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  1. Agreed. As I have said earlier, I am not familiar with Asian dramas so knowing that Dylan will be NQ, I familiarized myself with EN universe. So it is indeed a fact and not a statement made to disregard the success of EN1. EN1 is already EN1. But at some point, we have to admit that Dylan's presence will bring in new fans to this already successful drama; thus, a positive contribution. Again, not to disregard previous successes. Anyway, we can all agree to disagree. Let us move forward and try to avoid any comparisons in this thread even before the show airs. For now, let Dylan fans (like me) enjoy the moment for the sole reason that Dylan got this momentous role. To be honest, it is hard to post and interact when you see comparisons and how EN2 may not live up to the success of EN1. But I am positive! Let us just all pray for the success of the second season!!
  2. OMG! We better see those scenes literally come to life. Let us start with the "lips parted" at least. I don't want a smack for a scene as sensual as that hahaha. Thank you, @pangia for sharing!
  3. I can't wait for the real one. Really hoping they have strong natural chemistry on screen. So Sangsang is going to be a wife and a mom? I want kissing scenes and love scenes. The real deal HAHAHA.
  4. I didn't understand a thing but looking at the shots of some scenes, I feel happy that Didi is part of this grand TV spectacle. He is definitely going to learn a lot! And Didi seems on point I think so too! I am feeling it already just from the snippets alone. But then again, Didi is my bias so LOL.
  5. I am loving all these shooting snippets. Didi is really giving his all. And I love how the cast are bonding together. Really excited!!
  6. Looking forward to that kind of kiss. I want movement on both sides, and not just a mere smack or closed lips. HAHAHAHA
  7. Agreed @n3bula This is so me right now. I admit to coming here coz of Dylan alone. I don't watch Asian dramas but I was so drawn by MG's thumbnail on Netflix (with Dylan's pic of course LOL) that after watching one epi, I became a fan of him instantly. So yes, I tend to be protective of him as well. It is hard to hear the comparisons this early on as a fan, but I understand where both sides are coming from. I personally think Dylan and SYR will have good chemistry so not everyone in the fandom are like that. And knowing Dylan will be the lead of EN2, I am slowly familiarizing myself with the storyline by watching EN1. With that, hope fans who come initially because of Dylan will be welcomed by the original fans of EN. Both sides are still acclimating with each other. When we have the finish product, I really hope Dylan will be able to live up to the high expectations. He has been through this before so I am feeling positive. Exciting!
  8. @n3bula - LOL. Our wish granted! That fast They look cute, IMO. Credits to IG uploader.
  9. No prob! IKR? Those eyes! One can tell how invested Didi is. Really exciting!! Now if we can have a pic of him and SYR together hehehe.
  10. Bringing this here. I am excited!
  11. Thanks @n3bula and @UnniSarah... I will request!
  12. I have been tagging Netflix on Twitter whenever I RT anything EN! Haha! If there are other ways to bombard them, let me know! LOL
  13. Yay Didi! Love the bts.. the way he looks and moves. I am excited!! I just hope that Netflix picks this up.
  14. ^ Indeed! It is like an every day and night routine to always check, stalk rather, on Didi's activities via all social media platforms. I can't help it. That's how much impact he has on my life now (and may be until forever LOL). I have to make time for him despite being a busy working mom. LMAO I really want to hear confirmation soon on Didi's next drama. At least, we have The Inn to satisfy the hunger (and hopefully Youth Tour is confirmed as well).