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  1. Hi there... Hoping if you can translate the meaning of the song or the lyrics of Lee jong hyun songs in his METROPOLIS ALBUM. I cant find english subtitles of his song... TIME MACHINE, KILLING ME SOFTLY, CRY TO HAPPY and STARRY PLACES. Thank ypu
  2. https://www.instagram.com/p/BnxB5DqHt7uyljLizg1QcFDNHEjeTW1MvXoDi00/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=1vm6g72w6a9qx Just wanted to share...Before I found out of this thread and just stalking SY and JH IG's. I don't have an instagram before but because I wanted to see them I create one. And reading some news of them in google ( since I'm a new gonglee fans..reading some rumors about JH new gf etc...I'm really hurt when I stalk JH instagram and watching video of him with his cat ( LU). coz I never see his 2 dogs in his IG. And make me think of ...oh he has a new pet ( cat ) becoz his Gf has a cat too. And his too sweet with Lu.. that my heart get hurt ( thinking oh maybe you're talking to your gf and not with LU. ) Coz I see Bami in SY IG's around oct. of 2017. And I see LU in JH IG' s around jan..2017. And even his profile pics or ( IG's story is picture of LU. His MAY 20 post with a caption of Miss u. ) Since I just barely know them and instantly hooked by their lovestory in WGM. I really cried that day. And I even stop stalking their post. I just continue watching their wgm episode and started watching wgm episode from season 1. Coz some news say JH and SY was a copy cat of goguma couple..etc...and it was just scripted. I used to believe that WGM is scripted. So I never really watch WGM. but accidentally watching them I really feel.the reality and their feelings for each other is real. Going back to BAMI and LU. Then I found out of this thread. And I read it here that bami is adopted by SY during MOLS production ( 2016) and he' s true dad is JH. I come out with that conclusion. Coz someone post here a video of bami. And in one post of friend or manager or staff tagging JH. she commented on that post "is that JH cat" and even deleted that comment. And reading that news..I was really happy. And started to like LU. and watch all the video of JH and Lu. Right at that moment I was in my delusion that when JH posted about LU. He was talking to SY or miss SY.And his last post of Lu (march 2018)as if he was talking with someone..Camera on lu then both of them.. JH eyes was seriously looking at the camera while caressing Lu. ( I maybe wrong but forgive me for my delusion. ) And recently looking at Bami's post. One day after JH updated his IG. BAMI post standing up as if a soldier Is that a big coincidence. ( or maybe he miss papa bear too. )
  3. yes i also watch this video...and while watching it... i smile and giggle and said to myself... yeah SY is JH cinderella. ( and The band maybe know it. That's why YH write a song about cinderella ) When I watch previous wgm episodes. Even season 1. I'm not finish with season 2.. But looking at some of the episodes in you tube.. You can really see that a lot of couple is hugging while sleeping on the same bed. Even bbyu couple did that.. But JH and SY did not do that kind of scene. Yeah their first night is sleeping in one room but not in one bed ( and SY father was so affected and he didnt even want to talk about it.) And in the roof top they are not hugging too. Even though they sleep together.And after the honeymoon escapade and they go to their resort room..after spending the night the next scene is in the pool. Coz SY father is so conservative and maybe telling " you should go home before midnight or else "
  4. it is awesome and so coincidence.. Coz while seing the IG of one of SY bff163. That she look so sad and I am really affected of that photo. I even sent a message to our JH instagram yesterday..Even if I know he cannot read it.. and here he comes posting an update.. ( Im in my delulu now ...I know he is just posting an update becoz of the event in his military enlistment. But I'm thinking... he posted a photo to say... " hey cheer up.. I am okay. Don't be too sad..)
