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  1. Pretty sure China will have a fanmeeting as well but asking permission can take time there. It's impossible for PMY to skip China considering her big fanbase there.
  2. Good to know abt daum. As for netizenbuzz it's a small community site and only wants to generate clics and buzz, don't take it seriously (take it as a nate international version lol)
  3. The comments from nate are not that bad honestly lol I thought they would be harsher knowing how they usually are. They seem to be more annoyed by the amount of adaptation than PMY. I don't take seriously the comment abt her sticking to one genre because that alone, is a joke. City hunter/Healer was action genre, QF7D/remember was heavy drama and so on... Actually in nate, they always complain abt everything so no surprise. Naver is a lot more positive. PMY is known to be picky and wise when it comes to choosing a drama, so I'll trust her choice. Since the beginning of her career, PMY always had that city arrogant/cold girl image because of her past dramas characters but it has started to change with healer (the dancing scene), ear's candy, busted and WWWSK made her even more lovely to the public. I feel like she enjoys that change and wants to explore it more because romcom fits her personality, she's that funny, clumsy and smart girl. And agree with @pmyfangirl seeing her name along with SHK and GHJ, I got a smile as they are excellent actresses and role model to many.
  4. I'm excited to see her in a new drama, just hope she's reviewing it well and not rushing anything. I want a solid plot and a good male lead. Ryan Gold needs to be a good actor can I dream of Jo in Sung or Gong Yoo (most likely wont happen but whatever LOL) as for the idol, it can be anyone but he needs to have good acting skills.
  5. Have u guys seen this ? He said Park Seo Joon and then Park Min Young, was he listing name of people watching his vlive ? If yes.. Coincidence that both were connecting at the same time or prob watching tgt ?
  6. Just noticed that in the 2 pictures the in-laws are sitting next to each other
  7. I have a question, it's for research purpose and I need answer Do you think when they have a gathering like that, the "neighbors" are coming together? Because It doesn't seem like their whole stylist/make up team was there last night? So I was wondering that maybe for the environment, the neighbors could have shared the same car?
  8. Omg i can't function with all these updates... PPC's moves are making me dizzy
  9. Cosmo event is our early X'mas gift guys lol we have enough material to discuss/spazz for months
  10. Oh how sweet of him...in this vid I can clearly see him whispering something and then checking if someone wasn't looking at them lol Reminds when he said that to PMY when they shot that scene in the restaurant and PMY was in jealousy mode and have to eat her noodles quickly lol
  11. No don't worry there are no rules nor forbidden topic.. It's just that many times expectations have often led us to disappointment and frustation esp when it comes to PPC lol
  12. Exactly PPC reminds me of them so much. Both couple are low profile and very private. Tang Yan and PMY have similar path as well, at the beginning of her career she dated Roy chiu a taiwanese actor and he was at the peak of his career and never wanted to admit his relationship with her. She suffered a lot from his fangirls, the pressure from media etc...and when they broke up she never ever talked abt her love life again, she was linked to many of her co-actors but nope, at the end never confirmed anything until Luo Jin, and then wedding.
  13. The girl standing next to PSJ is Tang Yan, one of the most famous c-actress and this vid makes me laugh because she and her now husband used to be like PPC when there were dating rumours abt them. In public they would always avoid each other, keeping everything low profile and then on set or off-cam they were so sweat. Luo Jin is known to be a real gentleman and always has those sweat, discreat gestures toward Tang Yan.