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  1. I agree. The main problem is due to pirating issues streaming/downloading is only available in certain countries I don't mind waiting for DVDs as long as they release DVDs, so please, pretty please, pretty pretty please +praying+ Anyway, at least the movie has reached one country outside Korea, hope it will go further.
  2. Me too. I think it is now possible to watch it online but in Korean. I haven't been able to confirm it, but my thinking is it's CGV who brings this movie to Vietnam, the movie will be released in Vietnam from 22 March at most of the major cinema chains: CGV, BHD and Lotte - they all have advertised the movie on their social media. If my deduction is true, maybe CGV will also bring the movie to the countries where they own or partner with cinema chains? (Indonesia? China? Thailand?).
  3. I haven't been able to confirm it, but my thinking is it's CGV who brings this movie to Vietnam, the movie will be released in Vietnam from 22 March at most of the major cinema chains: CGV, BHD and Lotte. If my deduction is true, maybe CGV will also bring the movie to the countries where they own or partner with cinema chains? (Indonesia? China? Thailand?).
  4. I've been through a fair amount of negative emotions over the last 10 days, so please excuse me for doing throw-back again. "No matter what you say to me, I still believe in love"
  5. This article doesn't offer much new info, but is definitely much better written in my opinion. ---------------------- https://en.yna.co.kr/view/AEN20190221006900315 (Yonhap Interview) New film 'Uhm Bok-dong' pushes Rain to his physical limit All Headlines 14:29 February 21, 2019 SEOUL, Feb. 21 (Yonhap) -- Having entered the K-pop scene as a teenager, Rain, whose real name is Jung Ji-hoon, has shown no lack of stamina so far while staging physically challenging pop performances on the K-pop scene. Even given Jung's unusually well-built physique, filming "Uhm Bok-dong," a new drama film where he plays the main role, was a consuming physical challenge like never before. "Uhm Bok-dong" is an entertaining history film based on a colonial-era Korean cycle champion of the same name. Jung brought Uhm's character alive on the screen to shed light on the life of the little-known historic cyclist. Uhm won a series of national cycling competitions against powerful Japanese rivals during Japan's brutal colonial control of the Korean Peninsula from 1910-45. The film casts Uhm's winning streak as boosting the morale of Koreans under the brutal colonial rule and inspiring the spirit of fighting for independence. This image from the film "Uhm Bok-dong" was provided by Celltrion Entertainment. (Yonhap) 1 of 4 As he took up the role without a body double, Jung was subjected to an intense regime of training which required him to cycle around a 420-meter track for nearly 10 hours for more than six months. The total distance he has cycled for training and shooting may equal the distance around the globe, he said in an interview with Yonhap News Agency and other media outlets on Wednesday ahead of the film's release on Feb. 27. "As I circled the track, I was thrown into the thought of, 'Who am I? And where am I?,'" the 37-year-old said. "After repeating the routine endlessly, I felt like I had fallen into the pit of hell," Jung recalled. "The job was really demanding even for relatively healthy men like me, and for other supporting actors it caused complete exhaustion and some of them even threw up." The intense muscle exercise forced him to opt for a larger pants size as his thighs dramatically grew in girth. Through diet and exercise, he has nearly recovered his original size, according to Jung. "Uhm Bok-dong" is his first appearance in a Korean film in seven years since his last in the 2012 film "R2B: Return to Base." Veteran actor Lee Beom-su, who produced "Uhm Bok-dong" and played the role of an independence fighter and cycling trainer in the film, first handed the film's script to Jung, and he was instantly intrigued. "I found something dynamic in the script ... and I also thought that I could contribute to promoting the athlete Uhm Bok-dong who has not been well-known," Jung noted. The K-pop star also recently entered into much celebrated marriage life with prominent actress Kim Tae-hee. The two top stars wed in early 2017 and have one daughter. "After getting married and running toward the age of 40, I need to be more grown-up," he said. "But musicians tend to retain aspects of a child. Without it, they cannot catch up with the latest trends. It's an irony that I need to grow up, but at the same time I have to listen to the music of young people," Jung said. But he stopped short of mentioning his daughter, saying, "I want to draw a clear line between my family and career ... It seems that it will come back to me as a sword and arrow if I boast of my lovely daughter." He plans to maintain both of the two long-established pillars of his career as long as his capability allows. "As I have two occupations, I sometimes get confused myself. The time may come for me to have to give up one of them because a dance singer has an expiration date," Jung said. "Still, I will continue to dance as long as my body is capable of movement and want to extend that expiration date by carefully managing my fitness." Jung also said he is willing to act for indie films by student director. "As I am in the course of building my career as an actor, I hope I could work for a various range of films even in a small role," he said, voicing his hope to build a long acting career. Currently, he is in discussions over new roles in a TV drama series and a movie. Toward the end of the year, he will also release a new music album and go on a concert tour. (END)
