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  1. I really wanted to say something about the last two photos but i can’t find any words to describe it , it looks so eehhmmmm idk
  2. This is so romantic, after shooting all day long, PMY come home, PSJ calls her to go to his place , he propose to her and tell her “ happy birthday baby, this is for you (give the home certificate) , this home will be our home, I bought this place so we can spend the rest of our life together. Marry me?” Hahhahahahah deluluing is fun
  3. I’ve seen so many making out videos but this one is just so different, they make me speechless . Get married please
  4. Idk why but this photo reminds me of Duchess Kate , i mean PMY looks like a Queen or someone from a royal family, so elegant ,sexy, gorgeous , her aura is amazing
  5. I don’t think they will ever delete the triplepark photos on their Instagram. I mean it’s because PD park was in there so pretty sure they’ll keep it.
  6. I believe so . Lol She’s good at confusing shippers. She strongly denied the dating rumors but then she drops bunches of hints about their unofficial relationship . That’s my girl we love you Park Min Young
  7. These photos remains me of PSJ’s latest update. Aigoo Our captains knows exactly how to tease us
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