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  1. Thank you @Aileen4ever I know that is a fact. That JH and SY are in a relationship before. Its not my delulu mind working. I know i was just joking when I said that. But I was torn on if brownies would be ok if I share all my thoughts about are bee couple. I dont mind what will haters will say about my thoughts. But i was concerned what will brownies will say. I was reading this whole thread. And going back and forth and stalking their IG from the start of their journey in WGM. As a newbie brownies. And not known them 4 years ago. This thread help a lot. It was reading a book of our bee couple. I like Song Hye Kyo and Rain. I love them in full house. I was young then. But keep believing they will end up together. Even if SHK had some relationship i still believe someday they will end up together. When rain got married i cried a lot. But imagine this. All i have about them is full house. All i have about them is their other dramas. All i have about them is just them. But in our bee couple. I have this thread. I have a lot of brownies keep believing and keep Fighting. I cannot give all my thoughts here if i only have WGM of our 02 coiple. If i only have their MOLS. If i only have their videos or their IG. Coz its been too long when they are seen together. For not knowing this thread before. I was really hurt that I like a new couple too much but I know they will not end up together. Coz all I have is their IG. All i know then is that they dont follow each other. That JH didnt like any 1 post of SY. That JH has a new GF. That JH has a new pet name blue because his new GF has a cat too. That JH was so sad maybe because they broke up with a girl and he really love him. And at that time i would say coz SY is your destiny. I was reading a piece of paper about them. Not the complete book. Just a piece of paper. And because I dont want to be hurt just like before. I keep my ground on my feet on not make so many delusional dream about them ending up together. But that was i feel. I was asking why you didnt end up together. Your WGM feels so real. It was not a virtual hug. It was not a so called i met you i like you and thats it. But you feel the emotions they've shared when you are watching them. And viewers will say they really like each other. They are not acting. It is true. So i still cried about them. And thinking again and again.. Are you my another rain and song hye kyo couple. Then find out of this thread. The piece of paper that i read about them is now turning to book. Al the memories of them. All the pictures. All the gif, videos fact and stories shared in this thread was a big help for someone like me that have not known them from the start of their journey. And it really overwhelmed me. Being in this thread is such an amazing journey. Now i know all the truth about them. Now i know that what i read on my piece of paper was not all fact. It was just reading a small content of the story but many parts are missing. Yes JH and SY is in a relationship before. It was a FACT. Thank you for our forum. And thank you too to JH for confirming. Thanks to him because now we know we are not in delulu that they ve been a true couple before. Thanks to busan namja man. But sharing my last part of thoughts. It really made me think if i want to share it. Coz there is still Incomplete parts. Their story is not finish yet. So im afraid to share it. Coz all I have this time is more of my delulu working. And thinking what if its only all coincidence. That I was really thinking too much. If only his 3 songs in his metropolis album has been translated to english. I maybe feel at ease. If only his last concert are sub with english on what he all said before his enlistment. I would feel completely at ease to share it. But somehow since some parts are missing im really afraid to share it. If only @MattieCat is here and translate it. How I wish she heard me. How i wish @MattieCat is not busy and pop up again in our thread. The reason why i am not confident to share all my thoughts coz when i was just starting to backread this forum and keep my delusional mind on my feet. I was once laugh on one of brownies thought about our couple. And said to myself. See it was just pure Coincidence. (sorry fellow brownies). Of course that exact day brownies read the situation in a delulu mode. And after wards. Days months passed. We know for a fact it was really coincidence. Purely coincidence. So in my thoughts what if I read it just purely coincidence. What if after 1year or 2 years have passed and all im thinking now is i am just thinking too much and here is another new brownies reading after 2 years from now read my thoughts and laugh at my thoughts and will said this girl are so in delulu mode. That's why im afraid to shared my last thoughts. Coz ive been there. Ive. Experience it while reading this forum.
