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  1. Has all episodes aired ? I at 20th episode, and wow I love the view, their houses, the lakes, so pretty. The houses that Night use to hide JM in mortal is like a modern villa. Love it specially it has veranda lake. Idkwhat its called. Aside JM stupidity character making me wanna pull my hair out, I like it so far.
  2. Lol dumb bird, bird brain . That’s really fit his description. I was thinking that too. JM and XF does fit perfectly for being dumb in love. Unlike Night that’s too smart for his own good.
  3. Ooohh yass I'm holding myself back for watching and still ep.10. Hoping for a better ending and no rushing. And many many yummy scenes of our otp. Pls don't ruin this for meeeee...I need great ending too.
  4. Me too, wouldn’t mind as long as there’s sub and not gtrans lol. But give a happy dance for viki subs yeahh... hope viki can catch up with already subbed episode. Since it’s out every day I am patiently waiting for subs and not watch raw.
  5. Definitely not I think. Some epilogue really need them to be God lol. I really think Moon god is the culprit for many misunderstanding JM made for lingli with XF.
  6. I’ve seen up to ep.9 oh JM begin too feel torn from the pill and the drama also portrayed it well. love whoever play JM. XF facial expression is abit lacking lol. Sometimes I can see it. RY voice dub is my least favorite in here. His costume also not right for his body, makes him look too skinny for my liking. Like the white color though, I always imagine Night wears white in the novel. Lol. Can’t wait to reach their mortal trial ep. I wonder what is the 2 realm that aren’t mentioned here, they always says 6 realm; heaven, demon, human, flower anddd..... what ?
  7. The monkey hug really funny, his expression though lol caught him by surprise. Novel LFY can made many admirers heart go doki doki. Drama LFY is cute and likeable.
  8. Well same here same. I just find him fishy, but really didn't expect that much of him. I hope the wedding happen sooner so I can see JM have much more chance to repay what she owed to him (oh I love me some good angst) and more scene for the end and extras. I felt the novel end too abruptly with no explanation how she got back together with him after the final battle climaxed. It's clearly not enough for me. Lol.
  9. You can search it by searching the translation forum, but basically novel also have open ending. This adaptation is far from the novel, I feel like watching different story all together but using the novel character name. Still not move from episode 1. Probably liking the novel too much, so their characters feel so close. I need a diff mindset watching this.
  10. Hello, I’m newcomer here, so I want to greet all of you reader. This is my first time commenting here, but I’ve been silent reader for quite awhile now. Now back to topic, didn’t expect to like this adaptation but surprisingly liking it. The cgi, two lead, and the story which follows the book quite close. Don’t understand chinese, so waiting for the subs. I see not many people comment on this thread, such a shame. I hope this drama will receive much love from international fan. Looking forward to it.
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