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  1. Fully agree with you about the intentionally misleading previews. They have been clever like that from the start. It's nice to see that the promo dept. is putting in an effort to keep viewers on the tenterhooks.
  2. Thanks for the synopsis. Looks like Eugene's investigation will point him towards the RA - but is the RA really behind Joseph's death? What if they are being set up as fall guys by Wan Ik? Remember E3 ending? Even Eugene used the excuse of RA to officially conclude that the death of Logan Taylor was at their hands. Eunsan makes a inevitable decision ...! - hmm, some source of great conflict. Inevitable decision as in revealing his true identity to Ae Shin and ordering her to kill Eugene? Or inevitable decision as in looping in Eugene on everything related to the Righteous Army?
  3. hence he was arrested by the US and tortured to reveal the name of the person The people torturing Dong Mae in the preview are Japanese, not the U.S. Your theory about RA killing Joseph to incite the US against the Japanese is good but I respectfully disagree. Yes, the King's Vice Chamberlain, Lord Leo Jung Mun wanted the potter to ensure that the missionary returned to Hanseong as soon as possible - this could be for two reasons - the King wanted to use Joseph to send a message to the American Minister in Qing or Leo Jung Mun wanted to use Joseph to persuade Eugene to take the King's offer (to train his troops). If you recall, Ep 1, Joseph and the potter had a friendly relationship - so even if RA are innocent of the crime, Eugene may still end up blaming them because the King, Leo Jung Mun and the RA - all wanted to use Joseph and this contributed towards his death. The only way I can see that Eugene backs down from his rage is that if he comes to know that Joseph was already willingly helping the King and the RA.
  4. Do you remember the pic of Ae Shin's father shown in last week's episode - the one that was with the assassin who betrayed him so many years ago and is now with Eugene - it had writing on its back, no? So, could the document in Ae Shin's hand be that picture? Maybe Eugene gives it to her and she cries when she sees her father's picture for the first time. I could be totally wrong and it is some letter from Eugene conveying a tragedy befallen on him. @rubieThe new scenes are hilarious. Thanks for posting here.
  5. @Ahphengas always, your strips are awesome. Annul the engagement one made me laugh out loud. My speculation about these stills : Ae Shin has to pay her debt to Dong Mae. She goes alone to Jingogae. HS and Eugene come to know of this - both arrive there separately or maybe together, are refused entry and face off against the ronins. Some scuffle must happen because Eugene is injured in one of the stills.
  6. Thanks for the info. Looks more and more plausible with each passing episode that Joseph is going to get killed. Poor, poor Eugene - as you perfectly said - it will be like losing his parents all over again. For Ae Shin, he is a ray of sunshine, hence her Mr. Sunshine. But for once, he will be the one in dire need of some ray of sunshine and hope in his 'soon to be even more sad'' life. So,after the heart to heart talk between Ae shin and Eugene at the beginning of this episode, can we safely say that the only thing keeping them apart is the rigid and unforgiving social structure of Joseon? That both of them are in love with each other, is quite clear and Eugene's action of taking a step back at this point is to ensure that Ae Shin doesn't end up getting hurt in the future - a hurt which she would have surely experienced in greater magnitude if their love solidified more with passing time but still eventually came crashing down against the social barriers of Joseon.
  7. So the document/letter that Ae Shin found, the one where she was a bit surprised to find Eugene Choi's name written in it - is it part of the court interpreters reports to Wan Ik or is it something completely different?
  8. @sileli123 When Eugene and Ae Shin come across each other on that bridge in the E12 preview, look closely at Eugene's hand - he is holding a red pinwheel. Does this mean Ae Shin placed that red pinwheel before going on a mission, despite knowing that he was soon leaving Joseon? Does this mean he went to the apothecary to see her? ARGH! These two!! Pretty sure that this scene will be in the beginning of E12. So, I am still holding out hope that the episode ends on a happy note forEugene/Ae Shin. Ahem! you mean E12, right? Interesting that there are two vastly different(with small amount of same scenes) previews for tomorrow's episode. I wonder if Eugene's investigation of that assassin is keeping him in Joseon and maybe events unfold in such a way that he never leaves.
