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  1. There are 2-3 annoying account on IG that I'm pretty sure are reading our thread since they brought up the APAN topic in PMY's IG once again and talking about damage control during her FM...which it's something I only read it here. It's funny how they keep blaming PMY but not the other way around when both didn't attend. So to those idiots, if you are reading this...Please leave this ship, this is not for you. In fact, I'm pretty sure, you weren't PPC shippers to begin with, because no sane fans would blame one of them, you just wanted to find an excuse to hate on PMY. Support PSJ if you want but stop acting like you have no brain and being a cry baby. /end of my ranting On a positive note, PMY's korean fans seem to live a dream lol They are all so cute with their tweet and IG post. Her singing here Red eyes PMY
  2. Thank you for this meaningful fan account. If I have to guess about the super expensive cars, I would say german or britain's brands? It's not the first time that I'm reading that her mom and sis really gave the elegant and sophisticated vibes. About the koreans fans in general, it's not a secret that they are over protectives of the people they support. It's been like this for years, it's not new to me. Anyway, l don't want to talk about this now, It's not the right time. PMY with May J lee, one of my favorite dancer from 1millions!! I bet PMY had training session with her, no wonder she nailed it!
  3. Yessss!!! Can't wait to see her next drama, hope it will be a good one I hope we will see her through other activities tho cause it will be a long wait until spring or summer next year Can't wait to read all the fan accounts!
  4. See when I said everything seems to be in the details... "Cafe de mignon" she used french words as word play. Cafe we all knows what it means but "Mignon" which sounds like her name "Min young" means "cute" in French. You can translate it as "cute cafe" or "cafe for cute people" Can't expect anything less from my smart girl
  5. I love the stage, it looks warm, friendly..it gives the idea that PMY is invited her fans to her cosy home. This is detailed just like her. It’s very different from other FM, where usually it’s a big space and impersonal. PMY looks so happy and beautiful, and that sexy dance can end an idol’s career!! No wonder she was MIA during few weeks, she was busy to prepare her FM. She had to learn a new choreo, to learn lyrics of a song, to shoot videos.. So prouf of you Park Min Young!!
  6. Our multi talented girl strikes again!! I know she used to dance when she was younger, she praticed ballet but that was a long time ago, she must have prepared a lot for her first meeting. Can't wait to see more!!
  7. I'm glad to come here and read some post with good sense and maturity, it is always a pleasure! @fangurl28 Exactly my point regarding PMY as a private person and how this year she seems truly different as she gave us more than what we used to have. I think every PMY old time fans can feel that change and can feel the happiness. As for the shippers which want to leave the boat, please leave. Those so-called fans are only here to please their own needs and think actor/actress owe them something. These are the most toxic people a fandom can have. They don’t take into consideration PMY/PSJ own feelings/wish, when things don’t go their way, they turn their back without hesitation. Also those account on twitter, should be more careful when they spread information or even assuming things. For instance, the reason why PMY/PSJ didn’t show up at the APAN event (saying if both is invited then they won’t go => this is wrong in many ways because some people take it as a fact) Shipping should remain fun, this is not simple business, we are talking about 2 people lives and feeling. Support them as PMY, the actress and PSJ, the actor, not them as PPC. A friendly reminder: Fact is they denied the dating rumor meaning everything we say about them as a couple is merely our own imagination. In short, let's have fun without expecting anything in return.
  8. I see what you mean and I have similar thoughts...she's been out of the public's eyes since her Campagna fan sign, and even before that, she could be seen through her photoshoot only.. I think she's back to being her private self, even on IG, she is updating less often. PMY does that whenever her private life is being watched, she would be on "hiatus" for a while until everything is back to normal But this time, I'm happy that she is having her fanmeeting next week, we will finally see her..
  9. I'm telling you guys, it will be a roller coaster ride shipping these 2 lol Don't expect anything ordinary from them... Let me explain : When you expect them to attend an award show because both won something, well at least one of them was sure to have an award (PMY in this case)...it's a given that one of them would attend => NOPE They both decided to skip it. When you expect them to not be together at a specific place because everybody and their mother are monitoring them and it would fuel the dating rumour...for instance PHUKET trip => NOPE, they decided to go both of them Oh hell, it won't be easy for shippers like us to survive but we will sure live long enough to see the wedding news