  5. And I also said and thinking that "BOOK" song by CNBLUE compose again by YH is again for JH. lyrics...when i was younger i would run away and read the books I treasured everyday( he loves reading books. And looking at his old videos he was really silent not the talkative person type. He live in his own world ) .....then the hero jump right off the page. You set me out of my cage ( remember the song HERO compose by JH. His life big hero.. he learn to fall in love. And the song he made until they were old he hold her hand and hugging me and that great love I think I know what it is now.... And SY is his hero. He do things that really unusual to him ) .....You shined a light on all that I can do. Gentle but stronger, laughing, crying too.Never afraid to show yourself. You brought me out of my shell. ( reading this thread even SY got a lot of bad comments he still like JH photos. GENTLE but STRONGER right. We did not see her in their concert but doing those small things even a lot of hard comments will come. She still doing it. Cheering them doing even promoting cnblue. Never afraid to show herself.. And I also read in this thread and I even search for it. Her interview that her last cry is on june 30, 2016 ( the last episode of her drama ahe cried a lot) but this thread and me thinking also it was becoz of what JH controversy during that time ) ....What happen inside my soul, when did I stop to give it up. Now that I'm older I feel a hole. I'm going back I wanna open up. ( maybe someting happen and they broke up. I really believed in that. Coz during those times he do a lot of sad song in his IG. and he said he play song when he is sad in one of his interview. Maybe as he gets old and thinking of what happen. He really feel dissapointed and he wanna look back ) ....I open A BOOK AND MY STORY TO SEE YOU AGAIN. I know that YOU'RE THERE FOR ME. REMEMBER THE TIMES WHEN YOU GIVE ME THE STRENGTH TO BEGIN. I know you're A PART OF ME. Take a step at a time. Coz' I gotta believe I'm gonna make a CLIMB. When I gotta be STRONG and I have to be BRAVE. I KNOW YOU'RE COMING ALONG. ( and remembering the past makes him back again when they were together. And I read before that JH even have a depression before. But his 2016 controversy maybe his abit disturbed. But looking at his interview and doing his solo album he is somewhat tired but look happy. He even gain weight. And maybe SY is his strength during those times. But something maybe really happen. Maybe when he is STRONG enough and have a courage to tell the world that he found his GREAT LOVE . JH know she will be there for him) .........Reading your story like a time machine. I hope the pages never disappear in MY HEART and YOU LIVE FOREVER WITH ME. (And yes...maybe or will be after this two years we will know their destiny..even so many years will pass maybe they will find each other at the end of their journey.)
  6. I really believe in my delulu that they date before.. and stalking them in their IG and missing them makes me search for their old videos. SY,JH and cnblue interviews... and digging all the info made me sad for thinking they broke up. Im busy with my work.. Im reading this thread backward.. im in my just on my 1563 pages. And Im not a cnblue fans but looking for jh older videos i learn to like all of them. When I said before that youre so fine and cinderella is the song made by yonghwa to jh and sy. And yongseo shippers comments say its the song made by yonghwa to seohyun. Maybe I'm wrong for I only know them recently. But if the title means "youre so fine" could be" youre so pretty" just like JH always told to Sy. And it wil be too obvious ( sorry Im just saying my opinion for the song.. especially when YH said he do compose a lovesong by observing the people around him being in love and being broken and make note of them )Especially the first stanza.. that he was lucky having meet SY.coz they all said JH need a girl that will tame him(something like that not the exact words becoz JH is a kind of person really like doing what he wants ) This song perfect chemistry and selfies... they do so much selfies in their IG right ( maybe to inspire each other ) and as JH meets SY his feelings for her grow. And maybe its embrassing becoz hes a busan man.. But him being cheesy every episode air in their WGM. And the chorus of the song really describe how JH feel towards SY ( Delulu again ) And the last stanza ( we know that yongseo couple are not close in their first meeting ) the lyrics said ...since the day I met you until this moment I fall deeper in love with you baby..( JH fell for SY the first time they met. So I really believed that Yonghwa did this song is inspire of what he sees in JH falling in love )
  7. Good morning.. Its been a while when I post my point of view of our namja man being sad before his enlistment. And become okay. Try to analyze all the happy thoughts you've shared. But now I"m a bit sad again. Did you see this post. Hope this is not a stolen shot.. Just 163bff making a pose for the picture. Becoz in this phote.. our GSY looks sad..
