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  1. You’re right, I also believe he asked PMY before he posted the photos of him with PMY n PD Park
  2. I was watching fifty shades movies last nite, and there was a scene that remains me of Miso and young joon . The bed scene when Grey lifts and throw Ana in the bed and holding her hand . OMG i can’t. It looks exactly the same in wwwsk.
  3. I wonder why PSJ posted his skydiving video with a birthday song . I’m so sensitive rn, I even searched for the actresses who have bday this month. Hahahaha
  4. PDnim said there’s a handsome actor appearing in the first episode of Touch your hear. Hopefully it’s not PSJ, cos I want him to appear together with PMY.....
  5. thanks for all the good responses and convincing me when I have a doubt about ppc. That is all I need. My doubts are gone now. hehehehe
  6. I tell you first i am a hardcore shipper of PPc, i know i am weird because I believe they are real but sometimes I feel like they are not in a relationship yet. idk just hit me in my face
  7. Ikr I really want to believe they are real ,ehhmm no i do believe they are real, i just don’t know why I sometimes being so possessive about little things that related to ppc. Btw just ignore me, I’m being so loud and thoughtless rn. Lol
  8. 21? Realllly? Now i know I’m older than her. I hope he doesn’t change his type. Please pretend you guys never read my comments earlier.
  9. I don’t even know why. Lol i think this feeling start when i saw she was wearing the same bracelet like PSJ, the one fro LV , she has pink one and psj has the blue one. She also mentioned psj on her recent interview ( few months ago) , their Instagram feeds looks the same. And also she is the model of JayBlack clothes and it seems like PSJ are often wearing that brand . Lol it’s just my crazy thoughts, please tell me i am wrong. Hahaahahaa
  10. I think some reason why dispatch did not reveal ppc relationship 1 they don’t have evidence/photos of ppc together (this could be bcs of ppc are not together,or could be bcs ppc is good in hiding their relationship) 2 they are waiting for ppc themselves to announce their relationship bcs they have the feeling of ppc marriage plans. 3 namoo or awe ent give them money btw i still dont get it ,they said a lot of ppl in korea believe ppc are dating and they wanted ppc to admit their relationship. I mean they don’t have any evidence nor photos of ppc going out for a date just and just based on the photos that shippers collected from ppc’s Instagram so idk
  11. Do you guys know anything about the girl in the movie Midnight runners? Idk why but I feel like she and psj are close...
  12. If dispatch gonna reveals more i guess the next couple will be actor-actress just like last year. I’m not worrying about PPc since I knew both are known as a high class ninjas.
  13. I saw a lot op ppl saying they wanted PPc to be like SSc, not talking about their careers but i think what they mean is PPc to have a happy ending like SSc, they want PPc to hide their relationship and then go public when they are ready to get married just like SSc. so I think it’s not 100% comparison but more like wishes. Btw Happy New Year y’all. be happy *kiss
  14. It was Seolhyun AOA and Zico eks BlockB, they broke up just few months after dispatch released their dating photos.
  15. It seems like PMY will accept “her private life” i remember during her 1st fm she talked about her next projects she said she already decided it and it’s gonna be around spring or summer next yr, According to the news her private life will be aired in April (spring) next yr. So excited but also not ready to see her with another guy. anyway I hope They comeback in a small screen at the same time