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  1. Is there someone who has screenshots on how to navigate daum cafe? I was able to create an account but I can't log in
  2. Omo. Saw the notice in Apan: "Service Maintenance for invalidating the illegal ballots." This is surreal. Let's hope for the best chingus P.S how to add media here? I keep attempting it but I always get an error. Hihi appreciate the help
  3. If it's not a voting bot then I think these are fans of the other ship, especially after he deleted ig photos. I heard that they really hated him for that. Anyway, enough of the negative. We saw PPC yesterday looking great. Remember, let's not engage in ship wars. Let's harness all our energy in voting. Fighting!
  4. Guys, lets continue to vote for PSJ. Gap is now at 142k. Don't get discouraged. With teamwork, nothing is impossible. Always private message for tips since this is an open forum. Happy voting! P.S. Just think of all the spazzing and gushing we'll do if they'll win an award together and be in one frame. We can do thiss
  5. Yeah, but take note he couldve left the ffmy photos since it was one of his successful dramas but he also deleted those. Hmmm Oh. Didnt notice that he deleted the one with the WWSK poster. Gaaaah this is so mind boggling
  6. From 200+ IG posts, now down to 47. What's Wrong with Vice Chairman Lee?
  7. Yeah, that's what I noticed too. A lot of things going through my mind right now.
  8. Yeah, hoping for that too. Let's just be vigilant in sending our complaints and voting at the same time Update: Currently 118k lead, from 121k.
  9. I know that what's happening is really fishy but I really feel bad that people are bashing JHI and even resulting to asking people to boycott his drama (which is quite good tbh). Let us stop doing something like this and try to solve the problem without bringing other people down. I mean, the guy may not have anything to do with this. I'm not defending him or anything but I guess, it's just too much. Just my two cents. We don't want that to happen to our beloved #parkparkcouple, if the roles were reversed.
  10. The gap is lowering down guys. From 122k, its now at 119k Slowly but surely wins the race. Hahaha btw. PMY looks so gorgeous in new shares