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  1. To be honest I was never convinced about the 3 years rumors esp if only based from matching clothes which is pretty common in their world where k-stars always receive gifts from brand or sponsors so it doesn't mean anything. But I started to change my mind when I read that PSJ's baseball shirt was first spotted on nov 2016 and if it's not a coincidence that he wore number 34 then it means he was already dating her...I mean you do that kind of thing when you are at a certain level of the relationship...not at the flirting phase, you need a certain level of confidence to do that. That's a meaningful move. I can't point out the right timing for sure, but my guess is they might start dating end 2015 or early 2016. @RabbieandSatt I've checked that post on her fansites and you are right she edited her post, it was indeed #andyou Question is when did she edit it? lol if it was the same day then it means nothing but if it was sometimes after some rumours abt them came out then it's suspicious
  2. Nah I don't believe that PMY flew to australia even for a short time, I mean she had her fanmeetings to prepare and such Look at how competitive she is LMAO
  3. PSJ updates his weibo Is it a pic from his autralian trip or phuket ? Lol
  4. I can't stop laughing at all these jealousy incarnate How are we gonna survive this year ? Lol But I agree I can't wait to see their new projects to compare.
  5. I pray to all gods that they will cameo together, I want to see them together onscreen one last time pleaseeeee
  6. Look at this pretty woman soon to be the prettiest fangirl ever in her next drama. Lol
  7. PMY's first IG live is like this She's just too funny, I love her, she's clueless how IG works, I bet she accidentally post this
  8. Namoo Boss gives the warms & caring feels, he looks like a warm old uncle/older brother to PMY. I like to see him around PMY, feels like he's really taking good care of his actors/actresses.
  9. I hope PMY doesn't read our thread because looool She might faint I love how gorgeous she was today
  10. That pic of her with the blue dress from the Phuket trip, like looks she was dressed to go out dinner, because of the blue bag matching her dress..Romantic diner maybe? Oh my gosh someone stop me from having wild thoughts with all these pics
  11. Whenever I see her phuket's pics, my mind always says "so this is probably PSJ photo skills"
  12. PMY shared some pics that are from her phone, so many cute pics...even those from her Phuket's trip
  13. Yes thanks for the info, what I meant is compared to her mother, PMY talks about her father less often. I know she is from a wealthy family which could be one of the many reason for not mentioning him that much
  14. Nothing wrong, she's just very discrete about him, prob related to his work/business