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  1. I am also one of the few believing that they are in now serious type of relationship. Their actions / body language can't lie. I'm more on my instinct than delulu minds I'am happy enough for what are they doing keeping the mystery on fire. Coming out in open is not their thing. But not letting anyone ruin what they really have. As what they want to convey to us, let the rumors going but still we will not hide. They don't do anything wrong, they are facing it upfront and not hiding. This trip is a bold move for both PSJ/PMY no actions will be right or wrong because of KNETZ/BASHERS but they still choose to do what will make them HAPPY. HAPPINESS is their priority now. They don't care to others because what matters to them is the person next to them.
  2. PSJ/PMY is doing all they might for their HAPPINESS. Nothing can stop us now! They are too busy with each other that's why they can't post on IG. No time for other activities. Two of them are now fully loaded (delulu) as they are planning on how their dating rumor will stop after this trip LOL .
  3. hahaha i love the road manager of PSJ is always with them. PSJ don't need him now. LOL
  4. I really LOVE the teamwork of both PSJ/PMY team. They are the cutest in teasing us feeding our delulu minds. As we can't get anything from our PPC they are the one given us little hints of their whereabouts. I love the MYSTERY / LET THE WORLD KNOW that we are TOGETHER and the WE ARE NOT DATING but ONLY TIME WILL TELL drama of our COUPLE....***Read between the lines and connect the dot games*** As if they are preparing us for the big ANNOUNCEMENT in the near future. LOL (delulu at it's finest) ****fingerscrossed**** My delulu mind my is killing me. I can't wait for this Love Story to be UNFOLD!!
  5. Hellooo again chinggus!! I just want to pin point this ONE...p.s. sorry for my over delusional self... I also have this thinking that they do plan everything even before WWWSK begin. The dating rumors etc... I just one to quote (correct me if I'm wrong) one of PSJ answer on his post drama interview regarding their dating rumor.. as he said "The dating rumor will still go on and I'm positive that I can handle it" the only thing that shocked him is the news that comes not in the right time but they know all along that their dating issue will come eventually and maybe even prepared for the scripted answer already. hihihihi Also, I love the fact that they are ONE OF A KIND COUPLE that breaking all the norms in their industry. I love how PSJ/PMY handle the situation and at the same time enjoying their own success. As PSJ said "Why should I explain? As if I did something wrong? Anyway, people believe what they want to believe." And I believe on my instinct and delusional self that they know what they are doing and they have PLAN A, B, C, to Z for this. Sorry for my long post, this is my first time being active in this forum only PPC let me out on my cave as a Silent Lurker. I just feel that all the ship that I've been this is only the REALEST for me. (p.s. been a changmin lurker also) Lastly, regarding their trip. I'm so Happy knowing that they are together. Being silent means something, PSJ is the MAN. PMY is also doing her part for his MAN. Aaaww, Love Conquers All. hihihihi.. thankies chinggus! Love Lots with my Blue Heart
  6. hello...been a silent lurker for long time but this one is ON POINT and same with my thoughts. In all the chaos and happenings all our gut feelings, step aside our delulu minds one way or another even non shippers will say PSJ is telling us something... just wait and relax, be patient all our questions will be answer in due time. P.S. I Love being in this thread. Just being Positive and In Love like our PPC