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  1. Honestly I totally think this happened - but who knows right LOL But I think the grandma almost hitting Yura with the hair pin was a foreshadowing so you might be right but... the writer's mind... after Woo Bin betraying Sunny - anything can happened. But I don't know if LH would be quiet if Yura had killed the grandma herself even him there. So maybe he did it himself? But who knows Btw has Mr. Jin hyuk been this cute and hot??????
  2. Guys I think I'm gonna miss Grandmama and her crazy wig I also think that Sunny, Woo Bin, Byun may team up too? Idk why but maybe Lee Hyuk has a mental disorder? Like he ends up harming a person but can't remember after a point? Maybe he did kill his first wife and then Empress Dowager finished off the murder with her owns hands? On a side note - why is Chun Woo Bin so hot?????
  3. Funny thing is that if I found a Baek Jin Sang in real life, I’d keep him close to my heart sad thing is that there’s no such person like Baek Jin Sang I haven't the seen the latest episodes but I really hope Lee Ruda has told Kang the real truth about her feelings that she’s likes Jin Sang - we can only cross fingers and just hope!
  4. Honestly me too. I haven't seen Choi Jin Hyuk in anything except this and he's a pretty good actor and really nice to look at LOL The show is a better makjang from I have seen, has some light moments, and probably some cute moments between our main leads soon!
  5. Wow, well said! ( and yes Choi Jin Hyuk is quite hot but a really good actor - excited to see him in the forthcoming weeks!) YR has to be one of my favorites so far in the show in terms of villains and then comes Queen Dowager. Her facial expressions are absolutely great . YR does go wrong in the terms of keeping a relationship with the Emperor (never mix business with pleasure), but I think YR wants power and she knows that the Emperor is really easy to win over...and she does like him? (Do they both like each other or are they are just confusing lust with love LOL?) Yeah I think Queen Dowager is obsessed with her son.. especially the scene when she shaves his face? LOL what?! Queen Dowager for sure has a hand in his first wife's death (he actually liked her) and I think sons and mothers have this really weird relationship/affection where the mother does get jealous when the son starts to give attention to another woman in his life and vice versa. This is kind of off-topic but I did learn in Literature (ino lit class? LOL) where baby boys would purposely cry just to get their mother's attention if the mother wasn't looking at them or doing something else... The Emperor is the guy who walks around that he knows everything and has everything but really has nothing. He does have a childish/baby side to him especially how bad he feels when he found that his mother spies on him. Sunny is a really clueless girl but is someone who has been happy in she has gotten from life. I think because she really hasn't "ever" fallen in love and thinks her fangirling is love and her dream has come true - she really is happy with whatever she has currently. I do see her trying to manage it with the Emperor but after finding out that he doesn't love her and has been doing adultery behind her back (even though she may deny it, and accept his mistake) but slowly she's getting hints about him that he doesn't care for her even though he said he "liked" her. Right now Sunny is in that dream mode/happy space (I totally can relate LOL) but I do think her bubble will burst and that's when she'll really fight. And the father of Sunny - don't even get me started on him, he's really selfish and doesn't care for the two daughters, he does but then he doesn't. And yes, YR is a great actress, and Jang Na Ra does a clueless/post-it girl (Fated to Love You reference LOL) great, and Choi Jin Hyuk he's my new crush along with the Emperor minus his adultery
  6. Omo he’s more like a passionate kisser LOL especially in Heart to Heart
  7. Haha I totally feel you he's too cute See him in Heart to Heart - he's a quite a lover there lol
  8. So I’m so behind on the episodes (right now I’m on episode 15-16) but I love how Dae Ryook is so confused on why he’s so nervous around Kim Do Ran man I want a Dae Ryook!!! And I would love that plot twist @stargrazer187 about stepmom and Myeung Hee and grandma!
  9. msaamia

    Shin Hye Sun 신혜선

    lol this is so true. Just walk into a Walmart and man some of the sights I've seen are not pretty but I think most Americans are used to it . But I would love to live in area where everyone dresses really nice like in SK or New York/California
  10. msaamia

    Lee Ha Na 이하나

    Yeah Soo Young wasn't written that greatly - but she does end up telling second lead (Mr. Yoo?) like why does he live like that and everything doesn't have to be agenda blah blah but I wish he didn't end up liking her lol And yeah you are right - Kwon Joo totally wins against Eun Soo from SF and I haven't seen Signal yet but I would say Kwon Joo is the most relatable character (someone I can totally relate to) in aspects of life and career and just how human she is. LHN really is a fine actor, I just wished she got more roles.
  11. Yeah I also really hope Mi Ran turns out to be someone who can really take control of herself and just get a career. Yeah Mr. Kim is too nice and me too! I haven't seen ep 13-14 yet but man the mom is full of crap! Yeah Da Ya is really weird but I guess I can see her as some girls who just want to have a life full of financial security and she doesn't want to go through the same issues her mom did. And haha same here! I usually try to skip her and Yi Ryook cause ugh theyre so annoying! Honestly I really like him and he does get a chance because he's actually so hardworking and still cares for his daughter even though its been years. So I thought he got a death sentence (like the friends talk about it) and funny enough Da Ya's mom never really followed the case? She doesn't know he's been released? But because he was so good in prison and completed his sentence so maybe they released him?