  8. This song make me cry as i continue playing it. Then watching their fan meeting in their 8th anniversary. ( i just watched it yesterday morning. )It hit me so hard. While making those delusion that they were a couple. And that they are still togerher becoz of their nerdy clothes. After his enlistment everthing will turn out so well. But when i watch this video I really cried a lot. And becoz i search for the eng sub of cnblue song. I look for a video for book coz i said the lyrics is somewat sad when i read it before on google. And yes many realization coming from my brain. That for me.. Yes they were truly a couple. They hide it to the public. But along the way something happen. He broke up with her ( thinking of all the cover song he play in his IG ) . when he play let it be by beatles. ( thinking yes let it be if they were not meant to be let it be) . Playing the blowers daugjter. That yes he can move on if he finds anorher girl. But in july 2017 cover song. ( work song, i dont realize it back then, half moon ) all this song is about regret. memories , abandon ing hislove, that yes he did wrong to her but his baby is his savior. He feel.empty without her. How he misses her. Aug. cover song like a star. That even if they argue all the time . The girl is his heaven in earth and it feels dark when she is not on her side. And he play a lot of song in sept. 2017. He even share his compose song. Back in time, Lalalala, you clouds rain, all my life. All about looking back on memories. wishing he could back again with her. And his compose song. Remembering the girl she dearly loved. and isnt it in sept. he comment in SY ig. My mind keep thinking he comment becoz he cant hold back what he feels. He need to say it. He need to tell her. Yes he is wrong for hurting her. His october cover song walking through memories- he want to go back with her but all he had is memories. let it go he try to move on what is broke just let it go and forget. I dont want to associate the song effort coz i dont like the meaning of the song maybe he was just so sad and keep thinking all his effort is not working out. And he commented on her IG again. But realize how can he move on if all the memories is there. So as days go by he deleted all the pictures and unlike all the photos he likes, later on he unfollow her. ( this is what flows in my hurt and sad mind) sorry really for the bad english and for this long convo. I really do like to express all. Then there he goes the dec. cover song . SING FOR YOU. That he missed his chance but he will try again.( ill try to hold on to this song. Maybe their get back together.When i watch this before ) This song make me thinks somehow there is hope as those sad thoughts keep blowing on my mind. But then there is contrail ( I have to laughed even if its forceful. Its too high for me to stay) such a sad song. ( one of his interview he said he like to sing a song when he is so sad. The mc said oh are you sad now coz you always sing a song in your IG. And he just laughed. Oh really hit me so bad. Thinking JH was really sad and heartbroken. He is not sad becoz of the enlistment and be separated from her. But he is deeply sad coz he dont know what the future will bring to him and to her Coz he lost his one great love. He lost his chance for hurting her. He once had her but miss it.Looking those interviews looking tired, so sad not really participating. And one of those interviews the mc try to make them cry. MH and JS said they cannot do it. And mc said to him you really cry. Why but all of you are actors.. and JH said my life is full of sorrow. and the two reply coz our life is happy. Happy. I keep thinking now can he cope with loneliness and sadness.( Maybe I hope he can. ) And upon realizing this and all the thoughts that come to my mind and listening to cnblue song BOOK it really makes me sad knowing that JH was in deep sadness. He just want to act normal.look.happy but he is not. And thinking that fan meeting on their 8th anniv eventhough YH is talking to their fans he is really talking to JH. YH said " every one say be healthy to people around you. Be happy. You said that a lot right...but...." then he look to JH. And JH said " take a seat, take a seat". Coz thats what JH always said Be happy. Im happy. But along the way he is not really that happy. Thanks and sorry again for sharing this long.
  9. BOOK by CNBLUE yonghwa made this song.. lyrics and music. It really makes me cry. I was thinking if this song was made by jung yonghwa for LJH. Why do i think of that. In one of cnblue interview with " A Song For You Show". They have a challenge that while singing the first verse of their song at the same time he will composr a lalullaby song. And Yonghwa said he can do it. And making a lalubby song about three BEARS. mama, papa and baby bear. Yonghwa failed coz singing while writing is hard he said. And while YH is writing MH Tap the back of JH and JS said wow. And then I remember while playing and watching the song of them I thought "Youre so Fine " is a compose song of JH for SY. But when i searched for it oh it was YH compose song.And I connect the two. And my so called instict ( for me it was really a song for SY ) i was confirming when i watch their interview in Yu Huiyeol sketchbook. " he said why does YH really compose of a song about love didnt paparazzi caught you. something like that. And YH answer " I just watch people around me fall in love and fall out of love. I take down notes " And watching that interview I even connect the song Cinderella to JH and SY. Oneby one I was looking for the eng sub of YH songs from 2015onwards. And my delusion tell me that song he made ( cinderella and Youre so fine ) Is what he sees in JH falling in love. It really feels heaven. Especially the song JH made on his solo album. But confuse becoz someof his song is about break up. Then watching that interview JH said 2014 " I really love to do a song about hope and dreams but love song compliment korean language so I ended up writing about love and parting. Maybe the parting song in his solo album is a compose song of him before WGM. And MOONLIGHT SWING is a song that JH really feels to SY. All are there. And hearing that song makes me feel alive that they were truly a couple. And making of my delusion that YOU'RE SO FINE and CINDERELLA is what YH seen in JH. I come to the conclusion that they are truly a couple. Watching those interview I thought 2016 was a very sad year to JH. But I was wrong. As I continue watching their interview it made me realize that mid half of 2017 to 2018 is the saddest year for JH ( correct me if Im wrong. As i continue watching it. It make me sad too and now tears fallin on my face. Why do I feel this ) On those interview especially in 2018 JH was just go with the fllow. Not really making an effort to be alive and happy.Watching their Nagoya interview with out YH ( Oh tears falling again hope someone make my mind clear ) MH and JS was so funny. I never thought of MH that way coz he was always silent( or maybe YH was so powerful that he cannot say a bit ) I dont know if it is the day 1 or the day 2.( it has no subtitle . i Just watching the reaction of them when jh wear white and js wear yellow.. and while looking at the picture on the screen MH was looking to JH so disturbed of what JH is acting. He and js want to make the show fun but looking at Jh he is really disturbed and sad. or maybe I just dont know what they are talking about. But Jh was not really holding his microphone.. unlike before he constantly butt in. But his recent interview and fan meeting . He just answer when mc is talking to him. I even saw their japan interview and he was just cooking in the middle of interview. It was sept. 14 2017 . He look tired. He said becoz of work he lacks of sleep.Continue warching those fan meeting interviews, i try to console my heart that maybe becoz of his enlistment.He would be apart for Sy. Thats why he is so sad. But I know he is happy.Coz thats what he always say be happy.And keep believing they were a couple those nerdy thing they wear. They were my hopes. But why i had a feeling that he is really sad.