  2. Thank you @luvtokki. Love your comments too for our bee couple. When I read your thoughts about appreciating my comments in our forum. And share my POV in certain things. I told myself I will write my final POV delulu. I dont want to post it really I told to myself this is the last. Coz I may too irrational And not being logical and just so delusional. But yes it inspire me. So see you brownies in last chapter of delulu mode on. I remember when I read @MattieCat translations and the share translations of tweets during his february concert. In one of their interview last 2017 during the promotion of their STAY GOLD Album. They've asked what is their fave song in that album. MH said only beauty of JH and JH said i like the butterfly of YH. He said its similar to his style of music. Then during his feb. Concert he said to the fans " when I include butterfly in my list of songs I thought it was my own compose song. But it is hyung compose song. You know weve been in the group for so long thats why we are much similar now. Back then when i was searching for all the compose songs of YH that I can relate to JH and try to connect each compose song about their story. And at first when i just searching for the title the song starting over is connected to them but when i read the eng translations it is haviing a party and enjoying. Having fun after a tired day. Then BOok I really relate it to JH and about his love to SY. I cried when I listen to the song the first time I heard it. Because for me when I was stalking their IG before I found this thread. JH was really sad. Then the song MiRROR. From my thinking it is YH song to JH. He was saying share your burden share your worries we can work it out coz we are here your brothers lending a hand to you. Then the butterfly, song.. When I saw the translations of the song i said this is another song for JH and SY that YH compose. Especially the lyrics is all about the lost love. That even if they are not together anymore he was still there for her. and he dont want to wake up to the dream and start his morning again. Yes he can just rewind their memories but he know he can never go back and said yes goodbye girl. Like his song STILL IN MY HEART. He said before when he do his album the mc ask him why it is almost in english (, i dont remember the exact words but the idea is... because in english since it is not his language The emotions of singing it maybe less. And if he write it in korean the emotions and the feels in the song come out to him.) In his february 2018 concert setlist of songs it is almost the same set of songs in his june concert. Just 2 songs are change.STILL IN MY HEART and BUTTERFLY he sing 20 songs and repeat hikari no machi in his encore. And in his June concert he sing 21 songs and repeat BLind love at the encore. He add LUCID DREAM, WHEN WE ARE YOUNG and I LOVE YOU. Since i want to listen to his version of butterfly i keep on searching on you tube if there is a shared video. I want to see his expression while singing that song.. But just an audio concert of his feb. 1 and feb. 2 concert. We know that he is so emotional during that time. And fans are crying when he sing because they feel his burden. He said i want to be energize you are my energy but looking all at you at the floor you are all crying.. And even said you can cry but Im not because i am a professional person. ( not really the exact words but, pretty much close to whatI read in our first thread) Then I listen to the audio clip shared in you tube. He cant contain his emotion while singing this song. When he sing on the part of morning starts again.... and icant go back..... I came to understand what I have lost....Sayonara girl. AND HE stop singing. I cant hear his voice only the back up singer. And start singing again after the silhoutte part... Then I listen ro his feb. 2 concert coz maybe im wrong. That maybe it is part of how they sing it. But in his feb. 2 concert he sing that part along with the back up singer. And the way he spill the word I love you you can really feel it. The butterfly song starts in 01.24.30.
