yi Heon was still alive so he'd keep Haseon away. But Yi Heon's already gone (although nobody else really knows except Jung Saeng). At the end of the day, he's still using Haseon as his puppet, keeping him safe because Haseon makes all his plans work. Once Yi Kyu has achieved all he wanted, who knows what will happen next. Also.. in the teaser.. the Queen Dowager ordered to have Sowoon deposed and be given poison for her actions.
  9. Lee Se Young mentioned in the special how Yeo Jin Goo would cover her ears with hotpacks so that it won't get red whenever they do outdoor scenes, and tvN released the photos today~ they're so adorable. Yeo Jin Goo is such a gentleman. I remember reading on the previous article how he also blocked the wind for her when they were filming an outdoor scene and it was very cold.
  10. Don't get me wrong here. I'm still rooting for Haseon and Sowoon. And I actually enjoy all their romantic scenes. All I'm saying here is, I acknowledge that Haseon isn't a morally-perfect character here, which I'm honestly all for. It means that his character will eventually undergo obstacles due to his mistakes and that's how his character will learn and grow. He is a character with strengths and flaws. And from a literally standpoint, that is what a good character should have. This actually makes him more real and interesting, instead of being all perfectly good and righteous and commits no wrong. It's true that he is living a lie and is currently blinded by his love. He will realize that not telling Sowoon the truth sooner will have its own dire consequence. He's been encouraging the relationship between Sowoon and him to grow deeper while living under Yi Heon's identity. Sowoon is unaware of his true identity. Once she finds out the truth, I think we can cross out happy in that list of reactions she will have. And it's about to be worse with her true husband actually dead.
  11. I consider it a flaw because he's having a relationship with the Queen that is built on lies. The Queen thinks he is her actual husband, but he's not. He is not allowing himself to think rationally and is letting his love for the Queen allow him to continue living in a dream, which in the end, is not good for him and the Queen. Like what Chief Secretary will clarify with him in the next episode, he still isn't Yi Heon. The Queen needs to know who Haseon truly is before she could fully love him, clown or not. For now the Queen has only fallen for his true characteristics, but still thinks of him as Yi Heon. Haseon is someone who lives in the moment, and I don't necessarily blame him for it. I want him to end up with the Queen but for now, his impulsive nature is leading him to some obstacles. Him falling for Sowoon couldn't be helped, but him blindly acting on his feelings is going to teach him some lessons the hard way.
  12. I think this is a flaw in Haseon's character. He is letting his love for the Queen cloud his judgment. Haseon is someone who is impulsive and would go follow whatever he feels is right in the moment. Many times he went against Chief Secretary's orders and went ahead doing his thing. This is a double-edged sword for Haseon. His easygoing, carefree character has gained him the love of the Queen but this is also his bane. Because once the Queen finds out the truth, reality will stab him really hard in the back. == Yeo Jin Goo is just so awesome. He was acting this scene against a stand but he was totally immersed playing the character. Wow. GIF source