  9. I have already steeled myself for a sad E11(which I will watch in a few hrs) but I am way too curious about one thing and that is the preview for E12 - so, those who watched it, what can you say? More angst to come? Or a hint of optimism in it?
  10. I may sound too pessimistic but I just don't trust these generic statements from social media accounts of shows. Well, it can be as simple as some comedy involving Kim Hui Seong or even Gwan Su, the interpreter that makes us smile. And the instagram account would still be technically right - the most annoying kind of right.
  11. Given the time period that this drama is set in, I am not expecting much PDA at all. In the absence of PDA, any and all gestures, looks, facial expressions etc etc - the little things - these are the ones I look out for. Eh! Who am I kidding? I would still go gaga over any and all kisses. One thing though, I am happy that so far there hasn't been any forceful (without consent) kissing of the female lead by any of the male leads, specially the secondary leads. kdramas have an affliction when it comes to that. Speculation about tonight's duel? I think it will end in a scenario where one of them sees the other's face(and if that happens, I am leaning towards Kudo Hina seeing Ae Shin's face) or maybe both see each other's faces. Either way, the prospect of a good 'sismance' taking shape is not out of the question. What do you guys think?
  12. OPTIMISTIC VIEW - Much better than a simple handshake. Gives her the gloves when he is at arms length to her but then moves closer, takes her hands in his and puts the gloves in/on them. Gentle, intimate and sweet. PESSIMISTIC VIEW - He gets close to her, holds her hands and gives her the gloves, maybe even puts them on but she returns them as they part ways. @Ahpheng - Those set of latest Eugene/Ae Shin pics are perfect material for your strips. Looking forward to see how you will caption them. My heart would flutter like crazy if she indeed keeps the gloves, puts them on during her mission/s and smell them whenever she is reminded of Eugene. Being reminded of an absent loved one and smelling their clothes or belongings is quite the cliche TV/movie trope but I still love it very much.
  13. I absolutely loved his entrance in E09, rolling in, wearing a coat like that with his guards all around him. Great scene. I also liked his views about Eugene in E10 when he is speaking to Leo Jung-Mun "I feel drawn towards him" - when I heard that, I was like:"Eugene, don't be sad about AS. Upgrade to the King as your royal bae." Could very well be possible. RE: Your strip - She may have walked away but he still went to her when she fell down and offered his hand. Sort of like letting her go but still unable to stop himself from really letting her go. That's why, when she removed her hand, it hurt really bad.
  14. That quick fight scene in the hotel room isn't there in the latest subbed netflix trailer for E11. Lends credence to my theory that it definitely happens in E12. So you didn't see what I believe I saw? Eugene will be definitely fighting that attacker but right before that, I could almost swear that the person grappling/tussling for the gun with that Manchurian guy looked fair, feminine and shorter than the attacker. Or maybe I am wrong but hey, no harm in speculating within reason. Edit: Watched the preview again. Multiple times. I now believe my speculation is totally wrong. It is only Eugene fighting that attacker and not Ae Shin at all. Anyways, interesting that he is being targeted, no? - so far Eugene has not come on Lee Wan Ik's radar so I am curious to see why WI would send that assassin after him.
  15. You're welcome. Referencing the scene in your strip - We can safely say that the opening scene of E11 is going to be a continuation of this one. It may probably be the only Eugene/Ae Shin scene of the episode. And even though we all know it will end in sorrow and a parting of ways, my hopes are that this scene is detailed. I hope they each express their inner whirlwind of emotions, be angry or be super sad, linger there in the snow, stretch the goodbye, leave reluctantly etc etc - I want to feel the full emotional impact of the scene throughout the episode. Aah! Who am I kidding? Most probably, a short, sad 1 min scene, but hey! one can hope.