  3. This is the last concert of JH. Even if it is long I watch it 3x. And since I'm a new fan of CNBLUE I search all the title he sang in his concert so I can understand what is the meaning of each song he sing. But sad to say I'm just relying to google and you tube. Maybe it has on twitter but I dont have a twitter account. But his Metropolis album most of his japanese song are no translations in English in google and in you tube. Hope @MattieCat is not in hiatus and she can translate the song in his album and translate what he say to the fans during the concert. This is the song list of this concert. STARRY PLACES TIME MACHINE (i cant find translations) PINACOLADA FOXY CALL ME CRY TO HAPPY (no trans) ONLY BEAUTY KILLING ME SOFTLY ( no trans) SMILE 2ND part of the concert when he change to white polo with red collar. He really looks good in white.. LUCID DREAM THESE DAYS VOICE I LOVE YOU WHEN I WAS YOUNG BLIND LOVE HEADTRIP SHINE SHINE DROP encore MOONLIGHT SWING HIKARI NO MACHI DE (no trans) STARLIT NIGHT and BLIND LOVE again I really love the way he sings. He sings from the heart. He really feel his music. And when he sing I LOVE YOU. You can really feel the emotions. He was only sitting and closing his eyes. And when he open his eyes he look at the camera intently as if talking to someone. The part of the song ( we thought our love wasnt possible because it was too beautiful) then close his eyes again the whole time while singing it. And when the last part of the song (.... Put on that smile that stole my heart as you walk away. That way I can find you wherever you are. If we meet again promise me one thing. Let's make our love continous so we dont have to say such painful goodbye ever again) he both use his hands to hold the microphone. As if it was his lifeline. And singing the song as if he was out of breath because of the emotions he was giving while he sing it. I watch his other videos while singing I LOVE YOU. But on this concert you can really feel the pain the way he sing it. And lets continue. The part 2 of my bee couple story
  4. I was reading a lot. And hope brownies would forgive me if I share my POV about our couple afer reading the 1998 pages of our first thread. I know you are not leaving in a fairytale. You all always leave in reality. I am too. But I cannot convince myself that what I feel is just my imaginations. I even shared to the forum the BOOK song written by YH and said that maybe he write the song because of what he see in JH during those times. I hold back myself from writing here. I first stalk their IG before I know this thread. And looking at his IG post especially all the cover song it makes me believe that he is really sad. Then I watch almost all the shared video during those times and I still felt the same that JH was really look sad. When I read all the shared translations of his interview here It really hit my heart and I cannot hold back anymore from writing my sentiments of him being sad when I watch sub video of their 8th anniversary fan meeting. I put it in spoiler in case you dont wanna read it. But I am really happy right now that's why I want to share again all my thoughts about them. I really dont want to write it because maybe you will say Im just being soo delusional. I even think of writing a fanfic last night but I am not a good writer and my english is bad. And I am not good at conveying the feelings the sweet moments that a fanfic story must have. So I cant contain it anymore. And share my thoughts..
  5. I remember when I first join this forum I had so many questions about them and so many worries too. But only asking question and share some thoughts. Then as I go on I even shared a long post when I saw how sad JH is. I give my sentiments on our first thread coz that time it really broke my heart when I see him like that. And you brownies heal my heart. As I read all the post again I never thought I would cry again reading all the translations interview of JH when I felt that he was really sad during those times. The difference now is I have a calm heart now. More on a postive thoughts and keep believing that there is always a miracle happen in our lives. Loving SY and JH is a great feeling. I enjoy every moment watching them. I enjoy reading all the comments here. And somehow I found it miracle to me. Knowing them in my lowest point of my life and smiling again is hard to find for me during those times. But I really did smile and laugh and giggle and excited watching them.
  6. during this time JH always post about finding happiness. And he always post I am happy. Be happy. And SY Interview for Cosmopolitan Korea, June 2018 Issue: Cr.: gongleeglobal ---------------- Gong Seungyeon, "My role model is Son Yejin... she's an actress I really want to take after." (Blink at me if you know what I mean ) In the interview with Cosmo, Seungyeon will reveal her loves and happiness. She introduced a poem in the book '시로 납치하다,' that when she thinks of the ultimate kind of love is something you see more lovely and beautiful after going through a lot of hardships together. She adds, "I've found that happiness is not something you need to search for, but is something found in the small things in our daily lives." She goes on to explain that her idea of happiness is to be thankful for anything. She also reveals that she's 'very hard on herself.' Even though she's an actress who has never had an acting controversy since she was a rookie, she says, "When I watch myself, I always see issues with how I act." When asked about what Gong Seungyeon's best weapon as an actress, she responds, "It might be steadiness, patience, and perseverance? And I can really stay up well late at night?" Gong Seungyeon is a joy to work with, she brightens up the atmosphere with her pleasant smiles and laughter. More on the June issue of Cosmo Korea. ================================================= Thanks @MattieCat for always sharing the interesting bits of JH interviews Wow... I finish reading the thread from page 1 to 1998. Although I was backreading it before I read it all over again. When I read something I try to be rational and forget my delulu mood. But its keep appearing im my mind as I was continually reading the thread at the very end. Sorry brownies for posting a lot. I am just so happy and maybe live in a fairytale land because of my state of mind today. We all see all the coincidence about them. And here is the big coincidence To be continue.... I copy this post about SY interview in june 2018 to @ahnborabora post thanks to her and credit @MattieCat too. Cr to gongleeglobas and gsyinternational
  7. Sorry for this browmies i want to copy what @Aileen4ever post from the 1st thread but it comes out like this.
  8. https://mobile.twitter.com/beewnies/status/1084679808544530432/photo/1 Hi brownies. Just asking in this twitter account ( I saw it from beehive chat room) When does this picture of SY taken. And when did JH start his vacation.