  6. Oh yes, I find Hyun-wook and Se-na very cute too, but still Krystal wasn't quite there for the role in my opinion, especially for the emotionally heavy scenes. Am so head over heels with Lee Hyun-wook, I rewatch MLG as much as I do Full House because am totally in love with LHW, as much as I am with LYJ (haha, does it make me a two-timer? ) Thank you @willenette. I did see that link, maybe am a bit too cautious, but the fact that the DVD is not available anywhere makes me suspect this offer a bit. You know, I can watch the series with Eng sub online, I could even download them, so I don't know if this person just burns the DVD with the downloaded files or not, because usually sellers of DVDs show both the DVD set's front and back with info from the production company etc while this one only shows the front featuring the released poster of the drama and not much info. Besides, usually, DVD of Korean dramas has 4 episodes on 1 disc, so a 16-ep drama set would have 4 discs, a 20-ep - 5 discs - this offer has 6 discs ... Well, the bottom line is that I want to buy the product to indirectly support Rain, I really want anyone who produces his projects to make money, because indirectly it means he can make money. Being overseas, I can't help with rating so buying the original DVD is the only thing I could do to support him. As am a little worried with this ebay offer, most likely I'll go with the Japanese offer I think the Clouds group viewing is proceeding, the Clouds managed to rent a 126-seat theatre, but Rain won't be there, I think he's traveling. This one was posted 3 hrs ago, perhaps of him at airport? I saw the original post which caused a bit of concerns among his fans who saw it I think he was under lots of pressure because of the (unfair, in my opinion) criticism toward the movie But he recollected himself, edited the post, and managed to carry out all stage greetings gracefully
  7. I can't find Sketch Not even at yes24 I read the other day that it is going to be released in Japan in DVD, with Japanese sub, in May 2019, I may have to buy it from Japan and live with the Japanese sub version though I won't understand a word
  8. Thanks, have never ordered from yesasia I'll try these two places I agree, even though there are exceptions of course, a case in point: Full House. To be honest I think Full House is successful mostly because of the amazing chemistry between Rain and SHK and the good OST. Its PD did a very good job in pulling out one of the best chemistry on small screen for this show. Its plot is actually not as good, lots of back and forth and same scenes being repeated over and over. Then My Lovely Girl is a case when Rain's excellent performance couldn't save the weak plot In my opinion, Rain was much better as Lee Hyun Wook than he was as Lee Young Jae, but his co-star in MLG wasn't quite there and then the plot, especially that of the last 5 episodes, just damaged the show I still love MLG a lot, though, as am totally in love with Lee Hyun Wook - I really really love that character, with all his flaws and indecisiveness
  9. Am aware that subbing is a very hard work I know how it works and how much time and efforts it requires, I also know how difficult and delicate translation is. Am forever grateful to all the sub teams, can never thank them enough - subbing his dramas, his shows, his movies, his interviews, even his talks at concerts ... and in many cases the subbers do it for free! I really like the cast of Sketch, besides Rain, Lee Dong Gun and Lee Sun Bin (she is very good here), Jung Jin Young also delivered a very solid performance as Jang Tae Joon. I hope Rain is coupled with a similar good cast in his next drama. Your DVD of Sketch is subtitled? Eng sub? Really? Do you know where to buy it? Do I have to go to the actual store or can I order it online, please? Thanks in advance. You know what @willenette, I don't mind his curly poodle cut any more after his recent series of pictures haha. This man can pull off many kinds of looks and convince me easily +sigh+ Rain for Esquire March 2019 issue Rain for Never Mind
  10. Better definition clips of Rain's performance at Z-Pop Dream concert. This concert will be aired on KBS World TV on March 22, at 7.40pm KRT
  11. "Race to Freedom: Uhm Bok Dong" is the official English title of this movie. Am always ecstatic with any acting project by Rain, I love him on the screen, small or big. And a drama gets subbed quicker than a movie ... His last drama, Sketch, is a very good one - decent storyline, good cast, but the genre and the lack of a romance makes it a bit off the general public's taste ... I enjoyed it, though - I love Kang Dong-soo, who actually made me cry a few times. So far I've only seen DVDs released with Japanese subtitle, I hope JTBC releases it with Eng sub too because I really want to own a set +praying+ The screenwriter of "Living Two Lives Away" (well, let's use that title until the official is confirmed), Yoo Hee Kyung, wrote "Falling for Innocence" (or "Beating Again" on wikipedia). I haven't watched that but since he tackled corporate life once, I hope the plot this time is good. Storyline is the most important factor of a drama, so I hope Rain chooses carefully. Also, similar to his stage performances, he feeds off a lot from interaction, that means in dramas - from his co-star(s), so if he confirms I hope MBC lines up a good cast too. Well, that's a lot of hoping haha but there's no tax on hopes so ... let's hope away!
  12. "Race to Freedom: Uhm Bok Dong" is the official English title of the movie, please retweet this to support the cast and the production team, thank you.
  13. Soompi and me had a very difficult relationship over the last few days, it just refused to automatically embed my links. That is really the last straw for me, but am learning from this man to keep my spirit up and here am back again I guess this is just another "I did my best, but I guess my best wasn't good enough" moment for Bi. He has had quite a few of those moments along his journey but he's strong, respectfully strong I wish the reporter could ask better and more original questions and avoid the likes of "choosing between singer and actor" - this has been asked of him millions of times, or "less time into work after getting married" - hello? Since he got married and had his first baby, the man released a single and a mini album, filmed a movie as the male lead, took another lead role in a drama, hosted a reality show, held five fan-meetings in five different countries (including Korea), guested in numerous variety shows and talk shows, traveled to and performed at events, collaborated with DJ Aster and Ravi in a song for DJ Aster's album, performed in 5 concerts (including 2017 new year concert in Taiwan on new year's eve) - come on! Someone told me, for some reason he always receives less recognition than he deserves, or that people seem to expect too much out of him! They seem to think he could just walk in on set and cycle like a champ? or just show up at a concert or a variety show and dance like a genius? No practice? +shaking my head+. But, anyway, regardless of the questions, his answers are well said His recent sets of pictures are all so good, I absolutely love the series on Dispatch with him in the sunshine colour sweatshirt, the photographer is really good at catching his expressions. And here is Bi without make up on his 3rd day stage greeting in Daegu
  14. The Uhm Bok Dong cast will hold stage greetings in Seoul, Busan and Daegu on March 1, 2 and 3 Rain and Kang So-ra with musical actor Kim Ho-young at the VIP screening
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