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  1. Trio friends (informal team fool, moron, loser xD) is very funny but also interesting thanks to dialogues and actions. You can see and feel that they are very different as characters but we like them despite their disadvantages. Despite some reluctance (always one woman xD), they respect each other.
  2. The political situation looks bad because there is a scene with many Japanese soldiers. Joseon look weak and powerless. Japan send something like military expedition. Thoughts/Speculations - we have connected scenes again in preview It seems to me that the Japanese officers (general or colonel?) will want to take the residence of the Go family forcefully - grandfather is anti-Japanese. Japan will want to get rid of them. At the last moment, Eugene will come with a company of soldiers. He is only person who can protect Go using his strenght and connections. What can he say? "Go Aeshin is my fiancée, I live here and this is American consulate or American territory" and Aeshin confirms to save the house. I see only this solution to send back (retreat) Japanese soldiers.
  3. There is more... I liked the conversation between Grandpa and EC. Short, closed sentences but the two of them also smart enough to understand the meaning.
  4. Has anyone heard/noticed HS scream? A moment later he hit accidentaly Eugene with his stick. Hahahhaha
  5. It is a pity that a doctor Allen got scared of the duel. Now I know how Kyle got document for the transfer (deal hahahaha)
  6. Funny thoughts Why does it seem to me that AS will shoot in the cord (billets?) at the saddle (sniper)? EC will fall from a horse and back to the city on foot. EC will think that she missed the target (him) and say she must train more (fit his character). Potter will think she killed him but they will talk together and they will go to the leader of RA. I wonder what the conversation will be like. He will think that Hongpa did this - cut Penalty Aeshin for choking her in the room. The arrow passes the river. The sniper rifle simplifies the matter even more.
  7. @rubie It seems to me that Kyle (best friend) will come up and say a few words of support. Next to Korean women is a man in officer's uniform - Kyle. The missionary probably boasted about his Korean son, 2 women in the back realize that it's Eugene (his cry). I expect a sad scene
  8. @rubie It is also quite possible that Kyle or one of the soldiers covered his body with his coat (marine). Eugene arrived after some time and recognized the body of his stepfather.
  9. @rubie it's winter in the country so it must be a coat. This is my impression... the missionary can also be warmly dressed and in one picture I see local people in the background.
  10. Hmm, It is not a Chinese drama so I dont expect a bad ending. I expect the bitter-sweet ending :)
  11. We have the right to a different point of view. Let's leave it. No hugging because too far We enjoy the series and just trying speculate about it.
  12. Hmm, I have a feeling that the girl who teaches AS will die (low origin, she thinks about love, she learns English and is very nice person, new member of RA and a nurse in a field hospital because this fits her?), 2 former slave hunters will die in the fight for the country (life forced them to such work but they died with honor). Someone more will die? I didnt thought about it that much.
  13. She is embarrassed? because he came too close (reaction and eyes - young inexperienced woman, he is still her first love) and then she nudged him (fits her character)
  14. I wrote that she will be ignored. I didnt wrote that she will be sent by the emperor and the government. The purpose of sending her will be to ensure safety since she is like a mother of Korea (educated, knows culture). I think there is another hidden symbol here. She will return to Korea in 1945 with American soldiers. Political correctness? Im not here to argue
  15. Yes. I like it (second possible scenario). Speculation time: DM + Aeshin (hanbok) coming and stop this fight. The scene fits perfectly into the funny style of writers (KES). Sure there will be some funny sentences perfect for Ahpheng I'm still sure that HS will guess their relationship thanks to gloves. Edit: AS pays her attention to scratches on the EC head. HS notices it and gloves.