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  1. So, is he really dead? I'm speechless.. This is the saddest drama I've ever watch... Suho dont deserve it.. I have to keep my promise and dont watch on going dramas.. It hurts a lot.. What a mess
  2. @USAFarmgirl Your words always touch me... Thanks for your post..
  3. The last episode made me cry a lot ... Hard to watch. If SH is really dead ... I think they could show us the romantic scenes edited by using JH's thoughts. What would have been different if she'd known he had too little time left? Would she play piano with him? Would she hug him? Would she kiss him? Would she say she loved him? Maybe they let us see some scenes like this ... I'm just asking for some moments of happiness .. Even in this bitter sweet way..
  4. @USAFarmgirl What a sensitive way to describe their feelings.. I think it's just like this .. Sad and beautiful at the same time..
  5. The last episode made me cry a lot. It seems that Sooho won't have time to get the end he deserves .. I'd like to see at least some happy moments, some scenes of sincere love. All the pain and the guilt he's been carryng by himself is so heartbreaking... It's hard to see. Now that the actor is leaving the drama, Sooho's story will probably be rushed. That's so ironic. It seems the actor's story makes the drama of the character even more real and painful. There is even less time left for Sooho now. It breakes my heart. Sorry, I know it's just a drama, but this story really touched me.
  6. My heart is broken with the news... It's so sad How to continue watching the drama now?
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