  10. Hi every one..Im so sad really. This is what i feel right now. I try hard not to write but I know you will give me some good advice to cope up with what I feel and what i think ..Sorry for my bad english..And sorry if i will post long. Eventhough ive known our gonglee couples for such a short time they really touch my heart. Ive been a stalker of them..And reading this thread (i am on my 1712 page.. may 2016 ) i have a high hopes that maybe someday our dreams come true or maybe not. But still if not I still love both of them. And missing them make me scroll all the news about them..And while doing that i love cnblue band now. I even love the songs they play. And as I say I still didnt finish watching they're WGM episodes and my only love song. Coz i really want to compare theyre wgm episodes and their other drama. I am on a season 2 of wgm and watching all of them no one really compared for our gonglee couples. How they touch my heart, how they make my heart giggle. That we know that the feeling was there and we know that it is real. I watched almost the interview of our bee couple. Coz i really miss them. And asking why GSY did not making a post in her IG i think she miss Jh too. Before I found out of this thread and stalking their IG. I always leave a comment to JH cover song in his IG. I even wrote the eng lyrics on it. And asking why this man play a sad song a break up song did she broke up with the girl ( the girl link to him when he is fishing on feb 2017.) And i felt happy. I really thought that girl is his gf , then found this thread and glad that oh it was just a rumour. As days goes by and watching cnblue concert and interview and i become a fan of them. They're really funny. ( started 2015 fan meeting and interview) And it strikes me as i continued watching them. Why JH seem so sad and look tired. I back track some of their interview 2012 2013 2014.. and jh was not really talkative. But he is jolly when he answer the question. But really not that active when I see his interview in 2015 to first half of 2017( forgive me for my delulu i watch those interview to see jh if he was so happy during wgm days mols days and during the controversies. And indeed he was so happy and full of life. even during controversies. He even gain weight during those times. And watching some of them I learn to know more about him. That he really do what he likes, Not doing drama in his early days because of his busan accent. A Stubborn child. He love to dream and full of hopes. Live his life to the fullest. But somehow easily get frustrated. I even know other members too. And it really bothers me seing him in his latest interviews from end of 2017 to 2018 he seem sad. I started to cry. It really affects me.
  11. hi every one.. just love to share tbis. Maybe one of my delusion. I visit the cnblue tou tube website and watch their switzerland vacation..From some of the videos jh is busy in his cellphone. amd when. So cute the 3 of them.. But iy makes mo so much happier when they are in flee market. leejungshin is busy buying things..then jh he was jusy passing by. Just looking and continue walking... but when he see an icecream store.. he stop and make a smile...the memories of icecream
  12. Question. Im just curios. coz i scroll every picture in instagram of jh and sy. ( and i'm really sad that i never see any picrures of them together eapecially MOLS. And i didnt see any pictures that jh like sy pictures on instagram. and i got an answer because jh deleted and unlike all the pics. So sad again coz i didint see all the pics. ) My question is bami SY cat.. i first see june or july of 2016. and JH cat 2017 of jan. And I see news that they know where did JH got blue. Is it park shinye. And who give bami to SY. it really troubles me.. the cat of JH. coz at that time news from JH had another girl. and that girl also had a cat. and she is a friend of park shinye. And ssinz is a really close friend of JH. It troubles me when i see a pic of JH and blue in his ig. Sorry since Im a new gonglee fans.. mamy news i read somehow really affect me. Thanks