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  1. Someone in the comment section has translated a tiny part of this one : 1:31 the mc said " becuz Minyoung was here so staffs were very happy" and then she pointed out to Seo Jun " no, becuz Seo Jun was here" Seo Jun replied " I'm happy too" 3:30 mc asked " who do you think the best actor on the set? I know all of you are good but choose 1 who do you choose" PSJ " for me, it's secretary Kim- Kim Miso" Taehwan " yes, me too" Lol I wish we could have the whole interview translated. Can't take off my eyes of PMY, she was so pretty that day.
  2. I see...now that their trip is over, they feel like updating more huh and ofc with old pics
  3. Both with white shoes but i think not really the same as I think PMY' shoes seem to have compensated heels. as for the bracelet, I can't see it clearly on PMY. Anyway they both look happy and it's what matters the most
  4. She said PMY took the flight to SG at 8.00pm, they will upload more photos when she will land there, they didn't want to reveal her flight to respect her privacy. Edit: So I think there's high possibility PSY will leave Phuket today as well. I guess he doesn't want to stay alone..
  5. I saw someone said PMY took a flight to singapore and PSY took a flight as well to korea and the other are back going back tmr? What is the truth?
  6. Lol She was online yesterday PMY's silent is no surprise for me, pretty sure she wants everything to calm down and doesn't want to feed the dating rumors. She has been wanting to keep her life private and esp her love life so it's understandable. She might update once the trip is over. Also I doubt we will see them together at the airport, they will prob take different flight.
  7. Pyo Ye Jin Shares Touching Stories About Park Min Young From “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim” Set Pyo Ye Jin loved working with her co-stars in “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim“! In the hit tvN drama, Pyo Ye Jin played a rookie secretary named Kim Ji Ah who was training under Park Min Young’s character Kim Mi So. The actress recently sat down with Herald Pop for an interview about her experience in the drama. When talking about how it felt to have the drama wrap up with great reviews, Pyo Ye Jin said, “The three months where I was doing ‘What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim’ were so fun, and I was happy to be able to work on such a great set. I’m grateful that we received a lot of love as well. I’m sure I’ll think about it a lot in the future.” In the drama, Pyo Ye Jin’s character is new to working life and makes mistakes at first, but viewers see her improve under Kim Mi So’s tutelage over time. Pyo Ye Jin explained, “It’s Ji Ah’s first time working so there are things she’s not good at, and she made some mistakes, but I’m also currently a rookie myself. So if I did something wrong on set, I tried not to lose heart and instead aimed to work harder and be more brave. In particular, Ji Ah sees Mi So as a role model, so I tried a lot to be like Mi So. I wonder if that didn’t help to create our chemistry.” The actress also said that she was personally influenced by Park Min Young on set, just as Kim Ji Ah is by Kim Mi So in their workplace. “Ji Ah really likes Mi So,” she said. “It was like that in real life too. Just like Ji Ah follows Mi So, I followed Park Min Young too, so that was really similar.” Park Seo Joon was also someone she admired on set. “Park Min Young and Park Seo Joon are both people that you can’t help but like,” she explained. “Even if they were exhausted, they wouldn’t show it and would instead joke around more. Even when filming went late, Park Seo Joon would make jokes and everyone would laugh. When I saw that, I learned that it’s important to play that kind of role on set too.” Pyo Ye Jin had many great things to say about Park Min Young. “She always accepted everything, made everything work well, and was always taking good care of me. She paid so much attention that she even helped make my make-up look prettier. She was the person who was the biggest influence on me.” Her affection for Park Min Young meant that she was brought to tears by the scene where the office staff thinks they’re sending Kim Mi So off because they believe she’s still quitting. “When we were giving her the plaque at the end, I saw her and started crying,” she said. “I thought I might cry when I saw the script too, but the thought of saying goodbye to her was so sad. I think our relationship was really like Ji Ah and Kim Mi So’s. I’m so grateful to Park Min Young.” cr.https://www.soompi.com/article/1215619wpp/pyo-ye-jin-shares-touching-stories-park-min-young-whats-wrong-secretary-kim-set
  8. Feel like VP Lee got scolded by secretary Kim like no more trolling on IG, post something about work related
  9. I was browsing my IG feed and saw this quote. Perfect timing to share it with u lol
  10. I think PSJ & PMY's teams are throwing a mini party in their hotel room lol I saw food & beers I like how they seem close.