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  1. You’re right both were turned on bcuz that scene was so akskdjdnjsksdjjs. Some ppl said they were not close in the bts clips, but for me from those bts clips i feel like i was witnessing something super interesting and very different from what I used to see in usual kdrama, for me their behavior that i saw in every wwwsk bts clips shows that they are really something, they adore each other, and i seems like both were trying not to make mistakes or making ones feeling uncomfortable, seeing the actors and actresses doing skinship in bts clips is too mainstream, But in wwwsk I didn’t see that mainstream thing, it was so amazing they didn’t add sweetener in the bts clips but in the actual scenes their chemistry was so so down to the earth . Sometimes I feel like PPc is tricking us. Lol Anyway no matter how hard I tried to explain I felt like all these words aren’t enough to explain PPc loves story. Their story can’t be tell by using words. And only those with pure,sexy,genuine soul can feel and see their love. Lol *believe me or not it takes me about 2-3 hours to write all of this.
  2. I’m in desperate to hear their wedding news and really want them to get married as soon as possible . Lol I’m crazy right? , but i also believe it would not happen this fast,I mean wwwsk just finished 4months ago, I guess it’s too soon for wedding announcement. Maybe in 2020 between june or july. hahahahahahaahahahahh
  3. i believe he get turned on during the bed scene. unless he isn’t normal . also during the sofa back hug, if you see from the bts clip, it Clearly shows that PMY sat right between his legs, she probably sat on his “lil bro” . It’s impossible if he didn’t get turned on. Oh God I can’t believe I’m talking about these kind of stuffs. Well okey i’m adult so I guess that’s fine.
  4. I remember they said there were mosquitoes in the closet, Luckily the mosquito didn’t go inside his mouth.
  5. Sorry not sorry for keep posting this video. Lol Did you guys noticed the kiss before they locked hands ? she stop kissing him but he won’t stop
  6. I see something but it looks like his upper lip . The quality was not that good so I cannot see it clearly.
  7. Please draw an arrow to that naughty tongue so i can see what you guys see. I’m starring at that gifs for so long without blinking and i open my eyes as biggest as i can but still can’t see that. Help me.!
  8. PMY has reached 3.2m followers on Instagram. In just 3 weeks she got more than 100k followers. 3.1m on October 20 3.2m on November 13 that’s really awesome *clapclapclap
  9. Like seriously i rewatched it hundreds times with my eyes super close (10cm) to the screen with the highest quality video and lighting but still don’t see that naughty tongue. Lol Ooohhhh my poor eyes and soul.
  10. Really? OMG i think I need to take another eye exam tomorrow, cos I rewatched it for hundreds times but still don’t see the tongue. can you tell us who’s tongue was it?? PMY or PSJ?
  11. I’m so glad PMY is getting more and more popular. Before wwwsk she used to get less than 200k likes on every post she made . But rn all her photos are getting more than 400k likes. And the last photo has reached more than 524k likes in just 3days. She really deserves it. *clapclapclap
  12. That “haaah kim biso” is killing me. No matter how many times I rewatched this,it’s still so funny. Lol Send help!!!