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  1. I’ve been trying to move on, and there’s a few other dramas I’m really enjoying right now. But even when watching another really good one, there’s a little voice in the back of my mind going, “isn’t there another Gangnam Beauty episode/interview/music video you could be watching right now?”
  2. All of these set photos seem so interesting! My only worry is the “tragic” aspect they keep pointing to, because I really don’t want sad ending for them. But I’m going to have faith!
  3. My best friend and I started rewatching last night with the excuse of introducing another friend to it, and it was really cool to see how many things were seeded into the early episodes. Especially Soo Ah’s stalker being there from the start and her team bonding song literally describing her motivations throughout the show. Sidenote: Kyung Seok actually laughed at Jung Ho’s impressions! Guess that guy wasn’t SUCH trash after all lmao. But my favorite thing about him in the first episode remains his “recalculting route” look when he sees Mi Rae dancing.
  4. I really have never watched as much BTS, read interviews, and so forth for a drama before. This show really got to me! ISH telling CEW it would be fate if he got the part is so cute, they were clearly meant to be Mi Rae and Kyung Seok. Now I guess I’ll just wait for the rest of the webtoon to be translated.
  5. Their press conference was so interesting, and I loved how both CEW and ISH came across in it. Soo Hyang gave a really interesting response about the burden of playing a character whose undergone plastic surgery, which also made me think about the real-life analogies that make a drama like this one relevant. And of course, Eunwoo was so thoughtful with the water. I definitely believe that they're both actors who discuss the material deeply and figure out their motivations together, which is rarer than it should be. @annie1234 Love that Eunwoo interview for Elle, that's exactly what I mean! I really did his research, going through the manhwa for Kyungseok's expressions and feelings. As far as I'm concerned, he pulled it off really really well and so did ISH. I love thoughtful actors.
  6. Aww, Eunwoo approached Soo Hyang first to let her know he'd have lots of acting questions for her lol: It's cute that she was nervous about the idol thing at first. ETA: Looks like Hyun Jung really was the Yoo Eun of the show, lol, since the translation of the first spin-off chapter shows it was Eun who got set up with a 33 year old lmao.
  7. I guess that's why he said in one Q&A session that he was hoping MIIGB would show fans that he has another side to him, lol. Being cute and youthful is all well and good, but sometimes you wanna seem manly, lol. Hopefully subs are up on the vlive soon!
  8. Ooh, yes. He definitely has the intensity for it, and I'd love to see him in that kind of role. Although I'm glad Kyungseok was much warmer than he first appeared, because I'm not really that big on cold-hearted male leads. And someone like Mirae needed a supportive partner who would coax her out, not someone who puts up even more walls for her to struggle against. They had it! Thank youuu.
  9. All the pictures and clips from the vlive are wonderful! The playful energy between Eunwoo and Soo Hyang is so refreshing, and Dong Yeon seems like he's as much of a mom friend has Woo Young is, lol. I didn't see much of Dohee behind the scenes, but we see here that she's very sweet and tiny, lol. Man, I would love to at least get a special movie/episode for the show. Just so we can see WY fall for HJ, and of course a little more of MR and KS together. Also: does anyone know how I can order to OST? I keep seeing tweets about it in Korean or Thai, but I don't understand what I need to do to buy it and get in to me in the US, lol.
  10. Thank you so much for the interview @pad-hari! So much great stuff.
  11. I did notice that! I assume it's something for the cast or from filming, but it's cute. Also someone mentioned him still wearing the couple hoodie, which is extra adorable! I hope some vidmakers are still in the mood to make videos for Dorae, because there are so many songs that are perfect for them!
  12. We can vote for Eunwoo and Soo Hyang in the Asian Artist Awards here! (Translate the page if necessary and log in with SNS.)
  13. Whoever wrote this song is a hero, because it's so perfect for Kyung Seok and Mi Rae. I especially love the reference to 'gray light,' because of course it works to mean that he came alive because of her but it also refers to his comic book character's grey hair lol.
  14. I thought that moment behind the scenes was adorable, because it was like they were all pretending to still be their characters. And the way JWR laughed when he turned to ISH instead made me feel like they were all pretty comfortable. That being said, I think the “attention” CEW showed her was just him being a good person and costar. It’s like how some people complained that Kyung Seok was too angry at the stalker, therefore he must have some feelings for Soo Ah. Nah, he just doesn’t like stalkers and does like protecting people lol. So stuff like the umbrella is CEW’s “decent person” reaction, whereas he went out of his way to tease and interact with ISH who he shared a lot more scenes with. Not that this means he has feelings for the leading lady either, just that we had way more interactions between them which he purposely initiated.
  15. Because Eun's line about the one with stronger feelings always wanting to spend time together and getting angry more often made me laugh, I made a gifset of Kyung Seok doing just that. I'm so sad there won't be new material to make gifs with anymore, but alas!