  9. Hi brownies.. Thank you for the new thread. For all the effort to create a new one. As a new fan of our bee couple I really learn a lot from all of you guys. And our bee couple really touch my heart. When I accidentally watch them last july 2018 I was really down then. And watching them is one of the greatest things happen to my life during those days. And as I continue to read this thread my spirit up. Positive thoughts come to mind. And looking back to my old self I smile because brownies and bee couple make me appreciate small things in life now. Hope for the best for our bee couple. And yes to another 2000 pages. Can we add the Brownie Hive Chat link. I am a silent lurker on that chat room. Thanks brownies.
  10. Thank you @luvtokki. And thank you @happy2bhere. You made my day. Yesterday I send you a message about wanting to know your POV in that awards night. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for watching the video so that you can give your observations. Somebody help me!!!
  11. http://naver.me/GPwEAZLk Remember this fnc picnic in 2015 when cnblue sang lovelight. Watch JH and SY dance in the car Watch how SY dance Is"nt it familiar. Brownies said how they love JH watching dance. And keep thinking maybe SY give him a dance lesson. But dear brownies no one pointed out that the particular dance he do in that FNC picnic while singing lovelight. Is the dance move they do while they are in the car. The dance he move is what SY dancing in that red light tower. See brownies. Aug. 5 2015 the day when SY dance to JH. Aug.6 2016when they do that rock movement dance in the car. And on that day Aug. 11 2015 during the FNC picnic. He do that dance moves. Right at that moment I was in heaven. For me this is how SY affected her. Remembering all the things they do together. And it stuck on his mind. He do that everywhere while promoting their cnblue album. All the radio promotions he keep doing that dance move. Not that really bold. But when he feel like dancing he do that beat. Doing head moves. Tapping his hand and literally stop when he realize it was been broadcast. He even do that in chinese happy camp where brownies get angry again to JH. Not that long coz happy camp edited that particular movement of JH. But you can still see he do the moves. Yes WGM is a great impact to SY life and so as to JH. Remember in nov. 2017 when he is doing an interview What if someone confess the love for him is he like that like on his drama that he will ignore that person. And he replied " No i will never do that." i never exactly remember what he said coz its been too long when i read that. I was backreading this thread before when I read it. But the idea is he will never do that coz he might regret it. And keep thinking he will do all just to protect that person even if it is make him look like a bad person. It happen brownies. All brownies who comment in that 2015 that maybe JH is just protecting SY. Yes he really protect SY. Remember when one of the brownies @Boch spotted them in FNC on aug. 19 2015. And boch said the fans are waiting in that fnc building and dont look happy and they look angry. See JH was walking alone but boch said to this thread that he wants SY to hurry using his hand. He is not on his SY side. Because JH know if he will on SY side at that moment SY might get hurt or hear crazy comment. And he can let it happen. And looking back when they are in the airport and JH look upset and not lovey dovey to SY. Because at that moment he is protecting our SY again. There were so many people in the airport. And he keep mentioning it. Why there is so many people. And one brownies said why he have that look.. Because he is in a hurry and want to get their luggage asap. He really want to get out of that airport. Coz SY might hurt and hear crazy comment. He. Is avoiding that. It is not the same anymore when they do the zoo date. Maybe they did not get more attention on knetizens during those times. But as they continue the programs. Probably more knetizens are angry at SY. And maybe he was lost at that moment thinking they were saying goodbye. During his Fan meeting in 2015 in japan I think. It was posted here too in our thread someone asked you are having a summer vacation and answer yes but easily go back becauze there was a problem. In my delulu mind that problem would be FNc decided to end his WGM. Here is my thought it could be all wrong but yes delulu mind again. FNC didnt know his vacation in cancun mexico. After the july 8 shooting of WGM. Maybe JH is thinking oh I need fresh air. I need to breath. Is this real. Is this really happenning to me. Doing this aegyo Oh I'm not JH anymore. SY what did you do to me.I keep doing what you want me to do when you are doing all your aegyo. And