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  1. It has nothing. They are just colleagues. There are many YURA 's fans are shipper she and PSJ. But it has nothing.
  2. https://www.allkpop.com/video/2019/03/park-min-young-expresses-herself-freely-as-an-elegant-modern-girl-in-dazed-pictorial-interview
  3. I posted this on page 617. Yes, His photo posted is in USA.I live in USA and have been go to The cheesecake Factory. The menu of the restaurant is same like every branches in USA. I do not want to tell details in public here. And I want to protect their private life. If you are wondering about this topic, Can ask me personally?
  4. Yes, WOO SHIK was abroad. It is his late post. And he was in USA. I'm not saying that PMY and PSJ are together. But I just said that WOO SHIK'photo was at Cheesecake Factory in USA.
  5. On her left hand not Cartier 100%. They intend to show their bracelets in weibo & IG photo post to let us know that it is not couple bracelets. Their post, it is the denial indirect about couple bracelets.
  6. Please stop compare PSJ and PMY. If you can not stopped I think this place is not right for you.
  7. It's not a fair for PMY so people will think like this to her. I'm a fan of PSJ. When I knew that WWWSK PSJ had lead actor with PMY, I was very happy. It was PSJ's opportunity to increase his interest and his popularity. Because he has worked with A list actress like PMY. WWWSK is successful and famous, should give credit to both of them.
  8. Now, PSJ spent time with his family. And prepare for the upcoming fan meeting this year. He did not meet her in Hawaii. She take a rest with only her mother.
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