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  1. Someone pointed out that both Soo Hyang and Eunwoo will be going to Beijing this week, and Soo Hyang mentioned an event on the 21st. I think it's for Atelier Cologne, so I hope that's why Eunwoo is going too. We learned he is going because of those creepy posters that sell flight tickets/informations for fans to stalk their idols, so I won't repost it here. But I do love that MIIGB was beloved enough to get them both this exposure, fingers crossed there's an interview or at least pics.
  2. I can't believe this is starting next week! My body is not ready, lol. But the press conference should prove fruitful, I hope it gets subbed!
  3. At this point, I'm more concerned about death than I am incest, lol. So whether or not they are blood related - and I agree with those who think there's an extra twist and JK is actually the daughter of the other cult members who Moo Young remembers playing with - I just don't want the story to end with either of them dying. Especially not Jin Kang, who has barely gotten to participate in the mystery side of the plot. Her dying as a pawn in Se Ran's game would be so disrespectful, lol, and the first choice that's actually worse than the original in my eyes. Make up for your previous lies by explaining the whole truth, Jin Gook, and save your sister before it's too late!
  4. So sad that Soo Hyang won't be attending the AAA, but I hope she gets recognized for Mi Rae at some point soon. JTBC has awards, right? BTW, someone posted the entire segment of Monsta X reacting to and acting out MIIGB with subtitles, and it's even funnier:
  5. This is an interesting write-up about MIIGB from the perspective of mental health and the beauty industry in South Korea. I liked the conclusion a lot:
  6. The promos look magical! I'm really enjoying the colors, and SHK & PBG look gorgeous together. I can't believe we only have two weeks left! I don't wanna spoil myself too much beforehand, but based on the teasers it sounds like they will spend time together in Cuba and then try to forget about it because it's too hard to be together in Korea? But, of course, true love...
  7. Very true! I know a lot of fans were frustrated with her insecurity and lack of self-confidence, but I personally appreciated that it was a slow journey for her to self-acceptance. And while plastic surgery was thankfully not the cure to her problems, it was a step she took in order to be able to love herself. I also liked that there were even a few hints as to how Mi Rae's lack of self-esteem hurt more than just her. Hyun Jung was her friend all along, but Mi Rae wouldn't be seen with her publicly for fear of what others would say and wouldn't take photos with her either. So while it doesn't have the same effect on HJ as it did MR, it still disrupted her life and kept her from having her best friend around. Same with Kyung Seok, who had to be patient and let MR find herself before he could be happy with the girl he liked. But of course neither of them made Mi Rae feel guilty about it, because they are exactly the kind of friends she needs and they put her needs first.
  8. Thanks for the thread! I hope this will be available for me to watch, as I love both Park Yoo Na and Kim Min Suk.
  9. Aww, yay! I'm so glad new videos are still being made.
  10. Better late than never! I'm very glad more people are finding and enjoying this drama, because it's such a hidden gem imo! And I totally agree with you on how lovable and heartfelt so many of the characters are. This was one of my favorite changes from the webtoon, where Mi Rae is pretty much alone until she meets Kyung Seok and Yoo Eun. I like seeing that she had people in her corner, like Hyun Jung and her parents, but even that isn't enough to stave off societal disapproval. Anyway, I can't wait to read more of your thoughts.
  11. Sorry to barge in, but is there an English translation of the webtoon? If so, can someone PM me the link? Thanks!
  12. Im Soo Hyang makes an amazing model, dang. I hope we see her get to do more photoshoots and such! The show really shot him to fame despite not being a ratings monster (or on one of the channels that can feasibly produce those). I definitely hope it will inspire more dramas like it, at least.
  13. @molaihawaii I was just coming to post that! I can't believe they had Soo Hyang and Eunwoo on the show separately, lmao. The cruelty! I guess they wanted to wring as much out of MIIGB as they could there. But... So close! Hopefully they mention ISH this time.
  14. Some nice MIIGB mentions and reviews! 10 Leading Men Who Made Us Swoon This Year Reaction to My ID is Gangnam Beauty
  15. Is that event Soo Hyang was at something we will be able to watch in full? I'm glad she's saying active, and I hope we hear about JTBC awards soon.