I'm scared to death to dis obey you coz I might lose you. ( delusion overload. And realize at that moment he need to go) maybe I would be back to being JH again if I will free my mind and get a vacation. But when he is on cancun all that he is thinking is SY. And reading the interactions between his manager and SY. What was that farewell thing. What are they talking about. What will happen on aug. 5. And maybe he plan a long vacation but instantly back to korea after a week because of that problem. And yes he was aloof to SY during that day especially in the airplane reading books. I was thinking in the airport he was protecting SY. But why are you reading books in the airplane with SY on his side. Old JH back again. The Busan man. Maybe at that moment he was thinking we will parting our ways I should be back to my old self again. And yes @happy2bhere thank you for saying how SY keep being bubbly and let JH open again. JH cannot really resist SY charm. And do that honey bee thing again. My last post for today. Back to read this thread again. My hearts feel warm now when I finally said all my opinion. And still hurt a little because of that award. Off topic And i really hope @happy2bhere read SKJ and GSY body language during that award. Does she see something special. or it was a typical meet and greet again after a long time.Even if it will kill me I would love to hear a word from you happy2bhere.
  12. The lie behind that lie detector test. Yes brownies WGM confused us again. See this particular scene. How they are sitting together doing the first part of lie detector test. This episode really want me to slap JH for scaring her. Can you see the clock when they are entering in their house. I was so confused it looks like 10:55 but looking at the beer in the table make me realize yes WGM editing really sucks. But thanks to @happy2bhere POV. See that clock again 10:40. But look at the beer. It is no longer on the table. When JH singing the I Love You. When SY doing lie detector test and JH first try to do the lie detector test. It was all the same right. Before they go together to that scary room. And when happy2bhere pointed it out that JH really want to make it up with SY saying "I'll do something else. See the beer it was on the side of SY my delulu mind. She is so upset with JH and drank that beer ( and that beer belongs to JH. Pabo laugh) SY beer is on the other side. She was sitting on that side when they are eating and that beer is JH beer and she drink it. . And look at SY red slippers too. When I read @happy2bhere POV in this particular scene. That SY was really upset to JH and don't know if how long SY got upset to JH.and making the scene more vivid to me when happy2bhere said when she read the translations when SY said to JH " Right now you just dont know what to do, right" and JH answer " uh huh I'm so confused". And happy2bhere hit me again with that observations. I cannot observe and watch every detailed that happen to this episode. Coz WGM editing is really crop. When you watch it you just go with the flow. But happy2bhere point it out. And all brownies said why WGM cut that moment. That we love to see how SY and JH interactions when SY is upset to JH and maybe WGM cut all cheesy moment again. JH part 2 of doing the lie detector test. It was all different on how they sitted together the first time JH do the lie detector. There is no beer on the side. But when he said i dont have a tongue. I'm not LJH see the beer was on SY's side. Yes WGM editing really sucks. They confused us. We all say that it's JH revenge to SY for making her doing that Aegyo. But reading @happy2bhere comment and watching this episode again and again. Yes i realize. The scaring moment happen before that aegyo part. JH and SY do the first lie detector test. SY got so upset to JH. SY was so aloof with JH she didnt even smile and touch him. Yes she bite her lips when JH sang the I Love You song. Maybe trying hard to really smile at that moment. Coz somehow she know JH already melt her heart. And when SY said "the song you've sang until now" i realize she is not talking about the I love you song. She was saying and make me think that how many songs JH played to her and JH keep repeating the mistake again and again. Coz he always sang the wrong song. And she knows JH was really confused and don't know what to do. And that's when she said " right now you've just dont know what to do right." and forgive JH and how she melt my heart when she touch JH arm so her nampyeon would get back to his senses again and at that moment JH second part of doing lie detector test happen again. And to make sure that her wife really forgive her he tell to her " what else I'll do something else" and SY's response " is that right" and make him do that aegyo. It was all WGM editing. Brownies are really hard to JH when he Scare her. But SY is right JH just wanted her to overcome her fears. It is not a revenge. Because that part hapoen before JH doing the aegyo. He was really upset when he see SY teary eyed. And got all confused how he make her back again coz he know SY really mean it when she said" this is the first time I was so upset with you". Doing all his might even if it is in that uncomfortable moment. Doing anything is all on his mind just to make her laugh again and forget that scary room. And even if he said that " he can't really do that aegyo" and easily give up that manly side of him when that death stare happen. And after doing it as if saying to himself but he blurted it out " LJH really change a lot". He is not afraid of that stare. He is afraid SY will get upset again to him and not talk to him again. He is the one who said ill do something else. As if saying yes let me do what you want me to do i will bravely do it. And doing that aegyo after seeing that look on SY face he do it. Just to make her laugh. And doing the gwiyomi he do it with no akwardness. Because in his mind if doing this aegyo thing make you smile and happy and forgive me it's all worth even if inside it really tear him apart.. And blurted it again " this is how LJH collapsing". And see his teary eyed. SY caress her. Coz at that moment SY know JH really care for him. And realize how hard for his nampyeon do aegyo things.
  13. JH Dream wedding? Maybe a classic wedding. It was all started on JH not liking SY dress on their wedding day. A bad day for JH and a bad week for this thread during those times. But after watching this episode and reading our B.E.S.T team translations. Yes it was really a bad day to JH. For me JH was really in the bad mood that day was because it was not his plan. It was not his dream wedding that comes on his mind. JH and SY always have a say or plan their own WGM events. But as you read JH words its not his dream wedding ( and really had a bad day coz its WGM wedding plan that took place in that very special event. Its their wedding it should be plan by them. On how to execute it. BUT its WGM program so WGM wins) But for all the fun and laughters happen on that day JH simply said " It seems that the wedding wasn't bad at all." Coz it is on his mind. It would be a bad wedding day. Playing doing that, doing this. And finally admit to the end oh WGM wedding plan for me and SY wasn't bad at all it turn out well. Thinking it would be a bad day his mood turn out bad back then. And looking at SY wedding dress making his mood feel worse. If he just realize and probably not thinking too much of their wedding plan and go with the flow with what WGM want to do. I'm sure JH will really appreciate the 1st wedding dress that SY wear. But yes JH blow it up he wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Yes indeed maybe he wanted a classic wedding. Because classic is forever.
  14. JH kiss to SY Hi brownies. Posting again. Remembering days. And wish I was here in this forum during this time. My POV in this scene was all different from you. Yah my delulu mind. Pabo laugh. Agree or dis agree. (miss that comment too). Never mind. Just wanted to really share my own thoughts and more to come. Sorry brownies really wanted to erase the hurt I'm feeling right now because of that award. And somehow it works. Maybe tomorrow I start to read again from where I stop. But now let me. Post again and again. You all say SY dont want that kiss. But in my delulu mind she really wanted it then. Yes while their talking at the table she initially turn her cheek to JH. It was a cheek kiss really. But during those fluttering moment. The gaze, the talk and touching intimately somehow she changed her mind for wanting a cheek kiss only or peck on the lips. (in my delulu mind they already talk that they dont do a lip kiss. Because of JH fan. It will be a big disaster if that will happen. And they both agree in that. And SY as a shy girl will really agree to that) See how SY bite her lips. She even made a wide eyes. Maybe mesmerize and thought of JH will kiss me. For one second there when SY doesnt turn her cheeks. Look at JH. He is looking at her and even had a wide eyes too coz SY is not turning her cheeks and just face to face with him for 1 second. In his wide thought omoo omoo it can't be ( in my delulu mind while his doing that wide eyes gaze to SY he tap SY and instantly SY turn her cheeks.) And now you can see a smile on JH face and give that cheek kiss. Even though it is really hard for him and really controlling himself for not kissing her on the lips. Because she wanted to protect SY from all his fans. Yes brownies my delulu mind. Pabo JH laugh again.